“Thank you! Thank you very much!”

Per waved at the audience with both his hands and held his thumbs up. They had been very good to him once again this evening. It had been a small but fantastic audience.

Somehow it was always more fun to play the small venues in the little towns in his country. It was more relaxed, people were more polite, the audience was enthusiastic but not hysteric. All in all he’d had a hell of an evening. He was all hyped up when he arrived backstage. The band hugged each other and congratulated each other on a wonderful show. Everything had been so perfect tonight! Per’s body was tingling with excitement. He was on a high, he felt half-drunk even before he accepted the glass of champagne someone gave him.

It was probably not the best timing, but his press-girl Sofia came walking to the group with two women tagging behind her. Per had already noticed, but ignored them until Sofia felt she had waited long enough. She pulled him away from his band.

“Per, that girl from Aftonbladet is here. It will only take a minute.” she said and took his arm.
“Yeah yeah, ok… just a moment…” he quickly let Clarence refill his glass and then went after Sofia. She took him to a quiet spot at the tables they’d used for dinner earlier. The women introduced themselves – one was a journalist, the other a photographer. Per sat down with Vicky, the journalist, while the other girl started taking photos of them. He got caught up in talking about the show. Vicky obviously had liked it and she knew a lot about his career, which made it easy to talk to her.

The interview lasted barely ten minutes, then Vicky retreated. The other girl addressed Per as he wanted to walk away.

“Excuse me, Per?”

He turned around.

“Do you have another five minutes maybe? I would like to take more pictures. The lighting is horrible here.” she looked apologetic. She had a nice, shy smile which charmed him.
“Sure, of course. Where should we go then?” he looked around.
“Somewhere inside! It’s a full moon and my camera can’t handle the light.” she replied and looked at the screen on her digital camera.
“Uhmm… ok. Come to my dressing room. It’s messy, but the light is much better.” he said and pointed at the building next to the stage. It was very convenient that this venue had a building on the grounds – the local football club’s home. It was quite luxurious for a football club and they had a nice spacious dressing room for Per.

He sat down by the mirror with lights around it and the girl took his picture, telling him how to sit and to smile or not to smile. He watched how she snapped a shot, looked at the display, snapped, looked again, snapped, looked… she was wearing a tight black blouse and her cleavage showed when she crouched down to take his picture from below.

“Look up.” she ordered when he stared at her breasts… oops. He hoped she hadn’t caught his stare.

“What’s your name again?” he asked, now sitting on the chair backwards with his back to the mirror. She made him lean his chin on the head rest of the chair.

“Nova Mikkelsen,”
“I think we’ve met before.”
“Cross your legs, like this…” she showed him.

Silence in the room. Her camera clicked.

“Ok, that’s it. Thank you so much, these shots are just great!” she gave him a very big, bright smile.
“You’re welcome,” Per said and came closer to her. “Can I see them?” he looked at the camera. She flipped through the pictures in reversed order and showed them to him. He stood almost against her and her perfume touched his nose. The warmth from her skin was near him.

“Nova Mikkelsen…. are you Danish?” he asked suddenly. She turned around so fast that her hair swirled against his cheek.
“Uhm, well… my father was.” She was shy now. Per found it very sexy. He was still hyped up from the show, the alcohol went to his head quickly, and now there was this cute girl standing beside him… he felt a tension building.

“How did we meet before?” Per asked now, leaning on one foot and touching his lips with his fingers. She smiled and shook her head.

“I didn’t expect you to remember that… we met twice before, during your last tours. I’m Falken’s cousin, he invited me backstage a few times.” she explained. Falken was Per’s guitar-guy.
“Aaaaah! Yes! Of course, now I remember…” Per said and smiled. How could he forget her… she was at a Gyllene Tider after party at the last show wearing a dangerously short skirt. She was wearing a skirt this time too, a little bit longer. It was made of bright green silk and flowed around her legs. His eyes wandered over her… her ass was soft and round and she had long, tanned legs. Long, dark brown hair swayed over her shoulders. It was shiny and thick.

“Ahem… I better go now…” she cleared her throat. It was a question, not a statement.
“Hmm. Yes.” he looked at her hands tucking away the camera. They stood by the make up table.

