Look Sharp!


Walking up and down the hall from time to time, looking into other rooms and chatting to the band a bit, Per was getting himself ready. In about an hour, Roxette was going to perform live on stage in a sold out open air venue on the Swedish west coast. Per was a bit nervous. His voice was not in good shape at the moment and it had been a while since he had performed.

Marie was busy in her dressing room, as always. She had eaten a light dinner and got dressed in her stage outfit. Now her make up was being finished, she started to feel ready to go out there and make the audience crazy…

Seconds before the show. Per and Marie stood beside each other at the side of the stage, behind a big, black curtain. The band was already on their way to their instruments and started to play the intro. Marie and Per were both preparing themselves, shaking some muscles. Per got his guitar and looked at Marie, smiling.

“You ready?” he asked her. She nodded and smiled at him. That made him feel really good, a smile from Marie could brighten the day sometimes… He quickly lost that thought and walked into the direction of the stage with her. The music broke loose, both counted until the moment they both had to run onto the stage. A split second before they did so, Marie bowed over to Per, said ‘good luck’ into his ear and patted his ass…

Per’s cheeks got a bit red and he almost forgot to move… They ran out onto the stage together and started to sing. While singing, Per was glancing at Marie. She did not look at him, was too busy singing and playing with the audience.

Per and Marie sang ‘Dangerous’ together and the audience went wild. Per’s thoughts had wandered off a bit, seeing all those pretty young girls in front row scream for him, yelling his name and screaming when he looked at them. Now Marie was singing the chorus and came walking to him over the stage. He stood there, playing guitar and looked into her eyes with his head a bit to one side… She walked up to him, and then while keeping on singing, leaned against him. He felt her hips shove against his. She turned around, now with her back leaning against his arm, kept on singing. Her ass brushed his guitar-playing right hand for just a moment.

Shit. He was getting horny. He sighed when he walked back to his microphone. The girls in front row were screaming their lungs out. Per was telling the audience that it was a beautiful night, they were a great audience and he hoped they would all sing along to the next song. After that, he looked down at the front row and looked one of the girls in the eyes. Her smile was amazing and she screamed and jumped for him, shouting his name. He winked at her and she gasped…

Per couldn’t hide a grin. What a reception. He should make it a habit to look into the audience and see all those heated up faces… His eyes went back to Marie, who was now wearing a short, black mini dress and sang ‘Listen to your heart’ with bare feet. God she was beautiful. Per just stared at her from his side of the stage for a moment. It suddenly occurred to him that he was getting hard. Oh my, this was not the right moment! Thank god for the guitar, he thought.

At the end of the show, Per and Marie said goodbye to the audience together, arms wrapped around each other. Marie felt Per’s fingers tickle a bit under her arm. He had wrapped his arm around her just so high that his fingertips almost touched her breasts. They left the stage and standing behind the black curtain again, alone, Per pulled Marie’s arm when she wanted to walk away. He pulled her into his arms and hugged her to him closely.

“Per…” she stumbled. She was not used to Per being doing things like that. Of course they joked around, Per sometimes commenting on her clothes or looks. Not to mention the tricks they pulled on stage… of course those things made her hot, but nobody had to know about that… and now he was hugging her. It seemed he didn’t want to let go of her, too!
“Per…” she said again.
“We should go…” she whispered. He took some distance and looking onto her eyes. He wondered how he could have filled up with lust for her, while he knew her so well?! And it happened so sudden…

Later, Per’s dressing room.
Per walked around in his dressing room with only a towel around his waist. He felt very good. After a drink with the band and crew, he took a tepid shower to cool off a bit. It helped. Now he was still in a very good mood but he managed to get rid of the horny thoughts that teased him. A knock on the door seemed to wake him up from some kind of daydream, while he was folding some clothes. Before he could answer, Marie walked in.

“Hi, I was wondering… Oh… s-sorry…” she said, looking at the towel around his waist. She turned halfway to the door, trying not to look at him. She felt her stomach tingle when she looked anyway. His chest was still wet, the hairs shining in the dimmed light of the lonely bulb on the ceiling. He looked good, Marie had to confess to herself. The towel around his waist was small and soaked. When he turned around to grab a t-shirt from somewhere, she could clearly see his ass right through the wet towel. Mmm. Marie sighed intensely, and then was shocked with her own reaction to Per. What was this? Was it because of the hug? Or were his naughty, lustful looks into her eyes tonight on stage just becoming too much…

