Skjut mej med din kärlekspil

Brussels, Belgium, November 2002

Rain hit the windows in showers. Raindrops slid down the window, starting alone but on their way down merging into bigger streams, eventually ending up dripping from the windowsill. They fell all the way down onto the busy street. On umbrella’s, hats, heads, and on cars, bikes, buses…

Per stared at these streams and followed their way down. He tried to follow a raindrop from the moment it hit the window until it reached the street below… that was impossible because he lost track of the drop once it got entangled in one of the streams. His calm thoughts about the raindrop got disturbed by sounds coming from his stomach. He was really hungry.

“Tadaa! Food!” A women’s voice came from behind him. It was Sandy who was keeping him company and took care of all the arrangements during this promo tour. She brought in a plate with some luxuriou sandwiches.
“We have to hurry a bit,” she said while putting the sandwiches on the table.“The next interviewers are waiting.”

Per sighed and sat down on the couch. Sandy sat opposite from him in one of the chairs.

“It’s ok, they are the last. And this one is not so bad. They are with this teen girl magazine, remember?” she added. Mmm, yeah those girls were nice, he’d met them a couple of times before. At least they were going to be nice to him and at liked his music, Per thought. Being on promo tour all alone was getting boring now. Of course he liked the attention a lot, but he had gotten very fed up now with the same questions the press was asking again and again and again… as if all journalists had agreed to ask him all the same questions…

Right after eating the sandwiches, Sandy opened a small bottle of wine for them from the mini-bar.
“I’ll fetch the girls, ok?” then she left. She went downstairs, where two young journalists-to-be were waiting in the lobby.

This gave Per few minutes alone and he checked his mobile phone. Some people had called him but it was all business… so boring. He was really really bored with this day now. If this interview would also be more of the same, he would surely fall asleep. His mobile rang and he picked up. More business talk, but very important and good to be able to talk about something else for a change. Suddenly he heard voices. Sandy was back and brought two girls back into the room. First they stood on the other side of the room, watching him. He quickly ended the phone call.

“Sorry sorry sorry!” He said while putting away the phone and stood up to greet them. The first one came to him with her hand out.
“Hi, I’m Louise!” she said. Per sensed some nervousness there… her hands were cold and shaking a bit. He looked at her eyes and she quickly looked away. He was fast enough to see something shining there though… the other girl had a familiar face but he couldn’t quite place her.

“Hi again!” she said when she shook his hand. She had a warm smile and her big blue eyes looked right into his. After studying her face for a moment, Per remembered seeing this girl more often during press meetings.

Sandy offered the girls a drink. Then their bags opened and some stuff came out.
“We have brought some presents for you…” Louise started. She handed him some chocolate and a bottle of booze.
“Oh, thanks! Great!” Per said. He sat down on the couch again, the girls opposite from him on two chairs. In between them, a small table on which one of the girls, the one with the short red hair, put a mini disk to record the interview.
“First of all, we want to congratulate you on winning the court case. We heard it on the radio on our way over!” the short-haired girl said. Per smiled with rolling eyes his eyes and sighed.
“Yeah, I got the news last week, wasn’t a surprise really…” inwardly he was relieved. Thank god they didn’t start off with the same stupid questions all over again. They seemed to be very interested in the court case so he stuck to the topic for a while.

After this, the girls presented him with the last issue of their magazine where he also appeared. While going through it, the long-haired girl called Louise told him who made which pictures. Ah, now he also heard the other girl’s name: Eve. Of course.
“We wanted to make a collection of great memories that the readers made during your last tour, and I think we’ve succeeded…” Louise said. Per looked at her for a moment. She truly had a sweet smile. Her nerves seemed to have calmed down and her eyes were alive… and maybe a bit naughty, even… Per looked through the magazine a bit and took a close look at the pictures of him self there.
“Jeez… I look really old here…” he commented.
“No, we don’t agree,” Eve said, “I think you look very natural there…” Per tried to hide his smile when he replied.
“Mmm. Yeah. You sound like my wife.” The girls giggled.
“Should I take that as a compliment?” Eve said. Per looked at her with his head a bit to one side.
“Depends…” he said softly. It was silent for a moment.
“Ehm. Well. Our next question is more a request. Can I take a picture of you and Louise, because she’s never been on a picture with you before…?” Eve said. There were hints of blushes on her face. Oj. That was unbelievably cute, Per thought to him self. Mmm. This could be a fun interview after all…

