The sun was shining and the sky was bright blue. I could hear the sea if I tried really hard, and blocked out the music.

A band was playing on a stage in Solgården and they were very loud. I stood on the roof terrace and looked down on them and at the people enjoying their music. I wasn’t particularly interested in the band, actually I wanted them to hurry up and finish. My BBQ party needed some calm background music, not this noise…

Suddenly the music seemed to get louder, pumping in my ears. Or was it perhaps the sound of the sea that was blocking out all other sounds, gushing over me with a huge wave…

There she was. Walked by like it was nothing. Just stepped into the otherwise carefree day, as if this was a normal thing to do…

I met Leslie… or well, actually we never really met. But I got to know her, without being introduced, when the summer had just started. It was one of the rare occasions that I spent the evening at Leif’s Lounge. It was a private party, so no normal night. Paul was working at the bar and it was quite busy. His help for the evening was a girl I’d never seen before. I couldn’t help but stare at her when I was waiting for Paul to bring me my drinks.

“New colleague?” I asked when he returned with three beers and two white wines.
“Yeah, that’s Leslie. Works here for the summer.” Paul commented and looked at her shortly, then back at me.
“Not bad eh?” he grinned. I smiled at him with a nod and went back to my table.

She wasn’t just ‘not bad’. She was gorgeous. As I later found out when she walked past my table. She was wearing a white blouse with Leif’s Lounge logo on the back. It was far too big so she’d tied it into a knot on her back. She’d left several buttons open, revealing a small pink top underneath. Dark jeans and a folded apron around her waist.

I didn’t mind at all to also get the next round of drinks. I went to Leslie’s part of the bar.
“Hey, can I help you?” she asked with a polite smile, concentration in her eyes. I quickly rattled off my order and then watched how she made it. Her hair was brown and she wore it in a simple, long ponytail. It was curly at the ends. The eyes that had looked into mine for just a second had been brown. Dark or light, I wasn’t sure… it was quite dark in the pub.

“Here you go.” She said and put my drinks on the bar. She smiled with a little nod when I thanked her and then went to her next customer.

And now she was walking around in Solgården, about three weeks after that first encounter, and I watched her again. I did that quite a few times lately. I don’t know how I did it but I seem to remember all these silly details…

Leslie was walking to a table in the middle of the garden, not far from the stage. A couple of girls were sitting around it but all stood up when Leslie arrived. She hugged every one of them and talked with them for a moment. The last girl was different though. She kissed her shortly on the lips. Leslie’s hand on the back of the other girl made my belly twist… the way she pressed her softly but deliberately against her, the way her hand lingered innocently on the other girl’s lower back… that was love, I knew.

Paul had already told me she lived with a woman, but I’d never actually seen them together. I happened to be in Leif’s Lounge on a very busy night. This wasn’t planned but I just turned up there with some colleagues. Leslie was working, as she did all busy nights, parties and other special occasions. I ordered some drinks for my group and asked her to add them to my list. Then a misunderstanding came up.

“I’m sorry sir but we don’t do lists.” She said with an apologetic, yet nervous smile. My mouth almost fell open but I managed to smile instead.
“Well, it’s ok because I already have one…” I started but then Paul was there to save her.

“I have to apologise Mr. Gessle, I am really sorry for my mistake. This round is on the house.” Leslie said when she brought a new round of drinks to our table later.

I watched her ass in the tight jeans she was wearing when she walked back to the bar.

The next day, I was at the hotel for a photo shoot. This happened quite early in the morning, on the beach and afterwards I took a shower in my suite. I visited the gallery’s office and was deep in thoughts, reading a contract, when I walked back to the lobby. I bumped into someone.

“Shit!” Leslie said and then looked up at me.
“Oh! Excuse me…” she added with a smile, cheeks reddening. I could only stare at her. Her hair was wet, and she had a towel wrapped around her. She’d just spilled some of her cold drink over her chest when she walked into me and coke dripped from her bikini.
“Oh I’m so sorry! I wasn’t looking where I went, sorry!” I said when I realised it’s not polite to stare.
“Well, me either. It’s ok, I’m not wearing anything fancy, hihi…” she joked and at the same time, she realised what she said, standing in front of me in quite a small, dark purple bikini, her body a bit damp from her swim. The indoors pool was only meters away from us. She said goodbye and went to the pool.

