It Will Take A Long Long Time

Sunny called
I was in the hall
and made a note
I have to paint the kitchen walls
an angel smiled across the room
all in all it was a lazy afternoon

Then I thought about you
I think it was some sweet song that I heard

Per Gessle’s thoughts trailed away from the images on the screen and his vision went a bit blurry. It would take a long, long time indeed, to forget about her. Hearing this song, one of his own scribblings wonderfully sung by his long-time friend and partner in crime Marie Fredriksson, somehow made him sad. He sighed out loud, only realizing he did so when Marie shot him a questioning glance. He smiled at her and shook his head slightly. Nevermind…

Got to get goin’ goin’ ahead
it will take a long, long time
got to go ahead and deal with my life
it has taken such a long time, this time

“You ok?” Marie asked Per when he guided her to the waiting car. She was unsteady on her feet since a tumor had been removed from her brain, and some assistance while walking was welcome. He gave her an assuring smile and said that everything was fine, just that the images and the music had brought back memories.

It wasn’t all a lie really, he told himself when he saw her drive off. It were the memories that made him sigh, just not the ones he implied to Marie. He took his gloves out of his pockets and put them on. The snow crackled under his feet when he walked away.

They’d just been to the first screening of a documentary. After deciding to split up as Roxette for good, many TV-stations had requested some sort of special and in the end they decided to make one big documentary that would show an overview of everything they had ever done. The result would be aired on New Year’s eve, which was only a week from now. First they had Christmas to go through, Per thought. He walked the few blocks to his apartment and froze to the bone. Coming home, he went upstairs to run hot water in the tub.

Sunny called
I was in the bath
and heard the rain hit the roof and tiles
real hard (hit the roof real hard/hit the roof)
then I ran through my magazines
a few letters poorly hidden in a jar
(hidden in a jar/oh what a jar!)

And I thought about you
it must have been some old pictures I found

The whole Roxette documentary wasn’t at all what had made Per sigh. The song didn’t have any special meaning to him when he wrote it, but it somehow applied well to his current situation. It would take a long long, really long time before he would have forgotten about her.

He met her during his last tour, only a couple of months ago. He didn’t know her before, but she was amongst a group of loyal fans he vaguely recognized from previous tours. If it hadn’t been for her and her friends screaming at him during a silent moment, he would have caught her face anyway. She stood out from the crowd somehow. She looked at him in this special kind of way, he couldn’t really place his finger on. He was single since some time now and any pretty woman in his presence could make him feel uncomfortable, but there was something about this one… he found out even more so, when he met her a few days later in a different environment.

Got to get goin’ goin’ ahead
It will take a long, long time, yea yea
got to go ahead and deal with my life
it has taken such a long time this time

Per sat up in the tub – he had almost fallen asleep while thinking about her… not good. He shivered, the water had gone cold. He got up and dried off. He dressed simply in jeans, a t-shirt and a warm sweater and while still drying his hair, he started up his laptop. Soon he was again browsing the pictures – her pictures. Too bad she was on only one of them…

Just days after the concert she had visited, Per met The Blond Girl From The Front Row. He knew it instantly when he saw her, though he tried hard not to let it show. His good friend Anton Corbijn introduced him to her, it was beyond awkward to meet her in this setting. Per had invited Anton to one of the concerts because he happened to be in Sweden for a job. Anton joined Per for dinner and brought along his assistant. He introduced her as one of the most promising young photographers he’d met in the past years.

“Hi, Johanna Høst.” she said when she shook his hand. She smiled shyly, the cutest smile Per had ever seen.

“Per Gessle. Nice to meet you.” he said lamely. They sat down at a long table in one of the backstage tents. Per had said to Anton that he could meet him for dinner if he was willing to eat the food served by the tour crew. Anton’s reply to that was, that it was fine but he would bring along some company. Company was the utterly cute Miss Høst.

“I’m from Norway,” she explained when Per asked about her accent.
“Ah I see, but you live in London now?” he asked, as she worked with Anton and he lived in London. Johanna nodded.
“Yeah I moved there last year after Anton invited me to work with him. So far so good, I’ve managed to improve my English!” she smiled again her bright smile and Per’s heart sunk. He knew he was in trouble.

“That was the only thing that needed improvement. Her work is outstanding.” Anton said in his own grumpy way, without looking up from his plate. Per raised his eyebrow at Johanna and she winked at him. They both knew Anton well enough to see right through this attitude of his.

“Well now you’ve made me very curious. Did you bring a portfolio?” Per wondered. Anton and Johanna shared a look and Anton whispered, “See, I told you so.” While biting her lip a little insecure, Johanna opened her bag and pulled up a book. It was an A4-size folder with page-size pictures. Per flipped through the pages and his interest grew with each page – this was truly very good work. Buildings, nature and animals from unexpected angles. Amazing color arrangements and very sharp images. Funny cropped pictures. Very few people came by, until…

“Hey…” Per said it softly but she heard it.
“What?” she asked. He pointed at the face on the very last picture. It was a compilation of a few pictures, taken on the same spot. An industrial environment, looking like a parking place under a building. Amazing lighting was the first thing he noticed. A woman was running towards the camera while it was rapidly shooting pictures – a technique that he’d seen in use before, but never with such a funny outcome. The last picture was a close up of the woman’s face as she passed by the camera running.

“Maybe this sounds very silly but… I have the feeling I know her.” Per pointed at the picture. Johanna burst out laughing but composed herself quickly.

“Sorry… hehe…” she turned red. He looked at her questioningly.
“She will be very pleased to hear that. She’s a big fan of you, we went to your concert in Jönköping last week.” she then explained.
“Aaaah I see… but I didn’t meet you guys, did I?” he looked stupid. Johanna laughed again.
“No, we didn’t meet, but she’s met you a couple of times. She used to work for the Roxette fanclub and she’s been to many of your concerts, so I guess you know her face from all those things.”
“And I saw you in the front row with her in Jönköping.” he suddenly said. Johanna turned red again, but thankfully Anton butted in.

“Ok well if you two are done with your social talk, I’d like to get back to business. Per, can you get her a press card? I want her to take pictures at your show so she can practice a little.” he spoke fast. Per confirmed that it was no problem.

Just before the show started, a girl came up to Johanna.

“Here’s your pass. It entitles you to take pictures the whole show long, also backstage and on the stage. But make sure you stay on this side of the stage, not on he side where Per gets off. Make sure you’re not in anybody’s way! Enjoy!” and off she was. Johanna stared at the pass – ‘AAA – Access All Areas’ it said. It shortly took her breath away. Anton gave her a push with his shoulder and showed one of his rare smiles.