Per was about to put the t-shirt over his head when he felt her hands on his bare arms. That touch made him shiver a bit and he looked behind him. Her eyes were strangely calling him. He tried to say something but he didn’t know what. She pulled him to her now and stood on her toes, reaching for his head. As if it was the most common thing to do, Per leaned down to kiss her lips. Lightening seemed to go through him when their lips met. Her lips were incredibly soft and warm and a bit wet… Marie locked her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, pushing her tongue through his lips. She wanted to taste him; she wanted him so badly… his hands carefully slid around her back. She was now wearing jeans and a t-shirt and had also been in the shower only minutes ago. Her shirt was not tucked into her jeans and his hands easily slipped under it… he caressed her back with one hand, with the other one he pulled her face even closer. His tongue slipped deep into her mouth. Now he was not able to stop anymore, she woke his desires and he went completely wild.

“Oh shit Marie… I want you…” he mumbled, his voice cracking. She sighed deeply and laid her hands on his chest, caressing the soft, brownish hair there, moulding a bit… there was so much exploring to do, it almost made Per dizzy. He didn’t know where to place his hands first. He now had taken her ass in both his hands and touched it gently, moulding softly, caressing…

“Per…” Marie sighed into his mouth. He heard longing in her voice and before she could say more, he leaned down again to kiss her hungry, hot lips. His kisses grew stronger, harder and more demanding while his hands moved over her body.

When she pulled the shirt over her head, Per gasped and couldn’t take his eyes of her beautiful breasts. She pushed herself against him, kissing and licking his chest and Per breathed faster and faster, looking at her. He wondered what had gotten into her… He took a step back and she followed. He took another step back and again she followed. Like that, he led her to the couch in the middle of the dressing room. When they stood in front of the couch, he finally spoke.

“Marie… I don’t know…” that was all he could say, before her hands pulled away the towel from his waist. She pushed him back onto the couch and looked down on him. He was getting harder and harder and now there was nothing to hide it behind anymore. Her eyes were fixed on his lap for a moment. Then their eyes met again. She bent over the couch to kiss him.

“You were saying?” She whispered.
“Ehm… oh… I… don’t know what I’m doing…” he stumbled. She didn’t answer. Instead, she lowered herself until she was sitting on the floor on her knees. She parted his legs and pulled him a bit closer to her. She took his hard part in her hand and squeezed it a bit… Per made a hissing sound, not believing what he saw happening in front of him. His cock disappeared between Marie’s lips… into her mouth… oh and her mouth was so hot… and her lips were so gentle… and she was sucking… and… oh!

Per trusted his hips upwards to her mouth. He was trembling, shuddering and craving her touch. Suddenly she stopped what she was doing. She stood up before him and began to strip out of the jeans she was wearing. Under that she wore a tiny, white thong which also landed to the floor quickly. Now she was completely naked and looked down at him. He was breathing heavily, staring at her with his mouth a bit open, eyes dark with desire. All he could do was stare, stare at her perfect naked body. He held out his hand and she took it, climbing on his lap with one leg on each side of him. He lay his hands in her hips. She was so small, so lovely… if he spread out his hands he could almost fit his fingers all around her. He squeezed her divine flesh… she moved her hips in the right direction and slipped over his member, taking him in deep, very deep… she sank down on his lap sighing, mumbling… her face was buried in his neck and she sat still for a moment to feel him inside her, completely filling her up. When she started to move he called out her name and told her to take it slow. But she didn’t want to take it slow, she wanted him deep and fast and hard and rough and totally…

His hands were everywhere. He held her breasts, her ass, while she rode him. Her breath came out in uncontrolled puffs. He let his hand slide up over her breasts, to her face. One of his fingers slid into her mouth and she sucked it and made it all wet with her tongue.

“Oh please… yes… ah… go on… mmm… so good…” Per could only whisper the words with an unsteady voice. He moved one of his hands down over her belly and reached the delicate fur below. Carefully he slid one finger in between them to touch her swollen clit gently… a shiver went through her and he could feel her legs tremble. He pushed a bit harder, meeting her rhythm, trying to keep up. She thrust herself down on him faster and faster, began to cry out… she shook her head from left to right…

“Oh yes… oh Per… oh…. God… yes… aaaaah…” she held still for a moment, breathing heavily. She looked into his eyes, hers pouring with lust and desire… then she kept on thrusting in a rhythm he couldn’t keep up with, making him dizzy and eventually sending him over the top. He squeezed her ass hard when he came, his head against her chest, mouth open and letting out a low groan…

She felt his muscles relax and both sank down on the couch. She on his lap, his arms wrapped around her. They wanted to stay like this forever…


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