Paul had told me that she wasn’t Swedish, when I asked him where she came from. She spoke Swedish very neatly, very polite, but there was something about it. When she applied for the job, she’d said that love had driven her to Sweden… so that was the girl she kissed…

“Per! Hey!” I turned around at the sound of this voice and saw Marie Dimberg approach me. Oh… yes… BBQ… party… visitors… start of a new summer tour.

* * *

I had trouble concentrating on my guests after seeing Leslie hugging and kissing her girlfriend when she went back to work. I got startled when just minutes later, she appeared on our roof terrace. She’d changed her short jeans-skirt and white Leif’s Lounge t-shirt for black skirt and a neat shirt. This time, it was her size. And she didn’t wear any top underneath, it was simply too hot for that. So while she was busy arranging the plates of food on one of the tables, I tried to peek down her blouse. She looked up and startled me again.

“Hej!” she said and smiled.
“You seem to be working all the time…” I said and leaned back. I was staring at her eyes again. Something in them kept my attention.
“Well, yeah, the sun is shining, so why not!” she replied and giggled a bit. Then she walked off to get some more plates.

“Do you like it here?” I asked when she was back, carrying an enormous plate with meat. She arranged the meat nicely and put it beside the grill.
“Uhm, yes I do…” she answered, concentrating on the heavy plate and not burning her hands. Her colleague was re-filling my guests’ drinks.

I don’t know how she managed, but her ass almost hit my groin when she bent over to pick up the piece of cloth that she used to hold the plate with meat… meat… round, full ass cheeks in a tight black skirt… I swallowed and stepped back, fighting the urge to put my hands on her hips and squeeze hard.

It wasn’t until the end of the party that I talked to her again. She had been working all the time so I did see her, but I was mostly busy with my guests. Leslie was the last one of the personnel to stick around, providing drinks for me, Marie Dimberg and Micke Syd – the small group that didn’t want to go home. I was going to sleep over at the hotel that night, anyway.

We were alone very briefly, when Marie Dimberg and Micke Syd both went to the toilet. Leslie wiped our table with a wet cloth, as she had already done with all the other tables. The terrace looked nice and clean, ready for the next party. It was about ten o’clock.

She leaned over the table and this time, I had all the view inside her shirt that I wanted. She was wearing a skin-colour, silky bra. Very simple, very feminine. I tried to guess her cup-size… B maybe? Or C, even? Oh her skin looked so soft. I wondered how it would feel on my lips if I would kiss here there, right in between…

“Ahem.” she cleared her throat and stood up straight. Oh SHIT, would she have noticed?!
“Can I get you anything?” she asked and picked up my empty glass. The look on her face was just questioning.
“Uhm, yeah, yes, well, ah, another white wine. With ice please.” I stumbled. I bet I turned red.

* * *

Halmstad, Brottet, GT’s summer tour première.

It took me about ten minutes to get showered and change clothes after the premiere, and after the champagne. Then I joined the rest of the gang at the party, our guests receiving us with a loud applause.

I talked my way through the crowd, finally ending up at the drinks-stand. Turning around with six beers in my hands, I bumped my back into someone…

Leslie turned around and looked at me, then laughed loud; our backs had bumped and she was also carrying six plastic glasses of beer, of which half their content now fell on the grass.

“Hahahaha… oh I’m so sorry, hihi… I wasn’t looking…” she giggled.
“Hehehe… really Leslie, we have to stop meeting like this…” I said. Leslie bit her lip and looked a little embarrassed.
“Yes, oh well I thought, this way no one will find out!” she said, putting the glasses of beer on the nearest table. I put my six half beers beside them.
“Really sorry about your beers… and congratulations on the show! It was really great!” she said and pulled me into a hug. I wrapped one arm around her slim waist and held her for a short second. Too short. I was a little confused about this greeting; this was not really like her…

I had invited Leslie to the premiere… or well, actually I didn’t. It were Anders and Micke Syd that had dragged Leslie with them after our big lunch at Tylösand that afternoon. She couldn’t refuse the offer; free tickets and an after party with free booze… so she promised to come, joking she would see it as an order. And then she winked at me. I know I was stupid for pretending not to see it but I didn’t know what to do otherwise.