“Sure, ok.” He said and stood up for a picture. Louise practically jumped out of her chair to stand beside him. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder, felt her hand hesitating on his back… he pulled her a bit closer, and then her hand slid around his waist. She squeezed him there softly. He looked at her and their eyes met for only half a second, before both looked into the camera.
“Thanks.” She said softly when the picture was done. They looked at each other again, her hand still resting on his back.
“You’re welcome!” he replied. Her eyes were making him a bit shy. As if she was looking into him, seeing more than he actually wanted to show…

The girls continued, asking how he was doing.
“Mmm. A bit tired now from all the travelling. It has been very busy!” Per answered.
“Is it a tight schedule, this promo tour?” Louise asked. He nodded slowly.
“Yes, it’s kind of hectic this time. We shortened it and now I have more appointments in a shorter time. I have now done a press conference in Stockholm, and then went to Madrid for interviews and a press conference as well, then directly on a plane here. Tomorrow we will leave for Germany, to move on to Zurich the same day… it’s busy. But it needs to be done, it’s very important and also, it’s been a while so I shouldn’t complain actually…”
“And don’t forget Copenhagen after that!” Sandy added. She stood a few meters away from them, watching from a distance. At the same moment, her mobile started to ring somewhere in a bag. She walked to it fast and picked up. Then she excused herself.
“Sorry, I have to take this call. I’ll leave you alone for a moment, ok?” she said, looking at Per. He nodded with an assuring look saying – I can handle this.

“Is it still interesting to do interviews? Or are all reporters asking the same questions?” Eve asked. A tired smile settled over Per’s face.
“Yeah… actually they are. They keep bringing up the same subjects as years ago. Like if Marie and I were ever a couple… those questions are so boring and it seems meaningless to answer them. Don’t they know by now, that Marie and I have always been friends and nothing more!” he said. The girls laughed and looked at each other for a moment.
“So there has never been anything between the two of you?” this came from Louise, who looked at him with twinkles in her eyes. Per sighed and looked away. He really got shy from the look in that girl’s eyes.

“Well, like I said, we have always been friends. Usually, nothing romantic is going on between friends…” Per replied. He tried to give her the same naughty, mysterious look as she did to him.
“So you never…” Eve said. She didn’t finish the sentence but looked at him expectantly. Per was stunned. What was this?! Two fans trying to get him to admit he had sex with Marie?! God. That was such a long time ago… he couldn’t go into that… not now, not with these two… somewhere in the corner of his eye he saw Louise doing something with the mini disk on the table. It took him a moment to realise she’d shut it off.
“You know, we don’t really believe that actually.” Louise said slowly.
“And you can tell us, we can keep secrets… off the record so to speak…” Eve added. Per got really uncomfortable now. He wished Sandy would come back. This was not at all the kind of conversation he expected… on the other hand, his mind played tricks with him. Oh… there were indeed a few secrets he could tell them… there were a lot of details he’d love to let them in on, had he met them in another situation. Mmm. He shouldn’t think of that too long or else things might be getting dirty…

He still hadn’t answered the question, if it was to be taken as a question. Louise didn’t wait for that though.
“You see, we believe that close friendship can sometimes involve sex. Friendly sex, hehe… we don’t have a problem with that…” she looked at Eve again who returned the gaze. Shit, what was going on between these two?! Per thought. He leaned forward a bit, staring into Louise’s eyes.
“Well… I don’t either… sometimes…” he replied. His voice had adopted a raw touch.
“OUR friendship sure isn’t boring,” Eve said and Per turned his head towards her. Gee, very hard to keep up with two of those gorgeous young girls in front of him… Her face had turned all naughty now. She was biting her lip, cheeks had gotten a bit blushed and she couldn’t sit still in her chair either. Now Per started laughing.
“I think you are fooling me here a little… you have a boyfriend don’t you, the tall blonde guy?!” he said to Eve. The girls shared another one of their looks.

