With shaking hands Marie lit another cigarette. Anger rushed trough her as a wild storm and she had never felt this alone in her life. “This is not happening. This is just not happening…” she tried to calm herself down by slowly repeating the sentence. “Another drink, miss?” the voice of the waitress snapped her back to the horrible reality. She ordered another whiskey, double, no ice. What the hell. Her life was a mess already anyway so why bother about another drink.

It had been just a few hours since the terrible tragedy for which she could only blame herself. Now she sat in a hotel bar, all alone in the middle of the night with no one but the waitress of the night shift. She was in an expensive hotel in Brussels. She was there to do promotion for Roxette’s new album that hit the shops only days before. This promotion tour was only a few days old and already a disaster. On the road where Per, Marie Dimberg, Pelle, Clarence, Christoffer and herself. They planned a few TV-shows in a row and were supposed to go back to Stockholm 7 days from now. More promotion in Belgium tomorrow, then Holland, then Germany and then home.

Earlier that night they did a TV-performance for a Belgian show. Everything went wrong. The sound system failed, leaving Marie lip-syncing to silence. Parts of the décor came down behind them. Per did not respond to Marie’s performance at all due to disagreements that began in the dressing room… and worst of all: it was a live show. Back in the dressing room afterwards, Per started the fight again they had before, in front of the band and Marie Dimberg. “Well, that was a total fuck up! Belgium, come and see Roxette fuck up! Mrs. Fredriksson’s mind was on another planet, ladies and gentlemen!” she refused to answer his stupid comments.

She had been looking forward to be on the road again with Per. Working on the last album had really improved their friendship but somehow they seemed to have lost track of each other again. She had sensed something in Per since a little while. It was as if he was coming on to her, as if he tried to be closer to her than a friend. The stupid thing was that she could really use that right now. Her marriage with Micke bored her to death. She really loved him and they had the best of times together, but still… she missed something. There was no tension between them anymore. In bed it was so boring for Marie; she had never expected that to happen. When she caught herself actually answering Per’s coming on to her she got scared. Could this mean she was heading towards the ending of her marriage? Those thoughts kept her awake and she had decided to confront Per with it. She told him what she had thought and what she had sensed in him. He refused to admit it and got mad when she went on about it. He said he was absolutely not coming on to her; his own wife was more than enough. He was angry because he felt that she was using him as an excuse to end her marriage. Ending the marriage… When she thought of that she had trouble holding back the tears.

In the dressing room, after Per’s sarcastic comments about her performance, the other boys tried to calm Per down. He was furious and nothing could stop him. He went to the car without changing his clothes, passed waiting fans without even looking at them and said nothing during the trip to the hotel. Marie’s anger grew stronger and stronger and when they got to the hotel she was about to explode! “Ok Gessle, you and I are going to have a talk! Alone!” she whispered at him while walking into the lobby. She forced him into her suite and sat him down on the couch, hovering over him as if he was her son. “Now. I’m sick and tired of this situation. I am going ask you something and I want an honest answer. Have you tried to seduce me or not?” he could see in her eyes that she was serious and very frustrated. He could be stubborn too, though and said “No. I don’t know where you got that idea. Maybe it’s you’re your diva-act that…” he got as far as that. “Ok that’s all you can go.” He sat there, mouth open, staring at her. She walked around the room, starting to take some clothes off. “But you said we would talk. You wanted an honest answer, you got it!” she didn’t say anything which made him angry again. “What the hell is going on Marie? You are seeing ghosts because you don’t want to face your problems with Micke and suddenly it’s my fault?” she went into the bathroom. After a few minutes he heard the water running and decided to leave.

The awful truth was, that Per was indeed very interested in Marie. She was the closest woman to him besides Åsa. He didn’t know but he had the same problem as Marie: he too got very bored of his marriage, the fire was out of his relationship and he didn’t know a way to get it back. He went to his room think about it for a while. Then he went to Marie Dimberg’s room. “Can we talk?” he told her the story, honestly, not leaving any details out. Dimman was shocked of course. After talking it over for a while, she suggested Marie had the same problems with Micke. “This is not a healthy situation, Per, I think we should do something about it. Maybe you and Marie should spend some time apart and get a short vacation with your spouses or something. Or do you want to go on like this and call it quits with Roxette?!” because that was what they were heading to in her opinion.