That was in the afternoon. All through the sound check, dinner, make up and first couple of songs, I thought of Leslie. Maybe that was why Marie (F) said I looked so heated up on stage.

I realised Leslie was drunk, when I saw her order six more beers. She filled our glasses with those and gave me a sweet smile.
“So, here are six beers for you, Mr. Gessle.” She said with a little bow. We stood there for a moment, both sipping a beer.
“So, uhm, you liked the show eh…” I said, being as relaxed as I could. It was difficult not to stare at her, standing there so close to me with all her radiating beauty… she was wearing that jeans skirt again. Her legs were nicely tanned. She was slim but not thin, just right. Her slippers were simple but fashionable, as was her little white tank top. Her belly stuck out just a tiny bit and was as tanned as her legs. I stared at her lips as she talked, telling that she’d had a great time during the concert… she didn’t wear lipstick, just a hint of gloss.

“Well then you’ve already taken over the Swedish habits after one summer concert!” I said when she told me in a soft voice that she was getting drunk. She laughed out loud and I saw something in her mouth…
“Well, I have to go and deliver these beers to my friends over there…”she said and pointed to some people, among them Christoffer Lundqvist. “do you want to meet my girlfriend? She grew up in the same neighbourhood as your friend Christoffer!” Leslie said, already grabbing her beers.
“Girlfriend?” I looked at her. She never ‘officially’ told me so I pretended to be stupid.
“Oh come on…” she said.
“You’re with a girl?” I said. I felt my cheeks getting warmer. Leslie smiled funnily at me.
“I thought you knew. Come, she’s dying to meet you!”

By that time Anders, Micke Syd and their wives had already come my way. They were thirsty and their beers were on hold because I had been talking with Leslie.
“So, Gessle, you gonna keep all those beers to yourself?” Micke Syd grabbed a beer from the table.
“Yes actually I was… I have to go and talk to someone over there…” I said and pointed at Leslie’s group. She was looking my way.
“Oh there’s Leslie!” Micke said and exchanged a look with Anders. I rolled my eyes at Jenny, Anders’ girlfriend.

Our groups mixed. Hugs and introducing were done. Turned out Leslie’s girlfriend was even more drunk than Leslie, no actually, she was completely wasted. She managed to handle it quite well but burst into giggles every couple minutes. Leslie quickly explained that Helena had confessed to have been a huge GT fan when she was little…
“Apparently she was quite obsessed, I mean, she even can’t act normal in your presence now, like, a million years later… hehehe.” Leslie said this with a hand on my shoulder and her mouth quite close to my ear. Maybe because of the loud music, maybe because she didn’t want anyone else to hear. All I knew was her great perfume and how she leaned her side against my hand.

So I shook Helena’s hand. She was gorgeous, looking like a model, as if she just walked away from a photo shoot. A bit too perfect maybe… long blonde hair, huge blue eyes, a freckle here and there on her nose. Small, firm breasts in a glittery black top and a linen pants in the latest fashion. When she turned around to get her glass, I’d seen enough. No ass…

Back to Leslie. Even though it was Helena talking to me now. She admitted with a blush that she’d always been a big fan, one of those who used to hang around at the studio and visit every concert and always be front row…

I really tried to listen but I couldn’t stop staring at Leslie. She was now talking to Christoffer. He was obviously amusing her, as he does every woman in the area, because she was laughing out loud. Again, I noticed something in her mouth. Christoffer saw it too and asked about it. Leslie stuck her tongue out at him and there it was… a small silver-coloured piercing through her tongue. I had trouble not to shiver and forced myself to look back at Helena.

“So how did you meet Leslie, actually? If I may ask?” I said to Helena. She smiled.
“Sure, of course you can ask! I’m working for a magazine as an interior stylist, and we visited a Dutch magazine. And they had the cutest photographer ever…” She said and then giggled.
“Leslie is a photographer?” I was stunned. She was working in a bar! Helena nodded, gulped down the rest of her beer and then excused herself to the toilet.