“I told you I was good with this guy. Now go and do your thing, knock ’em dead.” he winked at her and walked away.

She went and joined the group of photographers waiting at the side of the stage. Videos on a big screen were warming up the audience. Minutes later, the photographers were allowed to enter the security area between the front row and the stage. The security manager explained that they were allowed to take pictures for the first three songs, except for those who had an AAA pass. He looked at her when saying that and she felt the blood rush to her cheeks again.

Her camera, her most faithful friend, was a bit shaky in her hands. A second camera was dangling off her shoulder. One of the first things she had done to prepare for concert-photography was to get a second camera. You have no time to switch lenses or anything, so two cameras is no luxury if you’re shooting many concerts.

She was quite lucky to have seen the show before and knew exactly where to stand to get the best shots. While most photographers turned to the audience when the big screens turned away and Per came out on stage, Johanna was waiting right under his microphone to capture his first seconds on stage. She made extreme close ups of his face while he sang the first couple of lines… then she quickly switched to the other cameras and made overall pictures of the band and audience in turns.

After the first three songs, she left the front row area together with the other photographers. The crew girl that had given her the pass earlier now guided her to the side of the stage. Entering that area made the blood rush through her veins at top-speed and she instantly understood Per’s touring addiction. It was amazing to see the audience from this side, see the reception the band got. She also realized that the people on the stage would see every little thing happening on front row. It was like some sort of flirtations going on between the band and the people in the front row – giving and taking, smiling and waving, communication with the fans… she tried to capture that in her pictures, made some great close ups from the fans in the front row trying to show their own way of enjoying the concert.

She concentrated on Per’s face when he wasn’t singing, that was the moment when she could catch him. He spotted her halfway through the show and looked straight into her camera, giving her a thrill she could feel through her body.

After the show, Johanna wasn’t sure what to do. She was standing in the backstage area, which was now all dark and she wasn’t sure where she was exactly. The crew girl wasn’t to be found and neither was Anton.

“Did you enjoy the show?” the security manager was suddenly beside her.
“Oh yes, it was amazing to see it while actually being on the stage!” she replied, hoping to not sound unprofessional.

“We’ve got some press taking pictures backstage now, come with me.” he said and lead her back to the dressing rooms behind the stage. There she waited with some other photographers for the band to come back. She recognized one of Aftonbladet’s regular guys and chatted with him while waiting.

The band came around the corner and they were in good spirits. They posed in the dressing room with glasses of champagne. A journalist from Aftonbladet gave them a ‘Fem +’ banner and they posed with that too. Per talked to some journalists shortly. All this time, Johanna was taking pictures of the events. She wasn’t so much into taking pictures of people posing, the things around it interested her more. She made a shot of the journalists talking to Per, all trying to ask a question at the same time. She took pictures of the photographers while they were taking pictures of the whole band, and she took a picture of one of the band members talking to his wife on the phone, while Per was being filmed and interviewed in the background. More shots followed of luggage, the make up table, the mess in the dressing room and the champagne glass in Per’s hands. She was clicking away with no end…

Just when she thought it was all over and she had to leave, with a sore feeling in her heart, somebody put a hand on her shoulder.

“Hey, what’s up?” Per Gessle’s big brown eyes pierced right into hers.

She gave him that cute shy smile again.

“Oh hey!”
“Did you take some good pictures?” he wondered.
“Well… I sure hope so. And I’m glad for digital camera’s because there are not enough film rolls in the world for me on a day like this. Thank you so much for getting this special pass for me, it was amazing.” she said with her hand on his arm.

“No problem…” he said a bit absent minded. They were both silent for a moment, Per didn’t know what to say.
“Uhm, if you want to see the outcome…” she hesitated.
“Yes! I was just thinking about it! Could you e-mail me some of the pictures? I’m very curious how you interpreted the show.” he said enthusiastically.
“Of course. I’ll be in Oslo for some time now but it’s no problem to…”
“Oslo?” he interrupted her. “I’ll be playing in Strömstad in little more than a week. Maybe you can come there and show me the pictures yourself? I always prefer to look at prints.” Per said quickly. An insecure feeling tugged at his stomach while telling this little white lie. He just had to see her again, just had to… had to… When he saw her face light up, he knew it hadn’t been a wrong idea.

Per sat up from his computer and picked his phone up from the table. He flipped through the numbers. Would he call her? Where would she be? It was two days before Christmas. She was probably at home in Oslo, celebrating with her family… or would she stay at her own place?

A day before the concert in Strömstad, Per had his assistant Malin call Johanna’s mobile phone. Malin asked Johanna to come to the hotel in Strömstad the next day. They would arrive there around two, just after the sound check. Per didn’t have to be back at the venue until around seven.

Johanna parked her dad’s car on the hotel’s parking place around one o ‘clock. Her heart was kind of flying though her chest. A bit shaky, she got out and adjusted her clothes. She was wearing a lovely light blue pair of skinny jeans and a pink blouse with short sleeves. With her camera bag on her shoulder and a big folder in her hand, she walked to the hotel. She would be too early but she could have some coffee in the restaurant while waiting for him. She looked down at her shaking hands – maybe coffee wasn’t such a good idea…

The hotel lobby was silent. A girl at the desk gave out keys and explained some things to two new guests, but the rest of the big lobby was empty. There was a small restaurant to the right and she walked there slowly. A waiter with black pants and a white shirt approached her.

“Can I help you, miss?”
“Yeah, well, I’m meeting someone here but I’m a bit early…”
“Very well. I have a nice table for you here by the window. Do you want some coffee perhaps?”
“Ehm, no, water please.”

The waiter left and Johanna sat alone by the window. She took her phone phone out of her purse – still quite early. No messages. She sighed. How long would it take before he got there? So many questions…

She had barely touched her water when a huge black bus came slowly through the street and made her heart jump. That might be them… him. The bus stopped right in front of the door and people started getting out. Johanna recognized some band members and the girl who had given her the pass at the last concert, and then Per came out. She bit her lip. What now?

The group made their way to the registration desk and the tour manager quickly took care of things. Per just stood there, waiting, talking into his phone. He happened to turn around and spot Johanna in the restaurant. She waved and felt instantly stupid. Per came walking her way and ended the phone call just before he reached her. Johanna held out her hand but Per bend over to her and hugged her shortly. Her feet momentarily left the ground.

“Hi Johanna, good to see you. How have you been?” he seemed to be completely relaxed.
“Good, very good. You?” Johanna heard her voice was slightly higher than normal. It was beyond awkward to sit here with him all alone and talk. Last night she had been on the phone with a friend who was a huge fan of him and they had talked about him all evening, especially about how cute and sexy he was. All the things they talked about went through her mind now. She couldn’t help looking at his hands… his hands had something. They were sexy in their own way.