Determined to find a solution and with Dimman’s words still in his head, he went back to Marie’s room. When he knocked he got no answer. He waited, knocked again. Nothing. The door was not locked so he went in. He found Marie crying on the bed, dressed in a hotel-bathrobe. “Oh no, Marie, what’s wrong?!” he was with her in seconds, sitting on the side of the bed. She hid her face in a pillow and was shaking heavily. “Nothing! Go away!” she shouted. “I came to talk…” he sad softly. No answer, just more sobs. He started stroking her freshly washed hair, it was till a bit wet. He felt like he had been sitting there for hours, when she finally sat up and looked at him. “I… I’m sorry… I just don’t… know…” was all she could say before she sank into his opened arms and they both sighed. “I will always be here for you Marie, you know that don’t you?” he felt her nod against his chest. She looked up at him. He looked into her beautiful brown eyes which were looking so sad right now. He just had to let out a sigh. She was so beautiful, an angel… before he knew it he leaned towards her and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. She closed her eyes and started to breathe in and out deeply to get rid of the shivers that still went through her. Per kissed her forehead again, leaving his head there. His heart began to beat faster when he kissed her right under one of her eyes. He went down slowly and reached her lips. She offered him hers, mouth a bit open to welcome him… he put a stop to his spinning thoughts, closed his eyes and kissed her. It was a hot, hungry kiss. It made Marie gasp for air when his lips left hers. She opened her eyes and wanted to say something, anything but she didn’t get the chance. His head came down again and there was hit hot mouth covering hers. She felt his tongue slip into her mouth, searching for hers.

Per let his tongue play around in her mouth. He started to breathe faster and could only think of how good she felt in his arms. He could feel her warm skin through the thin bathrobe. She wrapped her arms around his neck and somehow managed to climb on his lap. She ended the kiss and started to kiss his ear and nibble his earlobe. A moan escaped his mouth when he felt her tongue teasing his ear… she pushed her hips against his and felt his desire grow inside the tight black jeans he was wearing.

At that moment the door opened. Marie Dimberg walked in, looking around in alarm. “Oh!” she shouted when she saw Per and Marie on the bed. They immediately let each other go, Marie rolled onto the bed and Per stood up, but it was too late. Dimman had already seen enough. She was too shocked to speak and left the room, leaving the door open. Per and Marie looked at each other, only now realizing what they had done. “Or do you want to go on like this and call it quits with Roxette?!” the sentence echoed in Per’s head a million times. “Oh no!” he said out loud. “What? What?!” said Marie. “This is the end Marie, we have to stop it here and now.” he said emotionally. “I can’t go on with this anymore, I cannot stand to have you so close and… and… oh no!” he flew out of the room, almost running into Marie Dimberg in the hallway. She stopped him and she was pissed as hell! “What the fuck did you think you were doing?! My God Per I thought I was clear enough!” he was unable to speak and stared at his shoes. “You two in bed is the end to Roxette. I have said that many, many years ago and I still have that opinion. So where to go from here, Per? Huh?!” she was almost screaming and Per tried to calm her down. She was unstoppable, ran into Marie’s suite and gave her some too. “And what about you? What are you thinking Marie? We will just divorce, marry each other and live happily ever after?” she did not let Marie speak. “Were you thinking at all or did your brains just fly out the window?! Roxette ends here Marie, take my word, it ends here. I am no longer enjoying this party.” Per had been standing in the hallway, overhearing what Dimman had said. He wanted to go to her to say she was overreacting, that it would all be ok, it was a mistake and… but in his heart he knew she was right. So he quickly went to his suite to avoid walking into her again.

Marie sat on the bed, alone again. Dimman left with a loud slam of the door a few minutes ago. Marie felt tears again but she was fed up with crying. She went into the bathroom and let some cold water run over her face. She got dressed and almost jumped up when somebody knocked on her door. “Who’s there?” she asked, a bit scared of what would happen next. Clarence peaked around the door. “Can I come in?” Marie sighed and nodded. “So… do you want to tell me what the hell is going on?” he said it quite soft but she could tell from his whole appearance he didn’t feel like that at all, he was furious. She nodded and they went down to the hotel bar for a drink. She decided to be honest with him and told him the most important parts of the story. Of course she did not tell him how crazy Per’s kisses made her, how much she wanted for him to do everything with her he wanted, all through the night. Eventually Marie was starting to get drunk and Clarence gave up trying to get the conversation going. So he left her at the bar, over thinking her life and hating all the people that were against her.

Marie stood up to leave the bar. She had enough whiskey and was fed up with this day. Joyfully heading for the next… when she got off the bar stool, she nearly dropped. Now she was really sure she’d had enough. Unsteady on her feet she headed towards the elevator. Somehow she managed to get herself to bed.