“A photographer huh?” I said to Leslie when Christoffer held his mouth shut for longer than two seconds.
“What? Who told you… oh wait, you’ve been talking to Helena! Where is she?”
“She went to the toilet.”
“Oh, ok, good idea!” Leslie said and off she went.

After about ten minutes, I started to wonder. They hadn’t come back and I didn’t see them anywhere else on the field. I was now talking with Marie (D) and some EMI people and they were quite boring, considering the view I had before…

A sanitary stop freed me of their non-stop talking. It was quite a walk to the dressing rooms but I was not going to use any other toilet than the one in my room!

I glanced in the mirror while drying my hands. Mhm. Maybe hair implants weren’t such a bad idea after all…

A sound on the outside the cabin was startling me. It sounded like someone was kicking the wall or something… what the… I opened the door and peeked outside. Nothing. Then to the room on the other side. Nothing, just dark forest.


Was I really loosing it now or was someone there? I peeked through the window again, closely looking in all directions. Then I saw them.

Standing about two meters away from the window, leaning against the wall of the cabin, were Helena and Leslie. Helena was leaning her back against the wall. She was holding the waistband of Leslie’s skirt, pulling her closer. Leslie had placed her hands on the wall behind her girlfriend for support, then leaned forward and kissed her.

My jaw had dropped in surprise. Oh my God! I was spying on possibly two of the most gorgeous girls in Sweden…

Leslie’s tongue flicked out and around Helena’s lips and she took it between her lips and sucked it… Leslie leaned closer and kissed her deeper and more forceful now. She let one hand go from the wall to Helena’s waist, slipping under her shirt a bit.

My mouth was dry when I tried to swallow. My heart was racing, I could hear it loudly pounding in my ears.

Helena had put her hands on Leslie’s ass and pulled her closer. Leslie pushed her hips against her and Helena hissed through her teeth.
”I want you, now…” I heard Helena say very softly. Leslie giggled.
“We can’t honey, not here… let’s go home then.”
“No, no, I don’t want to go home yet… this atmosphere…” Helena said and she growled. Leslie was now kissing her throat.
“What is it about this evening, eh?” Leslie said, looking at her girlfriend’s face. She traced her cheek with one finger, then her lips. Helena sucked on her finger.
“It’s this Gessle-guy, isn’t it? Do you still get horny over him?” Leslie suddenly said quite loud.

My belly twisted when she mentioned my name.

Helena burst into a fit of giggles.
“Am I right? Are you hot on him? Lena!” Leslie said and pinched Helena’s side. She pretended to be offended but I noticed a laugh in her words.
“No… hihi… no not really. But have you seen how he looks at you?” Helena said, pulling Leslie closer again. Leslie answered by kissing her again, and I think she was holding her ass but I couldn’t really see that. Another loud thump when Leslie pushed her harder against the wall. She said something but I couldn’t hear her, but it made Helena open her mouth I protest, only to receive another kiss.

“Shit… honey…” Helena panted when Leslie finally let go of her mouth.
“You taste so good.” Leslie whispered, so softly I could barely hear her.

God, now I was getting hard. Shit. I really should leave, but I couldn’t! It was impossible… I had to look at them…

“He wants you, I’m sure of it.” Helena said.
“Ow… you think that of every man who talks to me. You jealous little baby…” Leslie giggled. Then she stepped back.
“Come on, let’s go.”
“Nooo… come here. Make love to me.” Helena begged, her hand out to Leslie. Leslie laughed loud.
“Sweetie, don’t be silly, what if someone sees us!”
“So?” Helena shrugged. Leslie shook her head and started to walk off, slowly.

I waited a couple of minutes, tried to block all he images that came up into my mind, then left the cabin. A soft sigh made me look up when I went down the two stairs… they were standing a couple of meters away from me, kissing. Helena had cupped Leslie’s face in her hands and was kissing her softly, very slowly, extremely sensually… something started to grow hard again immediately.

There was no way to walk around them if I wanted to go back to the party now. I took a few steps, and then my eyes met Helena’s. She looked at me, but kept on kissing Leslie. Her eyes seemed to dare me, she didn’t look away and didn’t stop what she was doing, either…

“Ahem.” I cleared my throat. Leslie literally jumped and turned around instantly.
“Oh gosh… uhm, sorry, hi, hehe…” she stumbled, turning bright red. Helena smiled with a naughty look on her face.
“I’m sorry… to interrupt…” I tried to sound normal, amused rather than horny as hell.
“Mmm no problem.” Helena said with a lovely smile. Her voice was a bit hoarse.