The waiter came and Per ordered coffee. Then there was a silent moment in which Johanna didn’t dare to look at him and Per didn’t really know what to say.

“So uhm, how did the pictures turn out?” Per wondered. He was very aware of the fact she acted a bit strange but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Her face lit up when he asked about the pictures.

“Oh yes, let me show you… there are a few I’m really proud of…” she said and placed the big folder on the table. “I printed the best twenty on page-size, and then about fifty more which were also ok, on normal size. Here you go.” she said and handed him the folder, a little hesitant.
“Ok… are you sure?” he asked and looked funny at her. She shrugged and blushed a little bit.
“Yeah I’m sure… just a bit nervous. I really want to know what you think…”

Per placed the heavy folder in front of him on the table and opened it. The first picture was already one of a kind… she had made a compilation of different pictures and items and combined them with Photoshop into one. It looked like every aspect of his concert came together and reminded him of the cover of an album he once made… Tourism. This was in the same style. A close up of a sweating and smiling Per in his white shirt was in the middle. There were pictures of each band member, their instruments, plectrums, audience, lights, cameramen, a backstage pass, a banner from the fans, security people, food they had before the show and so on. Per spent a good five minutes staring at the photo.

“Wow… you captured it all so well…” he mumbled.
“Thank you.” she replied softly.

Johanna almost wanted to pull the words out of him. She was almost dying, so much as she wanted to know his opinion on everything. He turned the first page terribly slowly. Next up were the photos she took before the show had even started. People on the field, people waiting in line, the backstage area. She’d taken pictures of the empty tables right after the crew had dinner. She had Per in the make up chair, a very relaxed moment before the big chaos started. He looked serene and quiet. This one she had chosen to print in black and white.

More photos followed of the show, live pictures that she wasn’t really sure about. This was a thing she was still learning and all in all she preferred to take pictures of things instead of people. Per didn’t speak for the longest time. He went through the whole folder, giving each picture enough time to make up his mind about it, even the small ones. When he was done, he closed the folder and stared at her.

“Can I keep this?” he patted the folder with his hand. Johanna stared at his hand and swallowed.
“Yes of course… if…” she had to swallow again.
“If what?”
“If you tell me what you think. Exactly. About everything. I need feedback.” she said with a cheeky smile. It made Per laugh.
“Hehe of course, I’ll be happy to. Do you want another drink?” he asked while beckoning the waiter.
“Water please.” Johanna replied softly. She seemed unable to relax. A knot had formed in her stomach and it didn’t go away.
“Just water? I would like a white wine with ice, please.” the last thing he said to the waiter. Johanna decided one glass of wine wouldn’t hurt her and ordered the same.

Per opened the folder again, and went through it picture by picture, telling her exactly what he thought of each one. She pulled her chair to his side of the table and they went over the photos together. Per was very positive about her work, but also made some critical comments. Nothing really bad, it was feedback she could really use. She even made a few notes while they were talking.

When the glass of wine was empty, Johanna felt more relaxed. Sitting next to Per was ok now. They got along really well, he was very nice and funny and he smelled good and… and…

Johanna’s mind went blank for a moment. Per had put his hand on hers. He had said something but she hadn’t heard him.

“Excuse me?”
“Where were your thoughts heading, mm?” he said with his face close to hers. She blushed and looked away.
“I said, I am extremely impressed with your work and I would like to work with you one day.” Per repeated his words. Apart from being extremely impressed with her pictures, he was also extremely charmed by her. But he didn’t dare say it out loud.

“Thank you very much. Tha-that would be great!” Johanna heard her own stumbling and bit her lip. Why was she acting so silly? He was just too gorgeous. That was it. She was completely taken over by his looks, his smell, his eyes, his hands… when he was about to take his hand off hers, she turned her hand and squeezed his.

“I really appreciate that you’re taking so much time for me. I’m learning a lot here and…” and what? And you’re too gorgeous to be true? No, no she couldn’t possibly say that.
“And?” he looked at her expectantly. He sensed some tension between them already since he had hugged her when he arrived. She looked so cute now, stumbling, looking for words… he let go of her hand to push a string of hair out of her face.

“Well it was just great meeting you. I, uhm, I really like you.” Johanna managed to say. Per let out the breath he hadn’t realized he was holding. He took her hand in his again.
“Maybe we can… uhm… meet again…” he said hesitantly. Her eyes were big when she looked at him.
“Of course,” she managed and smiled. “I’m going to see your show tonight so you might see me in the front row again.” she blurted out.
“Oh really? So are you staying in the city tonight?”

“Yeah, a friend of mine has booked a bed in a youth hostel. I have no idea where, I have to call her later.” Johanna looked at the clock. “She’s probably already in the cue now…” Per followed her gaze and startled.

“Oh my god, it’s late, shit! I have to go!” he got up quite suddenly. It was half past four – they had been sitting there for over two hours. They got up and both gathered their things. Per walked with her to the lobby. When they stood there, he looked around. Lots of people going around, but nobody from his crew yet.

“Come…” he said and took her hand. He lead her to the elevator and then into the hallway. Complete silence there, just as he had hoped.

“Listen, Johanna…” he still had her hand in his. She melted when he said her name.
“Yes, Per…” she said his name too and giggled. He looked at her with a sweet smile.
“It’s not easy being me and meeting women. But I really like you.” she could see he was looking for words. She held still, didn’t move, didn’t speak. Just looked into his soft brown eyes.

“I would like to get to know you better,” he finally managed. “In fact, a lot better…” he added and looked a little naughty. She had no idea where it came from but all of a sudden she was a lot calmer. One of her hands touched his arm and she ran it up until she reached his neck.

“I wouldn’t mind at all.” she replied and smiled. Per gave her a shy smile and took some distance, looking around again.

“Gosh I could just kiss you right now…” he whispered, looking at her from arm’s length. Now it was Johanna’s turn to look around. Nobody to be seen. The lobby was crowded now, as if a whole bus of tourists had just been released. But everybody was minding their own business, and not taking the elevator… When the coast seemed clear, she took a step forward. Now they were really close. She had to stand on her toes to reach his mouth, and kissed him softly on the lips. He closed his eyes instantly. Her lips were soft and warm. She kissed him a couple of times, then let go. He missed her mouth already.

“I have to go…” he said, his voice a little lower than before. “I have to take a shower before we’re leaving…”
“Mhm too bad. I guess you don’t have time for me to wash your back?” she replied with a sly look on her face. Per looked up at the ceiling and laughed.
“Very tempting, but I should hurry.” he said and moved closer for one last kiss. His tongue ran along her lower lip and she felt his breath in her mouth.