Marie saw herself walking down the dark hallway of the hotel. In her hands she held a burning candle. She was wearing a long white nightgown made of silk and nothing else. Her heart was beating fast and it was all she heard. She knocked on a door and it opened by itself. She entered the bedroom that bathed in the light of dozens of other candles. She put hers down and looked around. “Per?” she whispered his name. Suddenly he was there in the room with her. “I knew you’d come” he said and smiled. He wore only those sexy tight black jeans of his. He walked up to her and took her face in his hands. He leaned down to kiss her. Just before his lips could touch hers, she stopped him, placing two fingers on his mouth. “We can’t do this Per, it’s not right…” he didn’t answer but took her fingers into his mouth and sucked them lightly. Marie became incredibly aroused by this, it made her sigh… she stared at him with her mouth a bit open. “Per… do you think…?” “Shhhh… it’s only a dream” he whispered and finally kisses her hungry mouth. She felt his arms around her and decided to just let it happen. It felt so good to kiss him again; his soft lips on hers… their tongues played games and heated the both of them up even more. Marie couldn’t take it anymore. “Please… I want you… Oh Per…” she whispered in between hot, deep kisses. He took her over to the bed and she lay down. He took off his pants and threw it away. He watched her lying on the bed while she took off the silk nightgown. He stared at her naked body; she seemed to glow in the candlelight.

Slowly they started to explore each others bodies. This was totally new for them. They had seen each other in almost no clothes before but it never came to their minds to take a closer look. Per remembered a time he bashed into her dressing room without knocking and found her trying to wrap herself in a wet towel… still he could catch a glance of her hard nipples and the delicate fur below! He caressed her whole body with both his hands. Played with her nipples, kissing her breasts. He started teasing one of them with his tongue, going around it in circles. He rolled on top of her and began to play with her breasts. He took them in his hands, caressing the soft skin, sucking her nipples one by one. He felt her body moving underneath him. “Mmm… take me now Per, please! You’re making me crazy…” she demanded. He let one of his hands go down her leg to the most intimate part of her body. He slid a finger inside her and got a warm and wet welcome. She was more than ready for him, so much was clear. First he teased her a bit with his finger, played with her down there. Her eyes were closed, mouth a bit open letting out short sighs and soft moans. He was still wearing his boxer short but not for long. Marie’s hands slid down his back down to his ass and started to remove the last piece of clothing on him. He took his hands away and moved his hips up. She felt how he slowly started to enter her. She held her breath, opened her eyes and looked up into his. He seemed to hesitate, looking at her questioningly. “Go on! Please, don’t let me wait any longer…” he kissed her. She felt him fill her up completely. It felt so good to have him deep inside her. He started to move in and out. Slowly at first but Marie encouraged him to go faster. She wrapped her legs around him to be able to feel him even deeper. She said his name over and over again which made him completely crazy for her. “Oh Per, yes, oh yes, Per, oh…” his hands got a tight grip on her ass when he felt he was reaching his climax. With a few last thrusts he gave everything he had left.

They lay beside each other, catching breath and cooling down. She was busy kissing his chest and caressing the fine dark hair there. “That was amazing!” he whispered in her ear. “Mmm indeed it was…” she sighed. She crawled up to him and by the light of the candles they fell asleep together. Two beautiful naked people entangled in one another…

Phone ringing. Somewhere… the phone was ringing… Marie heard a phone but were was it? She opened her eyes, looked around the room. Oh God, hangover… she picked up. “Awake? We are leaving in one hour, I’ll see you in the lobby.” That was Marie Dimberg and she hung up right away. It was 8.30 in the morning. Marie got out of bed, ordered coffee to be brought up and took a tepid shower to wake her up. When she got out, the coffee was ready. She dressed quickly in a simple light blue jeans and a big, dark red jumper, all to be covered by a big black leather jacket. She quickly finished her coffee while packing the last things. Sunglasses on, go. She tried to keep her eyes open and look at ease when she walked over the hallway to the elevator. She remembered the dream she had as if had really happened. She was not used to having erotic dream, certainly not in such detail and not waking up heavily aroused from her own crazy fantasies…

In the lobby the whole party was waiting for her, of course. She checked out and said a quiet “Morning” to everyone. She avoided Per’s gaze and started wondering. Would he… would he have had the same thoughts? Clarence made fun of her. “Hey, still got whiskey in you blood?!” she managed a fake smile and looked away. The bus came in front of the hotel and they rushed out. Luckily there were no fans waiting. They left the busy city, heading for a radio station nearby. During the trip Per watched Marie. She looked extremely tired and her mind seemed so far away. He was eager to know what she was thinking of. All the others were talking. Per stood up from his seat next to Dimman and went over to Marie. He took the seat next to her, leaving the path in between them. She started looking out the window. She was furious over the fact everybody was acting as if nothing had happened. Dimman had said this was the end of Roxette. So now the no longer existing band was doing an interview for the radio? A statement maybe that this was the last album? They had been talking about a tour but now Marie couldn’t even bare the thoughts.