The three of us walked back to the party, not knowing what to say.

“I’ll get some drinks. Beer?” Helena looked at me and Leslie in turns. We both nodded. This also meant I had to stay where I was, while I preferred to go back to the boring EMI-talk to calm down and get back to my senses.

“You like her, don’t you?”
The evening was almost at its end and I was well on my way to be completely drunk. Helena stood beside me, her silly drunkenness seemed to have left her.
“What?” I mumbled.
“Leslie. You have a thing for her.” she said again, leaning against the same table I was holding on to.
“Uhm, well eeh… she’s a great girl. But taken. And uhm, I’m a guy. So…” it sounded stupid but it was all I could come up with.
“Yes. But you do fancy her, right?” she kept on. I nodded a little bit, looking around. I didn’t see Leslie.
“She likes guys too. She says she loves me and doesn’t need anyone else, but I think she does need some dick sometimes.” Helena said thoughtfully, staring past me. I almost choked on my beer.
“Helena…” I said when I re-found my voice.
“Sorry, sorry, I don’t mean to be rude! Hahaha… sorry.” She laughed, her hand on my arm.

It took me at least an hour to fall asleep that night. I kept seeing Helena who was sucking Leslie’s tongue, and I just had to help myself… I had to. I had horny dreams for the rest of the night and woke up with a major hang over.

* * *

Halfway the tour
I don’t know whose idea it was and if I’d known, I would surely have talked them out of it. But who did I see when I entered the after party in a pub in Gothenburg? Right. Leslie and Helena were sitting at the bar. Micke and I spotted them at the same time.
“Who invited those two?” I asked.
“Ha! I think you’ll have to consult Anders about that… hehehe…” Micke chuckled. I looked at him and his chuckle faded away.
“What?! Not good? Oh come on, it’s nice to have them around… they’re not a pain to look at eh?” he said close to my ear. I sighed.

A waitress brought a round of beers to our table and the party kind of started without me noticing it. My mind was far away, trying to come up with ideas to sneak away as soon as possible…

“Helloooooo….!!” I heard Micke Syd and Anders cheer and when I turned around, they were hugging Leslie and Helena in turns. The girls both had big smiles on their faces and patted the guys on their backs. They came to sit at our table. Our table where my drink was, and where they were saving my seat, while I was supposed to be on the toilet.

The girls were sitting in between Anders and Micke Syd. MP was sitting opposite from them. It crossed my mind to tell him to stop drooling but I decided not to bother. They didn’t notice him anyway. Göran was nowhere to be found, and all other people were quite caught up with themselves. I silently cursed Micke and Anders. Micke was married and Anders was living with Jenny. I was single. And THEY invited two cute young girls to our party…

“Per! Heeeeey!” Helena said and jumped up from her chair. She hugged me, carefully it seemed and her smile was shy.
“Great show, we enjoyed it a lot!” she said, patting my shoulder. I smiled a little bit, not really knowing what to say. Leslie also stood up from her chair. She bent over Micke’s chair and passed Helena to hug me.
“Hello…” she said softly when she leaned her cheek against mine.
“Very good show, brilliant!” she said, her bright eyes looking into mine when she let go.

Somehow, everybody seemed to have changed places. I ended up sitting on the other side of the table and I lost my drink somewhere. Leslie was sitting on my right, with Anders next to her. Micke was on my left, with Helena. Everybody was talking and I decided to get a new round of drinks.

“Oh I’ll help you out, wait…” Leslie said when I asked what she wanted. She got up and followed me to the bar.
“Are you enjoying yourself? You look a bit… off?” she asked when she stood there.
“Uhm, neh, I’m fine, just tired.” I answered. I couldn’t help but stare at her shirt. She was wearing a white t-shirt with a deep v-neck and with her standing next to me like that I could see right into her cleavage. Our eyes met and I was sure she noticed that I had been looking at her breasts. She looked away and blushed – oh shit! That was SO cute… my belly twisted and I was completely stuttering when the waitress came to ask what we wanted.