“Let’s just continue with the interview. Do you have any more questions?” Per said in the best business-voice he could produce at that moment.
“You don’t believe us?” Louise asked in a soft and teasing tone. His head turned to her again.
“We wouldn’t mind showing you, if you want…” she continued. That was the cue for Eve to move in her chair and place a hand on Louise’s leg. Before Per could say anything, the girls turned their heads towards each other and kissed. Starting with a soft, sweet kiss on the lips but quickly searching for each other’s tongues… Per head difficulty not to scream out. This wasn’t happening. This just couldn’t be happening, went on in his mind. He couldn’t take his eyes off the two and they didn’t stop either. Eve pulled up her legs and sat in the chair on her knees, to be able to lean closer to Louise. Louise’s hands cupped Eve’s face. Eve let out a content, sighing sort of moan… When she opened her eyes and looked at Per, his heart skipped a beat. Oh god. Now she’d really done it… he started to feel incredibly horny. Louise’s hands were now busy unbuttoning Eve’s shirt, displaying a tight top underneath. Per caught a glimpse of hard nipples there… he let out a sigh. Then coughed. They didn’t stop. Now he stood up and walked to the door. He turned the handle, locking it from the inside. He couldn’t stand the thought that Sandy could walk in any minute…

When he turned around again, he saw the girls standing in the middle of the room. Louise had turned to Eve’s throat now, slowly placing wet kisses everywhere.
“Excuse me… I…” Per tried. Eve placed a finger on her lips; shhh…
“I think you’ve made your point…” he tried again.
“Mmm. We can’t stop now…” Eve said, moaning softly.
“Please girls… you don’t know what you’re doing to me…” Per whispered. His jeans had become incredibly tight… if they didn’t stop now, he was not sure what he would do, but he was afraid he would regret it later.

They didn’t stop, of course. Louise got hold of the waistband of Eve’s jeans and started to walk to the beds. There were two beds on the left side of the room, parted from the rest of the room by two large closets. She beckoned Per to come over. Hesitantly, he followed them. Both girls sat on the bed and started to take off some clothes. Soon Per was looking at two gorgeous naked girls. They lay side by side, kissing and caressing each other. Louise lowered her head and started to taste Eve’s nipples. Eve giggled and watched her. Louise placed her mouth over a nipple, playing with it, licking it.
“Mmm…” soft moans came from Eve’s mouth. Per was panting and his vision had gotten a bit blurry. Eve looked at him with hazed, horny eyes and patted on the bed, inviting him to sit there with them. He lay down on his side and moved around a bit. The strain in his pants now almost hurt him, he felt like he was about to explode. Meanwhile, Louise’s hands stroked Eve’s body everywhere. She stayed on her belly for a while, then on to her upper legs, moulding the softness there. Per’s jaw almost dropped when Louise’s hand disappeared between Eve’s legs. There was some exploring, and then Louise’s hand came back, showing Per a wet finger, which she then licked.

Per bit his lip at the sight of the two girls enjoying each other’s bodies. He watched Louise kneel before Eve, lowering her head between the other girl’s legs. Oh my god. He had trouble not to make a sound… or a lot of noise, actually. Louise displayed an almost devilish grin when she started to taste her friend. She softly rubbed her legs and thighs, seemed to be teasing. Eve started panting and a smile curled her lips.

After a moment or so, Louise stopped and kissed her way up over Eve’s belly, her breasts, on to her mouth. Their bodies were entangled in each other now. Per couldn’t help but think of the raindrops, his mind wondering off in spite the fascinating scene in front of him.

The girls rolled over, laughing and looking at Per. He flashed them a naughty smile and hot look. Eve was now on top of Louise. Her hands caressed the delicate flesh, at the same time pushing her over the bed a bit. They had turned around now to offer Per the best of views on what Eve was doing… she still lay on top of Louise and her hand descended down. Louise willingly opened her legs, pushing her hips up and whispering something Per couldn’t understand. Eve rubbed softly first, then Per saw one of her fingers slid inside… and another one…
“Oh yes… mmm…” Louise groaned. Per let out a sigh. He couldn’t help it. He was so hard… this was too much… this was even beyond his wildest dreams…

Eve looked at Per while pleasuring her friend.
“You like?” she asked in a naughty, almost childish voice.
“Oh… god… I…” was all he managed to say. She let go of her friend and turned to Per. Crawling over the large bed, she leaned over to his face and locked him in a kiss. Her mouth was warm and wet, her soft lips grazing his. She played with his tongue and bit his lower lip softly. Per’s hands now began to move as well. He caressed her breasts, softly massaging them and played with her nipples. Her belly was soft and sweet under his hands.