Per was thinking of something to say. Where was he to start? He wanted to say so many things but was unable to find the right words. “Marie?” she looked at him from behind the dark sunglasses. “About last night…” he started but then stopped. He was surprised when she got up and sat next to him. Conversation around them stopped, and then continued in a lower voice. “Maybe… maybe we should just…” she too had trouble putting her busy thoughts to words. “We should just let it rest for a while.” She then said. “We just try to make this promotion tour the best we can.” Her voice sounded a bit sad and she did not look at him. He nodded. “Ok. But I do think we should talk about it…” he said, watching her face for a reply. She looked past him out the window. “I agree. But not now, not so soon after, we both need some time to think it over.” They agreed on that. They would just let it sink in and then come up with something.

Marie had surprised herself and Per with her coolness. Usually she was the one going over the top emotionally, overreacting and making scenes. She went back to her own seat, leaving Per wondering how she got so calm. He took a deep breath. This was not going to be the end of Roxette, he thought. It couldn’t be! The new album was not even out in all the countries they planned and they had been talking about another tour! He felt as if Roxette was his child and he couldn’t just let it die. His child… and Marie’s! He laughed over his own thoughts. Per and Marie had a child together and it was called Roxette.

When they arrived at the radio station, Per was thinking of a nice sunny resort to take Åsa and Gabriel for a short vacation. If he made some changes in his schedule, it could even be planned 2 weeks from now. Maybe Hawaii? Marie’s thoughts were in a totally different direction. In her mind she was going through the shops in Stockholm, thinking about what kind of nice underwear she would buy when she got back. She wanted to bring some passion back into her marriage and planned to surprise Micke with a sexy negligee or something…

Two tired but happy smiling pop stars entered the radio show. The interview went smoother than ever and even ended up with Per and Marie singing a piece of their new single a capella. Maybe they were heading in a good direction after all, thought Marie Dimberg, watching those two. Maybe what happened the night before wasn’t so bad after all. She was going to keep a close eye on them anyway. She was content with the fact that she had overreacted yesterday. It got the both of them thinking and that was a good thing. She smiled when Per made fun of Marie during the interview and she slapped him on the shoulder. Dimman had confidence. It was going to be all right.

one moth later
Per was walking around his Stockholm apartment, making sure he didn’t forget anything. He was on his way to a meeting with Marie, Marie Dimberg and some other people of the management. The new album sold really well and the tour-rumors were becoming reality. He had come home just two days ago, after spending almost two weeks with his wife and son on Hawaii. It had been fantastic, best thing he could’ve done. The days were lazy; lying on the beach, playing with Gabriel and getting tanned. The nights were long and hot… he had tried to get some passion back between him and Åsa. The environment was perfect; such good weather brings everyone in a romantic mood. He did everything he could think of; he took her on boat trips, candle-light dinners, even danced with her although he was such a bad dancer. They had a great time, absolutely. But still… Nothing happened in bed. And if it did happen, it was as if they did it because they had to.

In another part of the same city, Marie had just left the gym and got into her car. Her plans didn’t work out as well as Per’s. When she got back from the promotion tour, she got into a huge fight with Micke before she had the chance to go shopping for sexy underwear… it stayed stormy in the Fredriksson-Bolyos residence for quite a while. She got the feelings things was almost back to normal now, but the fight stayed a fact. It had all started very innocent. She came back from the promotion tour in a good mood. After the disaster in Brussels, all had gone well. Per and Marie got a huge response to their new album, which made doing promotion less boring. They talked a lot while being on the road but never reached the topic ‘that night in Brussels’. She was so full of the promotion that she talked about it all the time. Micke got angry and felt as if she didn’t care for him anymore. He brought up the old topic again; the fact that Marie had put too much time in her career and not enough in him… it became even worse, they were standing across each other, just screaming arguments why they hated each other so much.