It was almost six o ‘clock when Johanna arrived at the venue. Lots of people were already lining up at the fence. She recognized her friend all the way at the front, sitting on the ground. Quickly they discussed strategies.

“Hey sweetie how did it go…” Charlotte hugged her shortly and looked at her with expectant eyes.
“It went very well…” Johanna said with a bright smile, face shining. Should she tell? Or was it too private maybe? She wasn’t sure.
“Oooh very well? In what way? Did he like your work?” Charlotte asked.
“He did…”
“Hehe well… we kind of clicked in other departments too…” Johanna said, rolling her eyes. “But I will tell you about that later. You just make sure you run for your life when that gate opens!”
“Haha I will, no problem. Can you bring my purse in?” Charlotte handed Johanna her purse and plastic bag with some bread and drinks. Johanna found a place to sit and waited.

Around seven o’clock, the gate was opened. It was one big chaos of ticket control, bag checks and people running and screaming. Johanna got in quite fast and ran in the direction of the stage. She saw her friend running in front of her, running like the wind… Charlotte was the first one to come in and hit the fence with her belly. She immediately went down and lay on the ground. When Johanna arrived moments later, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud over her friend who was laying on the ground. She first took a picture of her, and then sat down next to her. More friends followed and they ended up five girls in the front row, center stage.

Johanna was a little nervous. She was worried Per would find it silly to see her in the front row… but Charlotte quickly distracted her with lots of talk about what she had done that day, how the hostel looked and so on.

After a while, Johanna and Charlotte took orders from their friends and then left the front row to get some snacks. Hamburgers, fries, bottles of cola and water were bought and of course some pictures were taken here and there. Just before they went back, Charlotte took Johanna’s hand and stopped her.

“Honey, I didn’t want to ask but I’m almost exploding. You have to tell me how he was!” she said with an excited look on her face. Johanna laughed out loud and put her arm around her friend. She sighed and looked at the clear blue sky. The sun was warming her face.

“Oh… what can I say… he was as gorgeous as ever…” Johanna said softly so that only Charlotte could hear. She giggled.
“Were you nervous?”
“Nervous is not the right word. I was almost shitting myself. But when he arrived and we started talking, it got better slowly. Especially after a glass of wine!”

The girls walked back to the field talking and giggling. Johanna contemplated if she should tell her friend about the kiss. They were the best friends in the world, but Charlotte was a really big fan of Per so how would she take it? Right when she decided to tell, her phone rang. It was Malin.

“Hey Johanna, are you at the venue yet?”
“Hi Malin! Yes I am. I am in the front row.” Johanna answered while walking through groups of people sitting and laying on the field.
“Ok listen, Per has a backstage pass for you, if you want to come in after the show. Can you meet me at the far right of the stage so I can give it to you?” Malin said. The girls had just gotten back to their spot and handed out the snacks to the rest of the group. Johanna whispered ‘I’ll be right back!’ in Charlotte’s ear – the rest didn’t know anything about her adventure yet – and sprinted to the side of the stage. Malin was already there.

“You should hide it well when you’re staying in the audience,” Malin warned. “You never know.” she put the AAA pass with key cord in Johanna’s hand.
“I have a question. Can I bring someone? I’m here with a friend and I have to drive her to the hostel.” Johanna told a tiny little white lie. Malin looked at her for a moment.
“And this friend is also in the front row? She’s a fan?” she said skeptical.
“Yes. But don’t worry, Per knows her. They have met before.” Johanna exaggerated the truth.
“Mhm. I guess it will be ok,” Malin opened her bag and got out a pass with a ‘G’ for Guest. She wrote Charlotte’s name on it.

While slowly strolling back to her friends, Johanna tucked away the two passes safely into the inside pocket of her purse. That would have to do, for now. She would guard the purse with her life…

“What took you so long!” Charlotte called out when Johanna came back. The mass of people had decided to stand up and the girls had a hard time keeping Johanna’s place.
“I’m sorry babe. Important business.” Johanna said with a wink.

When the concert started, the audience started to scream and jump as one. It was a very good evening. Per felt a chill down his spine when he got that great response. Everyone sang along with the first song. He focused mainly on the singing and his guitar parts and tried to ignore the mob of photographers below him. After all, the best pictures are taken when you least expect it. He learned that earlier that afternoon from a very special young lady…

After the first three songs, he took a moment to breath. He looked out of the audience and waved. They screamed back and made him smile even wider.

“Good evening Strömstad!” he spoke in the mic. “Thank you all for coming, it’s a beautiful evening…” he looked down at the audience below him, the photographers were now gone. Right in front of him was someone whistling really loud, and when he looked in that direction he spotted the special young lady that had kissed him so sweetly… he forgot what he wanted to say, turned around to the band and gave the drummer a sign.

“I hope you know this one!” he said when the band kicked off.

He wasn’t sure if Johanna had seen him look at her. It was one of her friends who had whistled, and they were looking at each other when he spotted them. He sang his latest single ‘En händig man’ and had to focus on the lyrics. When he had a moment during Christoffer’s guitar solo, he walked over the stage and look down at Johanna when he passed her by. She smiled at him and waved, and he waved shortly back.

Johanna’s heart had missed a beat when his eyes met hers. Charlotte poked her side and they smiled at each other.

“So what happened?” Charlotte spoke right into Johanna’s ear. Johanna smiled and bit her lip. Then she formed her lips to a kiss. Charlotte’s mouth fell open and she looked at Per on the stage, then back at Johanna… the next thing was a really big hug happening in the front row. Per happened to see it and shook his head… silly girls.

The show was over far too soon. People slowly started leaving the field, and Johanna and Charlotte were hugging their friends goodbye. They were staying in another hotel, for which Johanna was now very thankful.

“Come on, let’s walk with them. We’re going to be sent away soon anyways,” said Charlotte and put her arm around Johanna.
“No… not so fast. I have to pee.” she said and pulled her friend in another direction.
“Where are you going, the toilets are over there…” Charlotte pulled back.
“I lied. Come on.” Johanna pulled again and laughed. They walked over the now dark field to the right side of the stage. Some people were let in, one by one, and a group of fans were hanging around to see if there would be any action. Johanna dug around in her purse to find the passes.

“Honey, you don’t seriously want to wait for him here? He never comes out.” Charlotte said with a bored look on her face.
“Well then we better go in.” Johanna replied softly. She pushed the guest-pass in Charlotte’s hand and approached the guard. Charlotte had nothing to say. When they were in, she took Johanna’s hand and squeezed it really hard.