While he kept on kissing Eve, he felt other hands on his body. Louise had moved over to Per’s side of the bed and was undressing him now. While she took care of his pants and shoes, Eve started to open up his shirt. Within minutes, they had him naked. He lay on the bed in between the two girls, kissing them in turns. Four hands ran smoothly over his body, caressing everywhere. Then two mouths started to kiss his chest, two hands moulded his thighs. He looked down and saw that it was Eve’s hand that got hold of his hard part. He groaned loudly.

The girls giggled and whispered things to each other. Per didn’t hear what they were saying and he didn’t really focus either. He lay back and closed his eyes while two tongues started to lick him. He could tell them apart because Louise’s tongue was pierced, he had seen that earlier during the conversation. Per almost didn’t dare to look, afraid the sight down there would make him come right on the spot. His breath stalled when he felt her wet lips close around the top of his hard member. Her tongue swirled around for a moment. He still kept his eyes closed. A hand started massaging him and Louise’s mouth took the same rhythm. She swallowed his complete length. Seemed to have no problem to pump him into her throat, moving her head up and down and at the pressure him so hard, he almost couldn’t breathe…

“Jösses…” Per mumbled and dared to open his eyes and look down. Two brown eyes stared back at him in excitement. She winked at him and just kept going, meanwhile starting to moan. He felt her moans vibrating on his dick. Eve had placed herself in between her friend’s legs and Per saw her tongue flash between the wet, shining lips and over her swollen clit. It was clear she’d done this before… after a moment, Louise was in ecstasy already and had to let go of Per. She moved up, riding Eve’s face with slow movements. Per didn’t know what to do. He just stared in amazement, dick hard and throbbing, at this delicious naked girl about to climax. She threw her head back and let out short, soft moans. Her body shivered a few times, and then she moved away from her friend’s face.
“Oooh…. oh my god…. Mmmm I love you babe…” she sighed in Eve’s ear and kissed her on the lips.

They hugged and lay like that for a moment. Per had found his breath back and swallowed hard.
“Ehm… girls…” he coughed. Both turned their heads and looked at him.
“I think… ehm… we should wrap this up. The… ehm…. I am expecting Sandy to come back any moment now and…”
“I don’t want to go… I am enjoying myself…” Eve pouted. Louise giggled.
“Mmm… indeed. I have some plans and I don’t want to leave before…”
“I mean it. This is not… I mean…” Per wanted to say that this couldn’t be happening, that he was married, and, for Christ’s sake, they were in a Belgian hotel room in the middle of the day and he had interviews to do and dinners to go to and beers to drink. Life wasn’t a porn movie! But he couldn’t speak. The two girls let go of each other and crawled his way. Louise brushed his lower lip with her index finger. The finger was wet and sticky and he smelled female scent. He moved fast and bit her finger, but softly. Then sucked it. She looked at him with her mouth open, panting.
“That’s more like it,” she said and smiled approvingly.

Per suddenly felt some weight come down on his legs. Eve was straddling him. Louise gave her some space and Eve bent down to kiss him. Her mouth was hot and demanding, her tongue moved around his slowly. He placed his hands on her buttocks. Everything about her was soft and sweet and a rosy, milky white colour. Per moved his head up to kiss her breasts and take a nipple between his lips. Eve sighed and he felt her nipple harden immediately. Louise sat behind her friend and was kissing her neck, arms wrapped around her belly. Her fingers teased the other nipple. Eve leaned down further and whispered in his ear…
“You make me so hot… I want you…”

