Sun and clouds were playing some sort of game. The wind chased the clouds away along the sky, while the sun tried her best to stay in sight. The grass on the dunes bent down when the wind got a little stronger. People were walking along the beach barefoot, some guys were throwing a ball and girls were carrying a big basket probably filled with food. They were all young, tanned and beautiful.

Per sighed and walked away from the window. The weather was gorgeous indeed. A perfect day to sit on the terrace with a cold beer. Mhm. That sounded good. But it was not going to happen, at least not today.

Today was preparation day. Rehearsing for the last time, choosing the final outfit, meeting the guys for dinner. Talking to journalists.

He sat down in on of the comfortable big chairs around the table. He was sitting in a conference room of the hotel, waiting for Li to return with coffee. It was almost lunchtime and he felt his stomach rumble a bit. Lunch would have to wait though; first he had a meeting with Li, to discuss the upcoming interviews, and then he had three interviews in a row. And a photo shoot after that.

The door opened and Per looked up, expecting Li. It wasn’t Li, but another girl. A fling of recognition passed through his mind but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

The girl closed the door behind her and turned the key in the lock.

Per wanted to get up and say something but this action made him fall silent. She walked towards him, closer and closer, and Per stared at her. She was wearing a short, black linen skirt, slippers and a t-shirt. He glanced at her tanned legs for a split second. When he looked up, she was standing right in front of him. She put her hands on the armrests of the chair and Per’s mouth fell open when she pulled herself onto his lap. She nestled one leg on each of his sides and sat down.

Per smelled a hint of seawater, something fresh; she’d been to the beach. This was a totally useless thought but his mind was out of order for a moment. The girl placed her hands on his cheeks and caressed him a little bit, while looking deep into his eyes.

“W-wha…” he started, but she covered his mouth with her hand. She kept her hand there and started to move her hips on him, back and forth, pressing herself down. Per gasped under her hand and writhed on the chair in a lame attempt to get away.

The girl bent forward and kissed his cheek. Her hand was still on his mouth. He felt her soft lips brush along his slightly stubbed jaw. Her breath felt warm on his skin and he shivered a little bit.

This is not happening, he thought. This is just not happening. In his hazed mind, a little voice told him to push her away and stand up and get angry. Or at least talk to her. He could take her hand away from his mouth easily, he was much stronger than her, she was only just… a… girl…

She licked his ear. Sucked on his earlobe a little bit. Sneaked her tongue around and along his neck. Then she let out a moaning sigh, close to his ear, her breath once again heating up his skin. The hairs on his arm rose. He definitely had to get rid of her now.

Per placed his hands on her sides and grabbed her, trying to push her off him. The girl arched her back and her body twisted, her breasts being pushed against his chest. His fingers pressing into her soft flesh had the opposite effect. He felt his belly twist and he cursed behind her hand.

The girl looked at him again. Her dark brown eyes pierced into his. She slowly removed her hand. Before he could speak, she started to kiss him. She pressed her warm lips against his slightly opened mouth, and then she flicked out her tongue to lick his lips. Her tongue swirled inside and before he knew it, they were entangled in a hot, fast kiss…

His hands moved from her hips down, slowly, carefully, to her ass. He felt her hand, which was resting lightly on his shoulder, tremble a little bit. He squeezed her. Her ass was round and firm, soft and gorgeous too…

Per got dizzy with all the sensations he was feeling. He closed his eyes and let lust wash over him. His hands wandered over her naked legs now, up to her hips. She started to move again, back and forth, riding him. His desire was now obvious in his jeans and he heard a soft moan from her when she felt it between her legs. His hands disappeared under her skirt, up, up, and then around to her ass. His fingers dug into the smooth flesh and he pushed his hips upwards a little bit.

She stopped kissing him and his eyes flew open. Her face was flushed, her mouth open and she was breathing fast. She started to open the buttons on his shirt until she reached just about halfway. She kissed and licked his chest, feeling him everywhere with her hands.

