Linn / Globen

BANG!! Per slammed the door behind him and walked through the dressing room with big steps. Man, he was angry! Furious! Mad! The whole day long, everything had turned against him. He got sick on the airplane this morning because of turbulence. Then his taxi got stuck in traffic. After that, he had a fight with Åsa over the phone and she pissed him off even more when she just hung up on him. Geez what a day. At the sound check, he had a disagreement with Marie about a song. During the show, which had just ended, the band made the changes that Marie had suggested earlier. Nobody informed him about that. He walked up and down the dressing room, mumbling and cursing. Now the show was over. One of the most important shows of the whole tour had passed him by and he didn’t even enjoy it.

The Stockholm gig was of course the most important one, next to the first and the last show. All their friends and families were present tonight, and the press. Everybody was here, except Åsa and Gabriel. Per’s marriage had become like a prison for him in the past months. She wasn’t the woman he had fallen in love with, not anymore. Now they did everything they could to be in each other’s way. Like now, she cancelled for tonight, saying she didn’t want Gabriel to travel too late in the evening from Halmstad to Stockholm. And so on, and so on, and so on. He sighed and sat down on a couch. He was breathing fast and beads of sweat shimmered on his forehead. His shirt and trousers were all sticky and wet from the two-hour performance he had done. It was time for a shower and then he had to dress up. He was expected to attend the after party in about half an hour.

At that moment, on the other side of the building, the party was being prepared. Last-minute changes were being made until champagne glasses were filled, tables were neatly tucked in with dark red cloths and lovely dishes were set out on them. And the personnel looked fabulous. Globen’s project manager Linn was walking around, checking everything for the last time. Then she asked the personnel to line up next to the major table at the entrance. She watched them closely, and then gave them all a nod and a smile and off they went. Linn hurried to the corridor and the stairs which led her into the dark catacombs of Globen, where only the employees had access to. With a special pass, she entered a room there. This room was used for storage of oh so many things. Linn always stored her bags there. When she organized things like this and had to be present all night long, she needed more than one set of clothing.

The room was cool and absolutely silent. She stood there for a moment, enjoying the peace and charging herself to go back to the madhouse again. She took off her fleece, jeans and boots and opened some bags standing there. She took all the clothes out the bags and looked at them for a few minutes. Then she decided to wear the little black dress, – something every woman should have – especially one like this; tight, no need to iron it, bikini straps and absolutely sexy. She completed it with dark black stockings, high heeled shoes and a simple silver necklace. She let her hair down and brushed it until it was soft and shiny. In front of the mirror, she let out a deep sigh. She looked tired and bored. This night was probably getting bored as well. First she had been very excited about organizing Roxette’s concert and after party. Now that everything was almost finished, she was somewhat disappointed. Of course she knew Per and Marie were superstars, and she was only an employee of the venue. But still… she had hoped to meet them and to be able to watch the show. Now the day was almost over. All she had been doing was taking care of unexpected things and telling people what to do. She had been backstage almost the whole day long and not a glimpse of the band. When the show started, she was on the other end of the building arranging the after party… until now. Now she was going to party, no matter what! After a lot of meetings, phone calls and shared stress, she’d build up a good contact with Roxette’s manager and at the party she would meet them and get introduced. So she needed to look good! A now smiling Linn looked back at her from the mirror. Little make up could do so much…

After a shower and wearing clean clothes, Per felt better. He was still moody as hell but calmer now. The shower had also excited him a bit… when his emotions ran high, like today, he got aroused so easily. And then Marie constantly flirting with him on stage… his angry looks in her direction when the crowd didn’t notice only made it worse. She even pushed her body against him while singing ‘Dressed for success’! That was something he couldn’t take right now, even though he had never been romantic with her. Normally he didn’t give it much thought, but on stage tonight it suddenly occurred to him how incredibly sexy she could move. He checked himself in the mirror and liked what he saw. Mmm. Maybe he should open one extra button of his shirt… aaah what the hell! He was going to party tonight. He was in the mood to get drunk, really drunk until he’d pass out. He’d play every game Marie would hand him. Whenever they got drunk together, they got entangled in teasing games. In the old days, that was merely to confuse the other people around them. Now it made Per a bit uncomfortable, probably because at the moment he had no way to get his frustrations out. Not with Åsa anyway…

Per joined the rest of the gang in the band room. They all still had the same rush that stays inside your body for a while after a concert. All where a bit excited, noisy and looking forward to the party. More in the mood for the booze than for the party, actually! Marie wore that see-through red blouse of hers again…. under it a shiny black leather bra, matching her pants. Per tried not to look at it but for God’s sake, he was only a man… and a weak one right now.

When Linn came back to the party room, she got a very proud feeling over her. It looked good. All problems that occurred today were solved immediately. She sneaked a glass of champagne away from the table before anyone came in.