Per groaned deeply when Eve slid onto his length. Her eyes were closed and she held her breath when she started moving on him, up and down, very slowly. Louise still sat behind her and moved in the same rhythm. Per saw two legs on each side of his hips. Four hands moved over his chest and squeezed his thighs. He panted and moaned, trying to touch them both. One of Louise’s hands cupped Eve’s breast, the other went down between her legs.
“Oh!!” Eve cried out when a finger slipped between the wet folds. Louise kissed and licked her throat and moved one finger up and down in Eve’s rhythm. This made her go faster, pushing down harder. She was almost out of breath and Per felt her legs trembling against his own. It made him extremely horny to see her get close to the edge. Louise was doing her best to keep up with Eve’s rhythm and whispered things in her ear. She looked at Per as horny as she could and started to speak louder.
“Look at him, babe… Look… so deep… so hard… you like that? Mm? Do you like it?” Eve giggled, but then answered with a hoarse, low voice.
“Yes… oh yes… he feels so good… yes!” Per moved his hips up to meet her thrusts, sliding into her deeper and harder. Her hand suddenly went to Louise’s, keeping her at one place while she thrust herself on Per slower. He felt her tensing inside, legs clutching him. The strength of her thighs around his hips made him gasp…

Eve collapsed on top of Per after she’d come.
“Oh my…” she mumbled and looked up into his eyes. She took a few deep breaths while kissing him.

Louise lay by their side and stared at Per with her hypnotic eyes. She licked her lips and beckoned him over with her finger.
“Ok baby… now you go and let her finish you off… go on… hehe,” Eve said to Per with an almost evil chuckle. She let go of him. Louise moved over the big bed on hands and knees and offered him her ass high up in the air. He knelled behind her and touched her perfect round ass with his hands, fingertips sliding down to her thighs. Oh yes, she would finish him off completely once he would start on her… but first… he dipped his head between her legs and heard her gasp when his tongue flicked out to taste her juices. She was dripping and clenched her insides when he slipped one finger into her. His tongue reached further down and he licked her the very centre of her nerves. She panted loudly.

“Oh god Per, don’t stop, please…” she breathed. Eve was laying beside her and watched how he licked her friend into oblivion…
“OH!! Oh yes… yes… slowly, slow… ohh…” Louise’s hips trembled and moved slightly from side to side while he did as she said. Her orgasm shivered through her and before it was completely gone, he got up and positioned himself behind her. His dick was tingling all over when he rubbed it against her wet entrance. Her pussy was pink and shining and hairless… he pushed down carefully and lost his breath when he felt how tight she was. It seemed impossible to push all the way in… he moved back and forth, slowly making way. Louise had laid her face down on the bed and moved her hips in his rhythm, moaning deeply with every stroke.
“Oh baby, I don’t think I can… uh… last very long…” he growled.

“Come on Per… give it to her… she needs it, you can see that she needs it.” Eve’s voice was suddenly close. She sat beside him and licked his earlobe. Per now pushed completely into the other girl, causing her breath to stall. She let out tiny high pitched sounds.

“Does it hurt? Louise?”
“MMM… no no… go on… ah…” she said and wiggled her hips. He hesitated somehow but she helped him. She moved her hips and thrust herself on him again and again. His hands tightened their grip on her hips and he got lost in her movements, her wetness and her extremely tight pussy. A low growl seemed to come from very far away when he felt his climax coming.

“Oh god yes, yes, oh oh… aaahhhh…” he shuddered and collapsed on top of her…

Louise slowly and carefully lay down on the bed with Per behind her. Eve lay down on his other side and they stayed close for a moment. He was about to doze off when a phone started ringing – his phone. He startled and got up as quick as he good, somewhat clumsy he dashed through the room to find it.

“Hello?” his voice was gruff when he answered.
“Per where the hell are you? I’m waiting by the car. We really have to go!” Sandy’s voice brought him back to reality.
“Oh, uhm, yes… I… I…” the two naked girls stood right in front of him, kissing each other lazily on the mouth.
“I was in the shower. I’ll be down in five.” he replied and hung up before she could answer.

It took him more than ten minutes to come downstairs and reach the van that was waiting at the front entrance of the hotel. Some fans were waiting, but he had no time. They were thirty minutes late and Sandy shot him an angry look. They left the driveway and then had to wait at the exit of the underground parking for a car to leave. It was a small white Golf. Per recognised them by their hair. The car honked and the girls waved when the van passed them, speeding towards the main road.

“Oh that’s the girls from the last interview! They were nice, weren’t they? Or was the interview as dull as all the others?” Sandy looked at him interested.
“Nah.. it was ok…” Per answered with a straight face and turned to the window to hide the smug smile that shone all over his face.


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