P & M

There was a knock on the door of Marie’s dressing room.
“Who is it?” she yelled from the bathroom, quickly putting on the robe that was hanging there.
“It’s me.” Sounded Per’s voice through the door.
“Come in!” she answered. He walked into her room with his bag in his hand and paced around a little bit until she came out of the shower. She wore the thin white bathrobe and was drying her hair. Little clouds of steam were surrounding her.
“Hey!” she greeted, a little surprised. Per had showered quickly and put on jeans and a shirt. His hair was wet and he looked a little tired, with a frown on his face.
“I uhmm…” he started but hesitated. Marie walked to him.
“Are you ok?” she asked, worried. He nodded and smiled.
“I just wanted to say… that… you were great tonight. Really. I am so proud.” He spoke softly and hugged her. Marie gladly wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close to her. He was leaning into her a bit too heavy, they stumbled and Marie’s ass hit the dresser under the mirror that was on one of the walls. She yelled “Ouch!!” but laughed harder and Per giggled too. He didn’t let go though, kept her in his arms and looked at her laughing face. Marie moved to face him and felt something… something hard in her belly… At the moment the look on her face changed, Per knew he was caught.
“Per…?” she whispered his name, surprised but not rejecting. The shimmer in her eyes was the last thing Per needed. He bent over and kissed her, hard. He pushed her lips open with his tongue and then inside, searching, panting, leaving her no chance to think or even gasp for air. His hips pushed into her, obvious hardness against her body. She moaned and tried to escape from his mouth, to speak, but he didn’t let her get away. He kissed her again, licked her lips, bit her lower lip softly. His hands flew over her body, squeezing her in all gorgeous places her could.
“Per… what are you… mmm…” more kisses followed as he quickly opened the bathrobe, eager to get rid of it. She was naked underneath, her skin still damp and hot from the shower she had only minutes before. His hands went over her breast and brushed her hard nipples, soon followed by his mouth. He went down, lower and lower, and parted her legs. His hands squeezed the delicate, soft flesh of her thighs. Marie couldn’t speak; she was too surprised, too horny to even think.

His tongue on her skin caused her to yelp. He flicked between her lips, found her swollen clit and licked her fast, hard, only a couple of times.
“Ohh… oh God… Per you can’t… aaah…”
He came up again and looked into her eyes. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw his aggressive passion. His hands encircled her waist and he turned her around, just like that, so that se was now facing the mirror, leaning over the dresser. His hands on her ass, one of them slipping down between her legs. She was wet, dripping, craving his touch. She arched her back, pushed her ass back and a finger slipped inside her, while she heard the sound of his zipper. He leaned his hot body against her back, pushed her against the dresser hard. His member pressed on her ass and he bit her neck.
“Tell me, Marie… tell me you want it…” he whispered hoarsely. His voice alone was enough to make her shiver.
“Oh yes… yes Per… I want you… please….”
“You want me inside you, don’t you mhm… you are so wet, so hot…” he kept on, his finger moving in and out of her.
“Mmmmm… mmm… you make me so wet, geez, Per…”
“Tell me. Tell me what you want… come on, say it…” He thrust her against the dresser with his hips and she felt his erection against her glistening lips.
“Take me… do it…” she whispered barely audible. He entered her, needed only one move to get deep inside her, deeper, upwards until her filled her completely. He felt her cramping and she moaned loudly.
“Oh! Oh… oh…. Yes! Oh! OH! Mmmmm! Mmmm!” Per covered her mouth with his hand, using the other one to support her hips. He thrust in her again, hard, unable to keep it in. He felt her trembling, unsteady on her feet and brought one finger down to her most sensitive place… he placed his index finger on her wet, swollen clit and pushed softly, in tune with the smooth and fast rhythm of his hips.
“MMM!” she was nearly screaming and drooling on his hand. Per bit his lower lip hard and shut his eyes tightly, trying not to cry out. Her teeth sank into his flesh when she started contracting inside, moving her ass faster into him. He pounded into her a few times more and kept his breath when he came, shuddering violently.


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