In small groups, the guests arrived. The band was not here yet but the family and friends and contacts and so on already filled the room. Linn had welcomed many of them at the door, now she was running around again, helping out the personnel. Meanwhile she made notes on a piece of paper behind the bar, for the meeting with Roxette’s manager later that week.

“Always busy, always running around! You look as if you are in charge!” she heard a voice say behind her while she was walking around the bar. When she looked, she saw Marie Dimberg. They shook hands and exchanged how are you’s.
“Well it looks good Linn, you did a great job!” Dimberg said.
“Really? You didn’t encounter any problems?” Linn asked with a serious face. Dimberg smiled.
“Nope. Nothing that I know of. And now it’s over, so nothing can go wrong! Have you seen Per and Marie yet?” Linn smiled and shook her head. She didn’t even see them enter.
“Now, come on, it’s time for a drink. I’ll introduce you to them!” Dimberg said.

Per and Marie stood next to each other by a big table with food and drinks. They had been talking to record company people, management people, promotion people and of course Marie’s husband was there. They still looked shiny and fresh and had big smiles on their faces… but actually they were a bit fed up with all the people they had to talk to. Per was getting more cynical every minute. He was trying to get drunk but until now he’d only had two glasses of champagne.

Marie Dimberg and Linn walked up to them, catching them alone.
“Marie, Per, here is someone I want you to meet. Linn is the project manager and she has arranged everything for today!” Dimberg told them. Both shook hands with Linn, who was delighted to meet those two famous Swedes.
“Hello! Nice to meet you,” Marie gave her a nod. Wow she was really beautiful, Linn thought. When she turned towards Per and wanted shake his hand as well, two big brown eyes caught her attention instead and made her stop lifting her arm, so that her hand rested in the air before her. Two wide eyes stared intensely at her. She noticed them going over her body and stopping at her eyes now, looking right into them. Per was totally checking her out!

Per sighed. Again a beautiful woman in such tight clothes standing before him! It was as if there was some devil trying to take revenge at him or something! Now that he was in this state there suddenly seemed to pop up the most gorgeous bodies everywhere around him… He felt a shiver going through his belly and blinked his eyes a few times while he thought about less beautiful things so that his arousal wouldn’t get to show. Bags of rotting garbage. Full ashtrays. The dirty fingers of his son on the marble table in his study. Dimman in flowery leggings… It worked.

Per grabbed a glass of champagne of the plate that the waiter held in front of him, his other hand going to the hand of the girl and shaking it, while saying “Nice to meet you”. His voice sounded a bit deeper than normally still, but he pretended nobody heard, though he saw Marie raising her eyebrows at him.

Linn’s heart was pounding. The desire in his eyes was almost scaring her. God he was sexy… she just smiled, also pretending she didn’t hear the change in his voice, the hoarse, raw edge it suddenly had. She asked Marie how the show went and exchanged some small talk with her without even hearing what she said. Good thing she was used to small talk; that came with the job… She shot some glances at Per and met his eyes every time. His gaze was unavoidable. Eventually the conversation ended because a close friend came up to Per and Marie to talk to them. Linn walked away and while doing so, she noticed she was extremely excited and aroused. On her way to the bar she met someone she knew, said hello and continued walking, but not before looking behind her for a moment. He was looking. He checked out her legs and met her eyes again. Good lord. Per Gessle’s horny eyes were all over her and Linn felt like exploding. The moment she reached the bar, she disappeared behind the door next to it. This was some kind of side-room for the kitchen and here she could relax for a moment. There was no one at that moment. She leaned against a wall and breathes in and out deeply, eyes closed. Calm down, she told herself. This is nothing to freak out over, just let him enjoy his view and walk away from it. Suddenly the door opened and she almost jumped to the ceiling.
“Hey! You alright? What are you doing here?” one of the waiters had come in to have a short break. Linn sighed and waited for a moment, until her heart beat was back to normal.
“You scared me,” she laughed. “I’m fine, just needed a break!” and then she went back to the party.

While Linn did her very best to act normal and tried to forget the look in his eyes, Per got more and more worked up about her. He saw her walking around in that tight dress, long hair swaying over her shoulders. Mmm… His mind wandered off, seeing her lying naked on his bed, waiting for him, wanting him, and craving him. He tried to run into her but she was faster, finding yet another thing or Person that needed attention. Linn pretended that she didn’t notice him, that she wasn’t aware of his eyes following her across the room.