Suddenly she stood up. Per blinked and for a moment he thought it could be over. He took a deep breath.

The girl straightened her skirt a little bit and then bent over to him. She gave him a little kiss.

”I could eat you alive.” She whispered. It was the first time she spoke. Her voice was low and hoarse.

She started to unbutton his jeans. Her soft whisper was ringing in his ears. He looked at her, how she dropped to her knees, sitting between his legs, and closed her lips around the head of his hard member. She pushed her tongue against the shaft and took him in deeper and deeper, until he felt the tip push against the back of her throat.

He was panting fast with his mouth open. She looked up at him with those dark, dreamy eyes and Per couldn’t believe this was actually happening. Jolts of pleasure shot through his belly and he twisted on the chair.

“Oh shit… that’s… so… g-good…” he stumbled.

A moment later, she stopped. She stood up and leaned backwards against the table. She bit her lip.

“Was that it?” He dared to ask. She shrugged and didn’t look at him. She fumbled with the seam of her skirt. All of a sudden she seemed to have lost her tough attitude. She looked cute and shy and… girlish.

Per stood up and went to her. He was trembling and panting and incredibly horny. He took her chin in his hand and pulled her face to his. He wanted to say something but changed his mind and kissed her wildly, shoving his tongue inside her mouth. She yelped and held on to him.

His pants dropped along his legs and the girl giggled. Per growled something into her mouth and pushed against the table. He left her mouth to kiss and lick her neck, until he reached her ear.

“What’s your name?” his voice was raw.
“Anne.” She whispered back
“I want to fuck you, Anne.”
“I want you, Anne.”
“Take me, please…” she moaned this into his ear and leaned back on the table, her legs dangling over the edge.

Per caressed her legs for a moment, then pushed her skirt up to her waist. He couldn’t hide a chuckle when a tiny, bright pink lace thong appeared. It was barely worth the name ‘underwear’, this little piece of fabric. He pulled it down over her legs, all the way down, until he had to crouch to pull it over her feet. He removed her slippers as well. His fingers caressed her feet a little bit and he kissed the inside of he knee. His lips and tongue left a wet trail on her thigh. His tongue flicked between her legs and she gasped.

He kissed her down there as he had kissed her mouth, pushing his tongue inside and swirling around. Her smell, her taste, the silky feel of her skin made him completely crazy.

He kissed her belly, the part where her shirt had crept up a little bit. He lingered there for a moment. She wrapped her legs around him, urging him to go on.

The tip of his hard cock rested against her opening. She panted and twisted on the table, pulling his shirt.

“What, what is it, mhm?” he growled.
“Come on!” she whispered. He just looked at her.
“Per, put it in!” She said under her breath. Per smiled but didn’t move. She pulled his face down and whispered in his ear, softly, hissing.
“Gessle, fuck me, please.” she had barely said the words when he pushed his hips forward and entered, her, just a little bit, then retreated again. Then again, he dipped just the head of his cock into her, and retreated. She was wet and slippery… his dips became faster, a bit deeper and the tingle in his lower belly more urgent. She gasped when he entered her completely. He totally filled her up and felt her cramping around him. She moved her head from side to side when he slowly thrust in and out… in and out…

Her face was a silent scream of pleasure when she came, and she panted in short puffs to prevent herself from screaming. Per enjoyed the trembles in her body, taking in the beautiful sight of an woman in orgasm. Then he had been holding on long enough and he quickened his pace, giving her short, quick thrusts to finally release himself… his knees nearly buckled when he exploded and gave her all he had, literally…

“Per? Hello! Per!!

A voice startled him and Per sat straight up in the chair. He looked around him with a silly look on his face. Li stood beside the chair with two cups of coffee in her hands.

“Just a little nap before the hysteria starts?” she said casually, and handed him a cup. Per swallowed the hot coffee and nearly choked on it. It had been a dream. Anne, she had been a dream… a very live one too, according to the stickiness inside his pants…


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