Over thinking those evenings again, Marie had to smile. She had fun being on the road with Per, she definitely had. She had reached the last intersection before the EMA-building. She was the first in line to wait for the traffic-light. The car behind her came very close and she looked in her mirror kind of irritated whispering “Do you want to push me or…” then she recognized Per’s Mercedes. Their eyes met in her mirror and she smiled at him. Then they drove on and met at the parking lot. When Per got out of his car, Marie stood waiting for him with open arms. He walked at her and gave her a big hug. They held each other for a few seconds. He smelled fresh and wore a light male perfume. “You look great!” she said, holding him at arms length to look him up and down. He gave a shy smiled and started telling how great Hawaii had been while they entered the building. Marie wasn’t really listening. She was just busy looking at him, realizing that he really looked good! After the trouble with Micke she really didn’t know what to do. Should she tell Micke she wanted a divorce? But did she really want that? Lately she often caught herself flirting with other men too maybe that was a sign… or warning towards Micke? She had no idea. What she did know, was that those little flirts were all very innocent and happened before she even knew it.

Inside they took the elevator to the third floor. Per leaned against the wall with his eyes closed, he looked a bit tired. “Are you tired? Still with your head on Hawaii?!” she joked. He laughed at that. “Yeah I think so; I don’t know what else it could be. I have the feeling I sleep quite well and yet I am so tired all the time. Maybe it’s still the laziness that I took with me from Hawaii!” They were welcomed in a cozy kind of living room were a small table was covered in sandwiches, salads, fresh juice, coffee and tea. Lunch! They sat down and Marie sat opposite from Per. She knew she was acting strange and she wanted to stop it before the others noticed it. She started to go around in her head: “What is wrong with me! Why am I acting so funny around him?!” She got back to Brussels. The dream… oh the dream! That dream kept her busy for weeks after. She even tried to get it back by thinking about it very hard before she fell asleep, but it never worked. Ever since that night in Brussels she had been unable to let those thoughts go. She had been making love to Micke two days ago, the first time since the promotion tour. It was not the same, something had changed inside Marie. Of course she had been a bit bored before and tried to make the best out of it. But this time… it was different. Even Micke had said that something had changed. Marie knew what it was. If she closed her eyes… she was back in that dream again, being loved by Per. Then, if she opened her eyes and saw Micke, which was a huge shock for her. She got scared of her own thoughts and tried to black them out. No that she saw Per again, it was impossible for her not to notice how good he looked, how much she wanted him to… mmm do anything, really…

Marie had no idea Per was watching her and thinking of her too at that very moment. He had tried to forget about Brussels while he was on Hawaii. He wanted to dedicate all his time to his family, especially to improve his love-life! But she kept coming back to his thoughts; he was teased with the images of that night in Brussels over and over again. He saw her climbing on his lap, pushing her hips against his. He repeated this scene in his mind constantly, he was just not able to let go of it. In the last days he spent on Hawaii, he thought it was getting a little less than before. He was content about that. He should just forget that it ever happened and continue to work with her as his good friend, nothing else. Because that was what he wanted her to be: a good friend! When thoughts about seducing her and betraying Åsa had passed his mind, he had become so angry about it. He swore he would never, ever betray Åsa with another woman. And now he was seriously considering… No! he just couldn’t do that! It was also just a stupid idea to… to get involved with Marie like that. No. it was not an option, it would just have to stay inside his head and he was to deal with it on his own.

The meeting begun with everybody grabbing a sandwich and something to drink. Then Marie Dimberg started to talk about how the album was doing and that it was a very good idea to plan a tour. When she started about the tour, Marie looked in Per’s direction. He caught her gaze and they gave each other their sweetest smiles. Marie’s eyes then went down to her sandwich quickly; she couldn’t stand eye-contact with him for so long! Oh this was going to be a really hard meeting, she knew. Dimberg talked, the rest listened and commented on some points. Marie looked at Per. He caught her glance and looked into her eyes while he was telling what he wanted to change this tour, compared to the last. He kept looking at her while he was talking. She felt she was blushing and quickly made some fake notes. Luckily Dimberg was so caught up in her work, she didn’t notice anything, and neither did the others that were with them. Just like Marie, Per had a hard time focusing on what was being said rather than to keep up the staring game… when the meting was over, Marie excused herself to go to the toilet and let Per and Marie Dimberg alone. Dimberg got a phone call and was busy with that. Per stood in her office, looking out the window trying to clear his mind. Was it him or was Marie flirting with him just now? He wasn’t sure what to think of her and wanted to ask but didn’t know how.