“I’m going to kill you later.” she whispered. Johanna giggled.

There was a lot going on in the backstage area. Parts of the tents and the stage were already down. Johanna looked around, she wasn’t sure where to go. The AAA pass was proudly dangling around her neck.

The field where the concert had taken place, belonged to a football club. The band used their dressing rooms, but the rest of the activity was outside in large white tents. In one of the tents there was now a press meeting, and after that everybody was having drinks for a short moment. Johanna had no idea where the attitude suddenly came from, but she walked towards the tent, showed the security guy her pass and pulled Charlotte with her. They boldly took a drink from the self-service bar and then slipped into a quiet corner. They stood there for a while, talking and looking around. They recognized lots of people and talked about them. Then they finally spotted Per. He was hidden behind a group of press people, and revealed when they left. He hugged some visitors and then headed for the bar to grab himself a beer.

“Cheers,” a voice next to him said. He looked up into two bright eyes accompanied by a radiating smile.
“Johanna, hi!” he said and hugged her. He tried to sounds less excited as he actually was, to not give himself away completely.
“Hey! Great show!” she said casually and patted his back. They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment when someone cleared her throat. Per looked up – there was another girl.

“Oh, Per, this is my friend Charlotte, maybe you remember her from other concerts? We were in the front tonight together!” Johanna said and pulled her friend closer. Per and Charlotte shook hands. Johanna giggled over Charlotte’s enormous smile and the insecure look in her eyes made her almost feel guilty for dragging her down there…

The three of them talked for a while, Charlotte magically overcoming her nerves minute by minute. Johanna couldn’t really keep up with the conversation being made, as did Per. Charlotte knew her time was up. While Per was getting them some more drinks, she poked her friend in the side.

“Give me your car keys. I’ll say goodbye to Per and wait for you in the car,” she whispered. Johanna frowned.
“What do you mean? We don’t have to leave yet…”
“Yeah we do. Tell him you have to go, ask him to walk with you a little bit… take your time. I’ll wait.” Charlotte winked and played with the car keys in her hand.

When Per came back, Charlotte shook his hand again and thanked him for his time. Johanna took a picture of them together and suggested that Per should hug his biggest Dutch fan because she was traveling home the next day and wouldn’t be able to see him anymore. A happy, glowing Charlotte took off with a thumb up for Johanna. Now it was her turn…

Other people had come to talk to Per and he was distracted for a moment. But he came back to her soon and brought her another drink. She gladly took it – Charlotte would have to drive back to the hostel.

“I have to go soon.” Johanna stated. Per stared at her face, then looked around him. Lots of people. Too many people. He came closer to her, and closer…
“Go to the dressing rooms. I’ll be there in a minute,” he whispered in her ear. Johanna’s heart was in her throat, she couldn’t speak. Just nodded and then left quickly.

The door of the football club’s building was locked, everything was dark. The big black tour bus was parked on the side, also dark and empty. Johanna wandered around the dark building for about two minutes, then he appeared out of nowhere. He didn’t speak, just took her hand and pulled her with him beside the clubhouse, into the darkness where no one would see them. There, he took her in his arms and pushed her gently against the wall.

“I’m sorry, I just have to…” he whispered it so softly she barely heard, but before she could think about it his lips were touching hers. He kissed her gently at first, then she opened her mouth a bit and flicked her tongue out to taste his lips. His tongue found hers right away and licked her lips, then slipped inside along her teeth. Their tongues were dancing around while he pushed her harder against the wall. His body was hot against hers, his white shirt plastered against his body. They both gasped for air when they broke the kiss, instantly missing the contact of each other’s lips. He kissed her again, a short kiss. And another, and another…

“I can’t stop… mmm… it’s just… too good…” he whispered between kisses.
“You make me so hot, I can catch fire any minute.” Johanna replied. Per’s hands wandered over her body, softly poked her sides and went on to her ass. He moaned softly when he touched her ass in the tight jeans she was wearing. She pushed her hips forward into him and felt the urgency in his pants. He moaned once more.

“I have to get back before they miss me,” he said. His hands came up to her face and he caressed her cheeks, touched her hair with his fingers. Johanna kissed the palm of his hand. Warm, soft hands, the fingers of the left hand with calluses from playing guitar.

“You can’t… come here…” Johanna held on to him, pulled him back to him for more kisses. He grind his hips into her and pushed her hard against the wall. His hunger for her hung in the air and passion shot through her belly. Johanna gave this kiss all she had, played with his tongue in the most seductive way… she wrapped a leg around him to feel him even closer. One hand on his ass, the other slipping under his shirt. His belly was damp and warm, little hairs tickling her fingers…

“Oh god…” Per let go of her mouth and took some distance. Johanna leaned against the wall, panting. He put a hand on her thigh and went up, up to the warm place between her legs. He rubbed her pussy through the fabric of the jeans. She bit her lip and swayed her hips. He was with her again in a second, kissing her throat.

“You’re such a bad girl… bad bad girl…” he whispered horny in her ear. Johanna giggled.
“Come to my hotel, tonight. Room 517…” he said with his lips on her ear. She kissed his mouth softly. He spoke against her lips.
“About one and a half hour from now… I’ll be waiting…” and with that, he left her. He walked away backwards, shaking his head and blowing kisses in the air.

Johanna waited about five minutes, to give him time to get back to the tent. Then she left the backstage area at a side exit. It was on the other side of the property. The walk back to the car took a while and gave her a moment to cool down and clear her mind.

“You have to drive, I had three more glasses of wine.” Johanna said. Charlotte looked at her drowsily – she had fallen asleep on the driver’s side of the car.
“Oh… ok… what’s the time? Half past one?! What they hell took you so long?” she wondered out loud while starting the car and fastening the seat belt. Johanna was silent. She didn’t even hear her friend speak.

“Hello? Earth to Johanna!” Charlotte said. Johanna just gave her a silly smile. Charlotte pulled out of the parking lot and got on the road.
“I have no idea where to go. Help me.” she said, patting Johanna on the leg.
“Ok. Go right at the end of this road. Follow that till the turnpike, take a left there.”

Silence in the car. The radio was playing softly.

“Follow this road for a while, there will be signs with the name of the hostel.” Johanna directed.

I’m driving in my car, I turn on the radio
I’m pulling you close, you just say no
You say you don’t like it, but girl I know you’re a liar
’cause when we kiss, fire

The radio played Bruce Springsteen. A heat wave hit Johanna when she heard the lyrics.