“How could you think I had forgotten you?” he suddenly said. She turned red and shrugged.
“I remember it very well. You flirted with me.” his voice was soft and husky. She fiddled with the camera bag.
“I was drunk.” she stated.
“Me too. I didn’t mind. Not at all.” he stood closer to her. Her face came up – she was almost as tall as him.
“What are you saying?” she said and had to swallow. Her nervousness turned him on. He could feel it in the air around them.
“I’m saying that I don’t mind a little flirting. You’re sexy.” The words flew softly out of his mouth.
“Ah… well… I just… I…”
“Yes?” he asked. They were now standing so close that he felt her breath on his face. She leaned against the make up table. He came closer, leaning against her now. She didn’t speak, just looked at him with huge brown eyes. They seemed to call him to come closer yet, and so he did.

Their lips touched softly but the clashing of their tongues caused an electric shock in their bodies.

“Oh my God…” Nova gasped when he let go of her mouth.
“You can say that again…” Per’s voice rasped. His hands were now on her hips, squeezing her flesh. His nose moved to her neck to smell that sexy, heavy perfume once again. She put her hand on his chest and felt the warmth of his skin through the white, sweaty shirt. She pushed him aside, to the chair standing next to them. It was a make up chair, a big black leather arm chair where Per had been sitting earlier that day to have his hair and make up done. She pushed him onto the chair – she didn’t seem so shy anymore…

“What are you…” he tried to say something but she cut him off with a kiss. Her tongue pushed between his lips and she licked the inside of his mouth hungrily, looking for his tongue. Before he could catch up with her, she stopped the kiss to leave him with his mouth open. Her mouth moved to his throat and she kissed him there, then licked she side of his neck to taste his sweat… She was now sitting on his lap, one knee on each side of him. He felt one of her hands between his legs. She squeezed him and a his penis reacted immediately. He was getting very aroused and hard and wasn’t able to think.

“Nova… I… you can’t… aaah…” she rubbed him through the thin fabric of his white jeans. He was almost shaking under her.
“People could come here… Sofia.. haaaa…” he couldn’t finish his sentence. She was opening up his pants and slid down off his lap, onto the ground. She sat on her knees in front of him. His penis was quickly freed from its restraints and stood up proudly. Her mouth came closer and Per closed his eyes – he couldn’t look at her. He just couldn’t…

“Oh Jezus…” he gasped when she took him into her mouth. His hand moved to her head and pushed her down. He heard her grin and she took him in deeply, all the way to her throat. Blood rushed through his body and he jerked up when she sucked him in again.

His eyes flew open when she suddenly let go of him. He saw her walking to the door – she turned the key in the lock. The look in her eyes when she got back almost frightened him… this chick was hot. And she had a mission.

“Now, Mr. Gessle…” her voice was hoarse and soft.
“Yes…” he spoke barely audible. Nova climbed on his lap.
“I…” she kissed him after ever word, “Am… going… to…” she positioned herself over his hard member and with her hand guided him in the right direction. His hands wandered under her skirt – there were no panties. His fingers dug into the soft flesh of her hips. “Fuck you…” she groaned the words while she pushed herself down. Per’s body jerked and he leaned back in the chair.

“Oh God, Oh God… aaah… Mmmmm..” he lost every control over his voice, the moans just poured out of him when she pushed herself further down. Her mouth was on his ear and she whispered the most rude things to him, making him loose his mind.

“Oh shit you feel good, aaah… Jezus… so hard… so hot…” she panted and her hot breath blew over his ear. Somewhere in his hazed mind, Per managed to order his hands to move. He grabbed her ass, her breasts, her hair and sent one hand down in between her legs. She was dripping and her wet pussy made sounds when moving on him. He pushed his thumb down on her clit. It was swollen and sensitive.

“Yessss…” she hissed. “Oh yes please… go on… gently, gently… yes… mmmmm…” she moved slower on him, slower yet, incredibly slow. He moved his thumb faster and faster, with more and more pressure. He felt how she was tightening around him and she moved again, moved up and down over the length of his dick, gyrating her hips to take him in as deep as possible.

“Come on baby, show me… come for me… hot little thing…” he whispered to her with a slurred voice.
“Yes! Yes! Fuck me Per Gessle! Do it!” she almost screamed and her body shook wildly. Her pussy tightened even more, her grip on him getting stronger and stronger. He lost his breath and pushed his hips up to meet her moves. She shivered on him and he watched how the orgasm ran all through her body. She kept up her moves, faster, slower, followed his lead.

“Just like that… yeah… nice and slow… nice and… deep.. .ohhh yes.. yes… that’s it girl… wooooh that’s it… oh yeah…” he kept talking and she did exactly what he said. He squeezed her ass very hard when he came, and he didn’t make a sound, his mouth wide open and his breath caught in his throat.


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