In the bathroom Marie was preparing herself. She wanted to talk to Per, really talk. They agreed to bring back the Brussels-subject when they were both ready for it and now she was! She hoped he was too. When she walked back into Dimberg’s office, she saw him standing at the window. She was staring at his ass when he suddenly turned around and she smiled. “Shall we… I think it’s a good moment for us to talk…’ she stumbled. It surprised but pleased him so he agreed to that. They said goodbye to Dimberg and drove to a grand café in the center of the city.

They got a quiet table for two. Marie ordered tea; more coffee and she was going to explode of energy! Per of course stuck to the coffee as always. They sat there quietly for a while. Marie got out her cigarettes that she hadn’t touched all day. Now she needed them! Both were playing with their drinks, not speaking for what seemed ages. Finally Marie took the lead. “I think you know why we are here…” she began, curious for his reaction. He nodded and sighed. “Yes I do, and I think it’s about time, too!” he said. He desperately wanted to ask her if she had been seriously flirting with him but he didn’t have a clue how. Maybe it was all just his imagination… or wishful thinking… “Ok. About Brussels…” said Marie, obviously having difficulty finding the right words. In her mind she had already decided on what she was going to say. ”I… I have to admit something… it… I want you to know that I do not regret what happened there. After that had happened, I was sad first. Then I realized something that needed fixing; Micke and me. Somehow that night opened my eyes.”

She lit a cigarette. Per was very surprised that she said she didn’t regret that night… so she didn’t mind that they kissed…? Before he thought of something to say, she continued. “So I made a plan. I thought to myself, I have to spice thing up a bit between Micke and me. Like you did, actually. You took your family on a romantic getaway, I had a different plan. But before I could even start with my plan, Micke and I got into a fight.” She told him about the fight fast but in detail. He just listened, totally understanding her feelings. He almost never had fights with Åsa, they never screamed to each other like Marie was telling. It was almost impossible for him to get into a fight with Åsa. Per and his wife had the same way of thinking, were both very calm. They knew instantly what the other thought and there was no need for fights. After a short silence he took his chance. “So is that the reason for your behavior?” she looked at him expectantly, her eyes were daring him to say it. He played with the spoon in his coffee cup. “Is that why I got the feeling you were flirting with me? You, one of my best friends for so many years, are making me shy?!” he joked to break the tension a bit. She laughed shyly and blushed. They exchanged some provocative looks as if they were teenagers. Marie admitted she had indeed tried to create a certain atmosphere between them. Then she got serious again. “You must understand I am not suggesting I want to end my marriage. There is just something missing between Micke and me and… well you are an easy target, always close and always there for me…”

After more talking, they agreed it was a crazy situation. Two grown up people, knowing each other for years suddenly got interested! Both of them had wondered how it would be to be with each other, but only in the beginning of their friendship. It was just that they were both committed or not interested and they certainly never fell in love with each other. When they parted, it felt strange. Marie left a vague kiss on his cheek when they hugged shortly.

Time passed on them quickly. Marie hardly noticed it had become spring and that summer was on its way. She had a hard time keeping her family together. She thought about Per sometimes. It didn’t let her go. She was happy nothing else happened between them… and then regretted it sometimes. Besides Clarence and Dimberg, no one knew what had happened and she did her best to keep it that way. They didn’t speak each other often for a long time. Per was busy with other projects and Marie had also decided to record another solo album.

In the middle of a beautiful sunny day, he called her. She picked up the phone instantly, as it disturbed her in the middle of composing a new song. Her mobile lay on top of the piano. She didn’t care to look who it was, just answered with a short “Yes?” “Hi it’s Per. Is this bad timing or are you just not in the mood?” he said because she picked in such an angry voice. She smiled. “Oh… sorry, yeah kind of bad timing. I am sitting at my piano, trying something but not getting anywhere. How have you been?” some polite chatting followed. Then he told her why he had called. “I spoke to Dimberg yesterday and we’ve got some work to do. There is going to be a summer festival in the city soon and we are invited to perform!” he sounded quite happy about it. It was probably a good idea to do it; the album was a huge success. They stayed out of publicity for a while and it was time to get back to the spotlight. So they arranged a meeting. Turned out Marie was not able to attend the meeting because she had a cold. Nevertheless, the performance was agreed too and now it was time to rehearse. The rehearsals began two weeks later.