Things had changed again at our table when we returned. Helena was sitting in between the guys and they were talking to her about the golden days of GT… big stories came up, jokes I had heard a million times…

“Oh so I guess we no longer belong to the group eh!” Leslie said and took place on another chair.
“Uhm, hehe, no sorry, you two just entertain each other…” Micke Syd said with a cheeky smile. I could see in his watery eyes that he was getting drunk. Helena almost choked on her drink when he said that, and she was roaring with laughter. I looked at Leslie and she smiled at me shyly, then looked away again, shifting on her chair. There, my belly did that strange, funny tugging again. She was just too sweet, I couldn’t stand it!!

I was sitting at the bar, talking to a friend of mine from Gothenburg. We had a great time even though he had arrived quite late. Anders, Micke, Leslie and Helena had spread out over the bar. Helena was sitting on top of the table now, talking to someone I didn’t know. Leslie stood beside her, talking to someone on her other side. She suddenly turned around and leaned over the table, getting her purse from the other side. She stuck her ass out backwards and a sigh escaped my mouth.

Leslie was wearing a white linen skirt, quite to wide for my liking. But now that she bent over like that, I could clearly make out the form of her ass… and a small white thong.

I went to the toilet. While standing there I had to block every vision of Leslie.

I held the door open for the next guy when I walked out and when I looked back I bumped right into her, again…
“Whoops!” I said.
”Oh! Hellooooo…” Leslie replied. Instead of stepping away, she wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me.
“We keep bumping into each other, you think that means something?” she asked.
“I don’t know, what do you think?” I stupidly replied. I carefully placed one arm around her shoulders, my other hand lightly on her hip.
“I don’t know. I don’t mind.” She said softly. I felt her breasts press into me a little. We didn’t know what to say anymore.
“So, uhm, I’d better go to the toilet.” she said and let go of me. She squeezed my arm and smiled, entering the ladies room.

A little black van picked us up around three. I wasn’t even surprised when Leslie and Helena were taking the same taxi and Anders explained they were staying in the same hotel. Of course. Later he would tell me they were staying in the same room…

I was sitting next to the driver. Behind me sat Micke, Göran and MP. Behind them were Leslie, Helena and Anders. Anders was half asleep already, as was Helena. She was leaning her head on Leslie’s shoulder, I could see them in the rear-view mirror. Leslie met my eyes and my heart jumped. I smiled and she smiled back, biting her lip a little. I didn’t know why she did that but it looked sexy as hell…

Helena seemed to be completely awake again when we reached the hotel. She was laughing and talking to Mick Syd while walking in front of me. Leslie walked behind me with the rest.

“Ay… Gessle…” Helena’s voice was low and a bit slurred.
“Hey you…”
“What room are you staying in?” she said.
“What room? Why, do you wanna come over and party?” Geesh! How could I have said that?! Moron!
“Hehe… exactly.”
“Number 212.”
“Oh! You are on the expensive floor!” she said with a chuckle. Then Leslie turned up beside her.
“Come here you alcoholic, let’s put you to bed.” she said, wrapping an arm around Helena.
“Oh, yes pleeeeeze…” Helena said and looked at me. Leslie rolled her eyes and shook her head and then dragged her friend with her to the elevator.

I don’t know where the rest went. But we ended up in the elevator just the three of us. Leslie leaned against the wall and let out a sigh with her eyes closed. Helena almost attacked her when the doors closed, pushing her body against Leslie’s, kissing her quickly.
“Lena!!” Leslie said and grabbed Helena’s wrists. Helena giggled and looked at me, that daring look on her face again.
“I don’t think he minds honey…” Helena’s sweet voice said.
“I don’t care, I mind ok!” Leslie said. She looked angry and her cheeks were all flushed.

I reached my floor quickly.
“Good night ladies.” I said quietly and stepped out.


I turned around and Helena came walking towards me fast. The elevator went up with only Leslie in it.