When she finally had a moment to sit down, she did so at the bar. With a glass of water in her hand she looked around, eyes searching for Per. Where did he go? Ah there he was. Busy talking to colleague producers, songwriters and band members. He glanced her way and their eyes met. Her smile was subtle but her body language unmistakable; she wanted him. She had turned around on the stool to face him. She crossed her legs slowly, his eyes followed every move. She stared back and straightened her back, pointing her breasts forward. Per enjoyed his view, couldn’t take his eyes away from that sensual body. When she bit her lower lip, he almost moaned loudly. That look made her so sexy, so unbelievably desirable…

He put down his glass, excused himself and started walking up to the bar. Linn’s heart rate went up. Oh shit, now what, he’s coming this way! She tried to stay calm. When Per reached the bar, he ordered another glass of wine and then walked over to her.
“Hello,” he said, leaning against the bar.
“Hi! Are you having a good time?” she replied, hoping her voice didn’t sound too shaky.
“Oh yes, very good party,” he answered. He looked into her eyes with that intense look again, heating her up without saying or doing anything. That stare alone made her crazy. Of course Per knew what his eyes could do to women. And he hoped it would work this time, too.
“You are a lovely girl, Linn” he spoke softly. She couldn’t hide a giggle and then stared back at him, moving around on the stool a bit.
“Well thank you. It’s a pity we haven’t met before.” oh didn’t that sound silly? Linn was worried about what to say to him. Actually she had a lot of other things on her mind rather than talking…

* * *

“I am almost never here…” they kept silent for a moment.
“Why did you go here actually? I hope you don’t mind… Well sorry that I followed you…” Per stumbled over his own words. She stood close to him and he could smell her perfume. She leaned forward with her hands on the desk, offering him a smashing view on her breasts.
“Oh… That’s ok. I just needed a moment… Alone…” she slowed down when she looked at him.
“Why did you follow me?” her eyes were naughty and encouraged him to say what he wanted.
“Ehm… Mmm. Actually, because I hoped to find you alone for a moment. Not with all those people and noise and music and stuff.” he was looking at the floor and Linn was certain that she even saw blushes on his face!
“Aha. Now we are alone. And?” they looked at each other, Linn still leaning on the table and Per still sitting on it. He leaned backwards and turned his head to her.
“Linn…” he whispered.
They stared into each other’s eyes for a moment. Then Per sighed and stood up. It suddenly occurred to him that he had to be careful. He couldn’t just go around and follow his desires, maybe she wants even…
“I… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t…”
Without saying anything, Linn turned around and stood before him. The space between the desk and the wall was very limited and she could almost feel the heat coming from his body.
“You were saying something.” she locked her eyes on his.
“I wanted…” now he giggled.
“I wanted to ask… If I may kiss you.”
Now Linn couldn’t keep it in anymore. She bent over and pressed her lips against his. Fire shot through both of them. The reaction of his body surprised Per. Jesus… this girl was causing an electric shock! He answered her kiss, hungrily tasting her lips. It was a quick, searching kiss; both were unsure what to do. When Per felt her tongue against his lips, he opened his mouth a bit and sighed shortly. His hands slid around her back to pull her closer. The feeling of his body so close caused goose bumps on her skin.

The deeper the kiss, the more they wanted each other. Her hands caressed his chest, feeling their way down to his waist, squeezing his soft flesh. Then she slipped them under his shirt and ran her nails along his bare skin, making him shiver. Linn was almost out of breath when he pulled her even closer. One of his hands got hold of her ass quite firmly and his hard desire pressed into her belly. She let his mouth go for a moment, catching her breath. He studied her face, and then bowed down to kiss her neck. She grabbed his hair and realised he did smell lovely. Sweet, male aftershave and a hint of fresh sweat.

“Oh Per I want you.” she moaned. His mouth left hot, wet kisses on her throat, trailing down the line of her dress.
“Now? Here?” he asked huskily, almost breathing the words. She pushed her hips forward in answer, pinning him against the wall. The desire she felt almost made her aggressive and she was determined to get what she wanted. She wouldn’t let him go before she got it, either. She started to unbutton his shirt, licking his chest. He was hot indeed, his skin tasted a little salty. She dropped down on her knees and opened his jeans. Per was stunned. She knew what she wanted and she took it, he was not used to that. He held his breath when she freed him from his straining pants and underwear, and wrapped her fingers around his longing manhood. She stroked it first, and then quickly took it in her mouth without any hesitation. Per leaned against the wall with his head back, eyes closed and mouth open. Her soft lift closed around him and she started sucking him hard and fast. Oh god, this was exactly what he needed. Per’s legs trembled and he held her head in both his hands and after a while he stopped her. She came up to give him a wet kiss. He pushed her back against the desk and then down onto it, kissing her wildly, grinding his tongue into her mouth. He parted her legs and stood between them, bending over to kiss her. One hand pulled away the dress from her breasts and he started kissing them, the other slid up from her knee, under the dress. He caressed her legs, squeezed flesh everywhere and growled in her neck. His hips pushed against hers and she panted heavily. She pulled up her dress a little further and wrapped her legs around him. There she felt his hand between her legs again, pulling away her panties.


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