It was still very early in the morning but Marie had to get up! Rehearsal day one! She got out of bed quietly, took a quick shower and got dressed. She felt a bit nervous about meeting Per again, so long after their conversation. She decided to dress formal and wore a black stretch pants and a dark red blouse. This allowed her to wear a new piece of underwear that she bought just a few days ago… she always felt more confident if she was happy with what she was wearing. It was going to be a very sunny day. She had the windows of her car wide open and felt the wind in her hair while driving to the rehearsal studio. When she arrived, Clarence just got out of his car as well. They greeted each other with a hug and walked in together. “So I’ve heard you and Per had a little talk! Is everything back to normal then?” it was kind of a shock for her that he knew. “Did Per tell you this?” she said, after confirming everything was fine. He nodded.

Inside, she heard Per’s voice coming from some room. She was unable to ignore the effect he had on her and she felt like a schoolgirl again. She took a few deep breaths before she went into the room. He was on the phone. When the conversation was done, he came walking to her with a big smile on his face. When he hugged her, she wished he wouldn’t let go… during the whole meeting and jamming afterwards she played some tricks on him. She gave some seductive smiles his way and had her eyes focused on his longer than necessary. It was impossible to hold back the feelings that went trough her. When they were ready to wrap things up, she asked him to stay behind with her, after the others had left.

So it happened they were all alone together again. “What is it you want to talk about?” he asked her. He looked a bit tense. “Well… I think you know.” She said in a low voice, not looking at him. “Oh ok, then I’ll say it if you don’t want to.” He seemed angry, or did his best to seem so. “I can remember that we had a fight once about me coming on to you. So what’s this, revenge? Of course I have seen the way you’ve been looking at me Marie, and I wish you’d stop it.” She got a bit afraid the she had gone too far this time. “What, you forgot how to play?” she tried to solve it with a joke and threw him one of her seductive smiles again. “Oh Marie… the truth is, there is nothing else I would love to do but play. But it is too hard; I cannot stand the way you are acting. You shouldn’t… you shouldn’t dare me… I might just take you up on what your eyes promise you know.” Marie’s heart started to beat faster. Her games had worked, he really did want her. She walked towards the table he was sitting on. “So you are saying you are having trouble…” he finished the sentence for her. “Yes, I am having trouble keeping my hands off of you, I thought I made that clear last time!” his anger over the situation aroused Marie even more. She stood right in front of him. “Calm down, Gessle, calm down…” without any warning she bent over and kissed him. Just like that, pressed her lips against his. It was a short, stolen kiss, a hasty touch but it didn’t miss goal. Per was startled, he never expected her to do that. He thought it was all just a game to tease him. The anger in him got replaced by lust. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to him. “Come here you…” he whispered in a hoarse voice. He took her head in one hand and kissed her hard and demanding. She groaned and took his jacket with her hands.

It was almost violent, the way the passion burst out of them. Marie’s mouth was hot, she made him go crazy. She slowed down the kissing a bit, sliding her tongue against his lips, holding his face in both her hands. She pressed herself against him. He spread his legs to take her in his arms. “Oh I want you… I want you so bad…” she whispered in his mouth. She loved the feeling of his strong arms around her and his hunger for her was heating her up even more. His hands went down; he placed them around her waist to get a better grip. Her answer was to take off her jacket, taking some distance to look in his eyes. He was impatient, wanted to pull her closer again but she didn’t let him. Slowly she started to unbutton her blouse. “Oh God Marie, you are unbelievable…” his head went down and he started to place kisses wherever he could. When he reached her breasts, he slowed down. His lips followed the fabric of her bra. His tongue left wet spots in between her breasts. Her nipples were hard and he began to nibble them through the soft fabric. Marie threw her had back and sighed deeply. She went week in the knees and had to hold on to Per, his playing made her dizzy.

Suddenly he stopped. “Oh my, you make me so crazy…” he placed a wet, hot kiss on he mouth. “But… we really have to get out of here. Or do we want to get caught again?!” she laughed over the idea. It would make Dimberg go mad for the second time indeed! They felt like two runaway teenagers when they got to their cars quickly. Marie drove after Per, he said he had an idea. Where should they go? She was determined to go on now, this couldn’t be stopped anymore. It was now or next week, it had to happen sometime because this tension was unbearable! Per drove around the city, Marie had no idea where he was going. They drove into a quiet suburb and at one of the buildings there, Per stopped. He waited for her at the door. “A friend of mine has an apartment here that I can use when I want to, he’s not here right now.” all there was left to do was hope they wouldn’t run in to anyone that would recognize them… when they entered the elevator, there was only an old lady that greeted them politely but didn’t seem to care about who they were.

