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Eveline III – Elin

I will feel much better when I get home, Eveline thought, sitting in the back of the taxi. Home is better, it will be much better.

Per said beside her with a sleeping Elin in his arms and was staring at her the whole time. Eveline shifted in her seat. Sitting was a problem. Lying down would be much better, when they got home.

When they got home, Eveline’s family was there of course and they were overjoyed. After tea and cake, Eveline excused herself and went upstairs to feed Elin. They both took a nap after that, but Eveline couldn’t really rest. Every time she closed her eyes something came up in her mind. Something that she had to remember, something that she was planning to do, anything. Something that just stuck on her mind, like the way Per looked at Elin in the taxi home. Oh and he was supposed to start that project next week, the thing with the British girl. She really needed to get some sleep now, because in two hours… oh was Elin asleep? Yes she was. Steady breathing. Oh she will wake up in two hours or something. I have to get some sleep… Have to… Continue reading


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