“Helena, what is it?” I asked, getting slightly annoyed now.
“I’m sorry… I… uhm…” she stuttered. I opened the door to my room and stood still in the opening, waiting for her to speak.
“Here.” Helena said and she handed me something. It was her key card.
“Come over in half an hour, ok? Please?” she said. Her head was tilted to one side a little bit and she smiled shyly at me. No, she wasn’t my type, but any gorgeous woman looking at me like that makes me weak.
“And then?” I asked, still trying to sound angry.
“Then… uhm… well see for yourself.” She said and turned around. I watched her small ass walk back to the elevator.

Half an hour later I was showered, brushed my teeth and sitting in bed. The phone rang and before I picked up, I knew it was Helena.
“Are you coming?” she said right away.
“Helena, I really think…”
“Don’t think. Hurry. She’s almost done with her shower.”

It took me ten minutes to find their room. I quickly dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and slippers. I opened their door and it turned out to be a suite, not much less expensive than my room. I walked into some sort of a lounge part and it was completely dark. Around the corner, to my left, was a bed. There was one tiny light on one side. I couldn’t make out anything until my eyes had adjusted to the dark, so I just stood there in the middle of the room, heart pounding in my chest.

“Oh…” I heard a soft moan coming from the bed. I saw them laying on it now, both naked. Leslie was licking one of Helena’s nipples. She wrapped a leg around her and pulled her closer. I saw four legs and four hands and I couldn’t really see which belonged to whom.

The darkness was thick around me. I noticed how my breathing quickened and my mouth got dry.

Leslie was now sitting on hands and knees between Helena’s legs. I couldn’t really see what she was doing but Helena’s squirms and sounds assured me she was doing it right. Her ass was turned to me and I could see right between her legs. I just had to touch myself at that moment, just had to give a light squeeze, making it almost jump out of my pants. I held my breath when Helena seemed to get closer and closer to her climax. I needed support so I leaned into the couch. It made a loud cracking noise and Leslie turned around instantly. Shit.

“What the… oh my… Lena! You bitch, you didn’t! My God!” Leslie said, her mouth falling open. She turned to me on the bed a little bit and we stared at each other.

“I… I…” I tried to think of something to say but I couldn’t.
“You fell for it.” she said, stating the fact. I nodded. Leslie shook her head and smiled.
“Honey, are you angry now…” Helena said with a small voice. She was also sitting up. Leslie didn’t reply.
“Come. You can sit here.” She said and pointed at a comfortable armchair close to the bed. I had to get some underwear and clothes out of the way and then I sat down. Leslie turned on an extra light on the other side of the bed.

“So are you enjoying the show then?” Leslie asked, sarcasm dripping from her voice. Helena crawled to the side of the bed and stood in front of me before I could answer.
“Of course he does.” She said and then squeezed the hard bulge between my legs. I hissed.
“Oooh… you are horny, aren’t you… mmm that feels good…” Helena said and bit her lip.

“Lena.” Leslie’s voice sounded demanding and Helena listened to it.
“I don’t think we were finished yet, were we?” Leslie said to her when Helena lay back down on the bed. She shook her head. Leslie lay on top of her girl, her hips in between the other girl’s legs. She made slow movements with her hips and Leslie too, and they seemed to shiver every now and then. They exchanged slow, wet and noisy kisses.

Leslie quickly kissed down Helena’s belly until she ended up between her thighs again. They had turned and now I could see everything she was doing. She was licking along Helena’s outer lips, then on the inside and around her swollen clit. Helena panted and moaned and pushed her hips into Leslie’s face. Leslie pushed one finger inside her and started to swirl her tongue around and around. Helena said her name and mumbled something. Leslie added a second finger and pushed harder.

“Aaah!” a loud, high yelp from Helena made my heart skip a beat. I had started to sweat a little and it was impossible to sit still. I had a major hard on and my jeans were highly uncomfortable.

I saw Helena shiver and her hips bucking, her ass coming off the bed… Leslie slowed down her pace, slower and slower until Helena’s orgasm had faded away. By that time I was having trouble breathing.