Late at night I’m takin’ you home
I say I wanna stay, you say you wanna be alone
You say you don’t love me, girl you cant hide your desire
’cause when we kiss, fire

You had a hold on me, right from the start
A grip so tight I couldn’t tear it apart
My nerves all jumpin’ actin’ like a fool
Well your kisses they burn but your heart stays cool

Was her heart cool? Johanna wasn’t so sure about that. But she was sure hot in every other place…

“You don’t have to tell me, really. But if you want to, you know I’ll keep my mouth shut,” Charlotte suddenly said.
“I’m not sure if you would believe me,” Johanna answered after a few seconds of thought. Charlotte looked at her shortly and shrugged.
“Try me. You and Gessle?” Johanna nodded.
“Was that why it took you so long?” another nod, and a smile she tried to hide.
“Waaaaah!!” Charlotte screamed and hit the steering wheel with her hand. “I knew it! I just knew it! Don’t you think I’m crazy girl, I just know you. And I know him, too.” she added that last thing a bit softer. Johanna laughed out loud.

“You knew?” she asked. Charlotte shook her head.
“Knowing is a big word. I guessed it. The way he looked at you when you greeted him… and that hug. Nah… that said a lot…” Charlotte said while slowing down the car. She had seen the sign for the hostel and took a right turn.

Johanna quickly told her what had happened that afternoon and later backstage. Charlotte listened without commenting, they were now sitting in the car on the parking lot at the hostel.

“And now?” Charlotte said when Johanna finished her story.
“Now, I don’t know… how long since we left?”
“Mmm… about 45 minutes I’d say…” she looked at her watch. Johanna stared out the window.
“I can’t drive, I had too much wine…” she said softly.
“I’ll drive you.” Charlotte answered right away. She started getting out of the car and took her bags out of the back.

“What?” Johanna got out and looked at her friend’s actions, confused.
“Come on girl. Go inside, hurry up! You have to get ready!”
“Ready…” Johanna couldn’t think for a moment. Charlotte pulled her arm and then pushed her up tot the front door.

“Yeah! You have to take a super quick shower. Shave your legs, put one some hot perfume and sexy underwear. Come on!” Johanna whispered loudly in the hallway. The hostel was silent, everyone was sleeping.

Little more than an hour later, Johanna was in the center of Strömstad at the hotel where she had been earlier that day. Charlotte had dropped her off at the front door and now she walked alone into the empty lobby. She passed by the security guy at the desk as if she did it every day, he even greeted her with a polite nod. In the elevator, she checked her looks in the mirrored wall. She was wearing a light summer dress, perhaps a bit too cold for the evening. On her feet were high heeled pumps – the combination was killing. She had brushed her hair until it was shining, and some light make up had done wonders to her face. She looked like she was ready for the perfect party-evening… and indeed she was…

Per’s room was on the fifth floor. There were only a few rooms there and she found his door easily. With her heart nearly beating out of her chest, she ignored the ‘do not disturb’-sign on the door handle and knocked. No answer came. Johanna knocked again, a little louder this time. Still no answer came. She sighed… could he be asleep? After all she was about half an hour later than he’d asked… just as she wanted to knock again, the door opened a tiny bit. He looked through the small opening and opened the door entirely when he saw her.

“I thought you wouldn’t come…” he said with a soft voice and pulled her against him. The room was dark. All there was, was his body around her and his mouth on hers again. Her heartbeat was still up as she hungrily answered his kisses.

“I needed some time…” she whispered and kissed him again. Their tongues seemed to remember the game they had played earlier, and both were instantly heated up again. Johanna dropped her purse to the floor and touched his arms – they were bare. She caressed his skin, letting her hands slide down to his waist. He was only wearing a pair of tight boxers. With her hands on his hips, she pushed him towards the bed. She felt things were going in slow motion when they lay down on his messy bed together. There was a warm spot where he had been sleeping. She lay on top of him, their bodies touching from toes to forehead. Suddenly she stopped kissing and looked at his face. His eyes shone like stars in the dark room.

“What?” he whispered and wanted to pull her face down again. She refused and just looked at him. His face, his eyes, his lips…
“I just… I…” she stumbled. Per’s fingers touched her face. They stared at each other a little longer. Then she kissed his cheek, and the other one, and his forehead, on to his eyelids.
“I just… can’t believe this is really happening…” she whispered against his cheek. He felt her heart racing under her ribs, tight against him. Per got worried.
“Are you ok?” he asked. She nodded with a strange smile.
“Sure? You wanna go on?” he wondered. This caused a giggle from her.
“Of course I do! What else are we gonna do?” she caressed his face again with her small hands. He picked up one hand and kissed her fingers.
“We can just talk, and sleep. It’s ok if you…” she cut him off with a sweet kiss and shook her head at the same time.
“I want you now. More than anything… I can’t even think of stopping…” she breathed the words to his mouth. It made him grin. He placed his hands on her hips and flipped her to the side, landing on top of her. She spread her legs for him to put his hips between.

“Thank god you said that…” he growled low into her ear. “I’m not sure if I could stop anymore now…” he continued and with that, pushed his hips into her. He was hard inside his boxers, desperately wanting to get out. Heat shot through her body and into her face – she knew her cheeks were turning bright red now, but the room was dark so he wouldn’t see. Per’s hands were pulling her dress up, up, over her legs and hips and further up until their naked bellies touched. Warm skin against each other, it made him crazy and he kissed her wildly. She panted and took off the dress. His hands cupped her breasts, propped up beautifully in her sexy bra. They fitted perfectly in his hands, as if they were made to touch her. He kissed between her breasts and then went to the left one. He pulled the bra down a little bit, just enough to expose a hard nipple. His tongue came out to lick it, again and again and Johanna’s breath caught in her throat. He closed his lips over the nipple and sucked it gently. Her body quivered under him and she pushed her hips into his. He moaned deeply, and enjoyed her reactions while moving to the other breast.

Per moved a bit off of her but kept sucking on her nipple. At the same time, a hand crept into her panties.
“Oh!” she called out softly when his fingers started touching her.
“God you’re so wet…” he moaned. He slowly massaged her sex lips and her clit. She pulled his face up for a breathless kiss. She let out short moans, unable to kiss him anymore because the feelings were too strong. He kept licking her mouth, teasing her tongue while pushing his fingers inside her.
“Ah! Yes… yes…” she trembled and pushed her hips up and down.
“Is that good? Mm?” he wanted her to say more.
“Oh… oh yes… so good… aahh…” she moved her head from side to side and Per felt his own excitement grow when he realized she was soon coming.
“Tell me… come on… say it…” he whispered in her ear. He licked her earlobe and nibbled on it.
“You… oh god… it’s… it’s…” she couldn’t speak, it was simply too good what he was doing to her. She had never felt like this ever before.
“I…. oh… I’m gonna… oh!! Oh… Oh… Ah!” her head moved from side to side and her hips bucked off the bed. She started to tremble and her hands moved down to push his fingers even further in and keep them there. He moved with her and held her close, kissing her mouth wildly while she came slowly down off her high.