The apartment was simple but absolutely breathtaking. It was decorated in white and light blue and it was clear the owner was rich. Before even closing the door they were all over each other again, continuing the hungry kisses. There was absolutely too much fabric in between them so Marie started to pull Per’s jacket off. Breathing heavily, he unbuttoned her shirt again to go on with what he had started at the office. Marie gasped for air when his lips touched her bare skin again. He sucked her hard nipples trough the soft fabric of the black bra she was wearing. Slowly but determined he started to push her backwards in the direction of the sofa. In front of the sofa, there was a big, white, furry carpet on the floor. Standing on top of that, Marie suddenly took some distance. She held him at arms length, looking deep into his eyes. She took all her clothes of and stood before him in her extremely sexy underwear, breathing fast, mouth a bit open and eyes full of lust. Then she unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor. “Oh God,” was all he could say before undressing as well.

They lay side by side on the soft carpet. Marie lay on her back, Per on his side kissing her mouth. He had suddenly slowed down a bit which was not at all to Marie’s liking. She wanted him to take her and she wanted it now! So she let one of her hands slide down his tanned body to grab the big lump caught inside the tight boxer short he was still wearing. He gasped and a deep moan escaped his throat when she squeezed him. He quickly got rid of the shorts and lay closer to her. She started to play with his penis a bit, softly pulling and squeezing it. His hips moved up and down against her thigh. Then Marie turned on her side with her back to him, wiggling her ass against his stomach. On of his hands grabbed her face and turned it to him, he kissed her hard and violently. Neither of them spoke a word; nothing was needed to be said. It seemed their lusts had gotten a life of their own and conscience was nowhere to be found. One of his fingers went into her mouth and she sucked it, looking at him with a look in her eyes that made him groan. Then his finger went down, leaving a wet trail over her body, disappearing in between her legs. He found her swollen, aching centre. He rubbed his finger against it slowly, closely watching her reaction. She swayed her hips in his rhythm, pushing her ass against his hard penis. He moved around a bit to get it between her legs and was inside her in one quick move, which forced a soft cry from her… finally she had him were she wanted him most; deep inside her…

They got to the point where they felt they only existed of a magical rhythm and nerves that were teased to the top. He moved in and out her quickly and thrust hard, shivering after each move. His finger was still playing with her clit. Marie cried out for more. “Oh yes, that feels so good mmmm… faster, please go faster…” she whispered under her breath. He was more than willing to please her needs so he increased his tempo even more. “Oh! Oh! Yes… yes… mmmmm…” Marie let her orgasm take her over, shivering heavily against him. Per felt the strong contractions almost locking him inside her. This was too much for him and he couldn’t hold back anymore. “Aaah…” he let out a deep groan, thrust one more time and came deep inside her.

They lay side by side in a tight embrace. Marie’s heart pounded so fast it almost hurt and with a few deep breaths, she returned to the real world. She could still feel Per inside her. He was kissing her shoulder, also having trouble catching his breath. She turned and lay on her back, looking at him. He didn’t know what to say, the situation was so crazy! They shared one more kiss together. He showed her the bathroom where she stood under almost cold water for a few minutes to get back to her senses.

When they left the building together, Marie had the feeling her mind was blank. She did not think about anything, she did not think at all. they said goodbye with a short hug which seemed so formal now that it made them laugh.

Per got home, finding a note from his wife. It said she was at a friend’s house with Gabriel and would come home probably late. He could join them if he wanted? He was not in the mood for that at all. He just lay on the sofa the whole evening, changing channels and eating some ordered Italian food.

Marie found her house empty as well. Micke also had left a note; he had taken the kids to the playground because they were so bored. That was a real relieve for her, she really needed some time for herself and some rest! Man, she felt as if she had been in the gym all day…

And then what?
They performed at the summer festival, which was a blast. Fans from all over the world had come to see them perform 5 songs. The audience went crazy so they did an extra song, something that nobody had planned. Somehow the fans seemed to taste the new atmosphere between them; they looked so natural around each other. Few months later, starting of the winter and starting of a new Roxette tour around Europe. They had the best time ever. Nothing ever happened between them again and no one knew about that one time. Sometimes they exchanged a certain look. It had been the right thing to do; everything was back to normal and even better than before. Sometimes Marie got a nasty feeling bugging her. Then she regretted what she had done because she had betrayed Micke. But on the other hand: her relationship with him had improved and she was sure what the reason was… same thing happened to Per. He started to appreciate what he had with Åsa even more. He too got a sting in his body sometimes, especially when Åsa teased him and forced him to say she was the only one… though it had not been a mistake. Everything was fine as it was. Nobody was ever going to find out, it was their little secret.


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