“And you…” Leslie said to me and I startled. She stood up from the bed and came my way. She was close very suddenly, blocking my sight, standing in front of the chair.
“You fell for her horny talk, didn’t you.” she said it softly, her voice low but completely steady. I had no idea what to say but I couldn’t help but laugh a little bit. Leslie put a hand on each armrest of the chair and looked straight into my eyes. I stared back and was sure she could see the lust in my eyes, I was sure she could feel the steam coming from my body. She crawled onto my lap, one leg on each side of my legs and took my face in her hands. She didn’t say anything, just looked into my eyes and kissed me, kept looking. I closed my eyes briefly when she pressed her soft, slightly wet lips onto mine. Her mouth was warm and sensual. Her tongue was licking my lips, then slid in between and she found my tongue to play with. She pushed the little iron knob against my tongue, swirling around in my mouth. I opened my eyes and she was still looking at me.

I laid my hands on her upper legs and squeezed carefully. Her flesh was warm and soft, felt better than anything when I ran my hands up over her ass, to her back. Leslie’s hands were slipping under my shirt and pushed it up and over my head. Then she stood up and backed away to the bed while I walked her way, my fingertips brushing along her nipples.

I was now sure she was a full C-cup. I don’t know why but I kept thinking about that. Full, soft, round flesh… warm and willing.

Leslie lay on the bed on her back and Helena was all over her right away. I took the rest of my clothes off and watched the girls play again. Helena was kissing Leslie wildly while her fingers made a rhythmic movement between her legs. I lay down next to them and watched Leslie’s face. All my nerves were now gone, all my common sense was replaced by lust. All I could think about was to take her. To push inside her. To be inside her. To touch her. To taste her.

When Helena finally stopped, Leslie’s cheeks were red and she was panting fast. I looked at her and touched her cheek with my hand. She turned to me a little and looked down on my erection. Then she looked back into my eyes, biting her lip.
“Uhm…” she stumbled a little bit, her breasts going up and down under her heavy breathing.

“Come here.” I whispered, almost not recognising my own voice. She didn’t move so I put my hand on her hip and pulled her closer. She lay on her back and I rolled on top, parting her legs with my knee. God she felt good. I didn’t know where to touch first. I licked her nipples a little bit, they were pink and huge. I moved my hips into her slowly, the tip of my penis nipping at her opening. Her hands were on my chest, trembling a little bit.

“What is it?” I asked. Leslie opened her mouth but she didn’t say anything.

Suddenly Helena was there again. She had been lying beside us and kept quiet, but now she interfered. She wrapped an arm around my neck and kissed my cheek, then licked my ear a little bit.
“She’s a bit scared you know…” she hissed into my ear. “It’s been so long, she hasn’t had any dick for so long… oh and you are so horny, so hard and big and… and our little Leslie is getting a bit afraid I think.” Helena whispered. Leslie looked away, her hands still on my chest.
“Is that so…” I panted, “But honey, you made me like this. All I can think of is pushing this-” I pushed the tip of my penis into her and Leslie opened her mouth a little further, branching herself for what was coming. “…into you…” I sighed into her ear.
“S-slowly…” she whispered.
“Per, honey, don’t listen to her. Give it to her hard, that’s what she wants…” Helena said, now lying next to Leslie.

Ok. So I was gonna fuck her now. How the hell would I be able to make this last longer than two strokes?! I pushed inside her slowly, like she’d asked. She was wet and hot, but also incredibly tight. I almost had trouble getting inside her and I am not bigger than average… so I pulled out a little, at the same time Leslie let out her breath.
“Per…” her high-pitched voice said my name and I looked at her.
“F-fuck me… please…” she said, her big eyes cast up at me, her wet lips opened a little bit. I bent down and kissed her, pushed my tongue inside her mouth and thrust my dick into her hard. I felt her gasp in my mouth and I pulled out and thrust again, hard and deep.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Leslie panted to the rhythm of my strokes when I let go of her mouth. I was completely drowning inside her warm wetness, she had caught me and there was no way out. A delicious itch formed on the head of my dick and I couldn’t stop, I had to keep pounding into her. She was digging her nails into my shoulders rather painfully but I kept slamming my hips into hers, faster and harder and as deep as her tight little pussy let me.

Oh God, this must be the best thing on earth, went through my mind. I looked down on her and how she now shoved her hips into me. Her hands were holding my ass and one finger slipped between…
“Fuck! Oh God… Leslie! No!” I stumbled loudly, feeling her finger pressing down into my asshole, finding that extremely sensitive spot.

That is not fair… I thought just before I shot my load deep into her.


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