“Oh… Per… shit that was so good…” she panted against his mouth. He moved on top of her and she felt his warm, hard dick against her thigh, his boxers were pushed down a bit. Before he could speak, she already said it…
“Go on… fuck me, do it…” her hips came up. The head of his penis nipped at her entrance, her juices begging him to come in. He pushed a little bit forward, just the head went in. Johanna gasped – oh god she wanted him so much, and at the same time she was afraid. He felt big, and hard, and he was so insanely horny…. he pushed again, this time a little further. He made a hissing sound.

“Ssssooo tight… ohhh…”
“Come on baby. Do it!” she encouraged him by pushing her hips upwards and he slipped further inside. She pushed again and yelped when he slid completely into her.
“Jesus…” Per gasped. Her pussy was tight around his dick and he moved slowly in and out. Johanna pulled her her knees and wrapped her legs around him, allowing him even deeper inside.

“Oh baby, I… I can’t hold on much longer!” he said with his mouth in her neck.
“Don’t. Don’t hold back. Give it to me… give me all…” she whispered back. She repeated it a couple of times, every time she said it he thrust faster and harder, and deeper into her. She panted and let out high little screams. He growled and bit the soft skin on her neck, his body cramped and he gave her all he had, he shot it deep inside her.

* * *

Ring ring… ring ring…. ring ring…

Per moaned and turned around in bed. What the hell was that sound? An alarm? He didn’t remember to put any…”


He heard her voice. Her sweet voice, soft and hoarse with sleep.

“One hour? Ok. Yeah no problem. Uhm, I can’t talk right now… where will you… ok. Yes. Ok.”

Johanna hung up her phone and looked at the clock – it was not even eight yet. Per turned around in bed and lay against her back. She sighed contently and pulled him closer, their legs entwining under the sheets.

“Morning gorgeous.” he said softly against her neck.
“Good morning Mr. Gessle. Did you sleep well?” she looked at him over her shoulder. He grinned with his eyes closed.
“Mmmm… better than I did in a long time. Who is calling you at this ridiculous hour?” he wondered.
“Charlotte. She’s coming over in an hour.” Johanna said. Now Per was confused. He came up, his head resting on one arm and looked at her.
“Over to here? Why?”
“She has the car…” Johanna said. She saw he didn’t understand. “She drove me here last night because I had too much wine and didn’t want to drive. And then she went back to he hostel. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have been here…” she giggled now. He bend down and kissed her lips shortly.
“And she’s coming over in an hour…”
“Yeah. Little less than an hour now.”
“And then?”
“And then I have to drive her to the station. She’s taking the train to Gothenburg and flying home this afternoon,” Johanna explained. She lay on her back now and stared at the ceiling. It made her suddenly sad, she had to say goodbye to her friend.
“And you’re sad.” he read her easily.
“Yeah… she’s such a good friend, I’m gonna miss her like hell.” Johanna sighed. Then she looked at him. “I better get ready and try to get sneakily out of the hotel…” she winked at him and kissed his nose. Then she disappeared into the bathroom.

Per lay on his back listening to the sounds she made in there. Toilet, flushing, and then the water of the shower was running. He felt his morning hard-on under the blanket and thought of Johanna in the shower… the hot water running along her body… soap on her tits…

Johanna washed her hair quickly with the hotel shampoo, which was actually quite nice. The soap ran over her body when she rinsed her hair. She felt something prickle on her skin, something… like someone was watching her… she pushed the hair away from her face and turned around. Per was standing in the bathroom looking at her. He was naked and he had a horny look on his face. He bit his lip when their eyes met and looked up and down her body. She grinned and beckoned him over with her finger. He came under the shower with her for some early morning loving…

* * *

Charlotte was standing by the car, smoking a cigarette when Johanna came to the parking lot beside the hotel. It was already a couple of minutes after nine and she felt bad for being late. But Per’s hands had been so seductive on her body… and later his mouth too… and… mmm she got horny thinking about it. Away with these thoughts now! She had to focus on her friend.

“Hey you…” Johanna said not too loud. Charlotte turned and smiled widely.
“Hey babe!” she said and they hugged.
“So sorry I’m late…” Johanna said with a crooked smile.
“No problem honey. I kinda knew you would be, so I took plenty of time. We can go for a drink at the station if you want? Spend some quality time before we’re parting?”
“Oh that would be great! Let’s go!” Johanna said and got into the car.

Per stood outside the hotel, on the sidewalk and watched them hugging again and then leaving. A great sadness came over him, he didn’t know exactly what it was. He was somehow absolutely sure he would never see her again…

* * *

Six months had passed since his summer tour. Six months since he met Johanna. Six months since they had spent a night together.

Per lay in bed and stared into the darkness. He turned his head slightly and saw the alarm clock from the corner of his eye – 4:00 o’clock. He cursed softly and turned around. Tomorrow was an important day and he couldn’t afford looking like shit. But with this little sleep, there was no way he was gonna be his best tomorrow…

Things had been ok for a while. Johanna went back to work with Corbijn in London and they kept in touch. E-mails here and there, phone calls and sms-es were exchanged. She was sweet and funny and Per was head over heels in love with her, he realized that the moment she left the hotel. This should make him very happy but there was still this kind of uncertain feeling inside him, he didn’t know what it was exactly. He didn’t see it as a problem that she was living in London and he in Stockholm – there enough ways to travel back and forth and see each other. And once she had finished her studies with Corbijn, who knew what could happen?

Per’s insecurities were not too far off the truth, he found out when he visited Johanna in London. He was there to meet with a music producer and invited her for dinner. He carefully chose a restaurant not too far from her place in Covent Garden, not realizing she was coming in from work. Corbijn’s office and studio were situated in Shepherd’s Bush, and so she had to travel quite a long way on the subway to reach the restaurant. For once in his life, Per was on time and Johanna was too late.

“I’m so sorry…” she panted when she came in. He looked at her and smiled, and made her smile too.
“It was a horrible trip, the subways were crowded and people were slow, it took me ages to get here…” she said in a rush as she hugged him. Her hair smelled like fresh air. He hardly heard what she talked about.
“It’s ok, no problem.” he said softly.
“I was planning to go home first and change, but I figured it would take too much time. So I’m not really dressed up, sorry.” she apologized for her outfit. Per saw no reason for any apologies, as the tight skinny jeans, sneakers and satin gray blouse made her look amazing.
“Don’t be silly, you look great! How have you been?” he asked her. He felt calm now, though he had been nervous the whole time waiting. There was something in the smile she gave him, something he wasn’t sure how to read.

“I’m great, actually I go some very good news today…” she said. Again there was a smile but there was something behind it. Per decided to speak his mind.
“You got great news? But you don’t look very excited…” he wondered. The waiter came to take their orders, and when he left them they were silent.
“So?” he tried to get her attention.
“So… well… the news is great but… there’s a down side.” she said without looking into his eyes. When she finally did, there was sadness in her eyes.

“God I forgot what it was like to be around you.” she whispered. The waiter brought their drinks.
“What?” he frowned.
“It’s… you have more impact on me than I expected.” she whispered again. The restaurant wasn’t big but they had a quiet spot in the back, no one would hear them. Still she kept whispering, so that he had to lean forward to hear her.

“I’m moving to America.”

There. She’d said it. She told him the news that came today and that she had been waiting for, all the time while they were flirting with each other with miles between them, and all the time while they were planning this meeting, and while she was buying new clothes and lingerie for the occasion, and made sure her apartment was tidy and clean and that she had the following day off. All this time she knew, she knew the news would come and she’d have to let him down.

He looked at her and didn’t say anything. Their food came, the first course. A salad for Per and soup for Johanna. They played with their food for a while in silence.

“For work?” he asked.
“To study.”
“When?” he asked. She looked up at him and sighed.
“Two weeks from now. It will be for six months to a year, depending on how I’m doing there. I’ll do a special internship at the New York School of Fine Art and work on a project with artists from all over the world. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime.” she said all this without any emotion in her voice.
“This is amazing… Congratulations.” Per managed to say. She nodded only slightly.
“We can’t see each other anymore.” she said out of the blue. A piece of tomato stuck in Per’s throat. He had seen it coming but still it hit him hard.
“I… understand.” he spoke slowly.
“It’s just too far away.”

The rest of the evening was a bit awkward. The food was delicious, the atmosphere in the restaurant was great, but between them there were uncomfortable silences. Johanna’s heart felt heavy after telling him her ‘great’ news, and Per didn’t really know what to say. All he could think of were loving words, and somehow they didn’t seem to fit the situation. They didn’t stick around the restaurant after they had their main course, and neither of them dared to say anything about what to do next. When they stood on the sidewalk outside the restaurant, Per didn’t want her to leave. There was a chilly breeze and Johanna put on her jacket. Her hard nipples peeked through the fabric of the blouse. In a rush of passion, Per pulled her to him and placed a thumb on one of her nipples. Her breath caught in her throat and she looked at him with big eyes.

“I don’t want to say goodbye yet.” he whispered softly and kissed her lips. There was a hint ofpanic on her face and she looked around her – they were in a crowded street, in the middle of the sidewalk, and he kissed her. In public.
“Me either…” she stumbled, looking for words. It was no use trying to talk. That one little move with his hand on her breast, and that tiny kiss he gave her, had sent her mind into a spin. She had to have him, right now, and all night long.

They walked the two blocks to her house. Or well… house… it was an apartment, but even that was too big a word. She always jokingly called it her closet, as it was really ridiculously tiny. From the hallway, there was a small bathroom to the left. It had a shower, toilet and sink squeezed in. right across the front door was the tiny kitchen, which lead to a cute small balcony. It was just big enough for two people. Bedroom and living room were one, but she had separated the bed from the rest of the room by hanging curtains around it. The curtains came all the way from the ceiling to the floor and made the bed a sort of cozy tent. She had very little furniture in the rest of the room – a TV, a couch and a small table. The rest of the space was taken up by a big closet, which lined the whole long wall on one side of the room.

Coming to her place, they didn’t waste a lot of time. Per started kissing her already in the hallway and started unbuttoning her blouse even before she’d taken off her jacket. She sighed when his lips toucher her skin, his tongue licking her nipples.

“Honey… I… I want to take a shower…” she whispered. He grumbled something.
“Hey… I’ve been working all day, I feel dirty…”
“Mmm… I like it when you get dirty…” he hissed with his mouth in her neck. She giggled.
“I know that, but I would feel a lot better when I’m clean…”
“I’ll help you…” he whispered and started undressing her.

They got in the shower together. There wasn’t much space, but they didn’t need a lot of space anyway. They stood under the running water together, kissing and caressing. Per’s hands were restless on her body, he didn’t know where to touch her first. Johanna felt a strange calmness come over her. She took some shower gel in her hands and started rubbing it over his chest. He followed her example, took the shower gel and started washing her too. His hands slid over her arms and covered her breasts. He kissed her clumsily, too fast and uncontrolled.

“Turn around… please…” he whispered, and his hands on her waist made her turn around and face the wall. He washed her back, his strong hands massaging her muscles. She felt his erection against her ass and wiggled a little bit. His hands went round her body and he grabbed a breast in each one. He played gently with her nipples, his mouth dipping in her neck. His hard dick brushed against her ass, his hips longingly pushing back and forth.

Johanna couldn’t stand it anymore – she needed him inside her, right now! She turned suddenly to him and gave him a long, deep and hot kiss. Then she washed the last bits of soap off her and jumped out of the shower. Per turned the water down. They dried themselves off quickly, looking at each other. She giggled, he stuck out his tongue. Within seconds, they were on the bed. He crawled on top of her.

“Do you have any idea… how I have longed for you?” his voice said softly in her ear. Then he looked at her. She bit her lip and shook her head. He pushed the tip of his penis against her entrance. “Do you feel it now?” he asked. She nodded. She kept looking into his eyes, her mouth slightly open, when he pushed inside her. He made love to her with his eyes on hers the whole time. It was incredibly sexy to see him this way, that special darkness in his eyes and the way he concentrated on what he was doing. For a moment he held still and closed his eyes… he was close, but didn’t want to end it yet. She pushed him a little, “Turn over…” she whispered, her voice thick with lust. He lay flat on his back and she sat on top.

“You feel so good…” she said in between kisses. Then she sat up straight, moved her hips up and down. His hands covered her breasts, pinched her nipples to a point where it almost hurt but still felt good. She rode him, faster and faster, finding her favorite rhythm.

“Are you there, honey? Are you nearly there?” he urged her to keep on, put his fingers in the wetness between her legs.
“Oh yes, oh Per… yes… yes yes…” she moaned inconsistencies and felt his hips buck off the bed, pushing harder and deeper inside her… both held their breath, then she let out a high scream and felt the pleasure wave covering her. He pushed once, twice more and shivered, and poured himself into her.


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