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Jenny 4

Two weeks passed in which Jenny and Per completely ignored each other. He tried not to think of her and then woke up in the middle of the night, sweating, seeing images of them in bed. He often dreamed that he stroked her naked back, along the scar that she had on her hip. She never talked about the accident, or about the time after they slept with each other for the first time. Actually, she didn’t talk about herself at all.

Eventually it was Gabriel who changed things. He walked into Per’s studio without knocking. Per was sitting at his computer, listening to something with headphones on. Gabriel simply pulled the plug of the headphones to get attention.

“Hey!” Per said, angry, but he softened when he saw his son.
“Hey there!” he said with a smile, looking at the screen again.
“Dinner is ready.” Gabriel said.
“Oh… yeah, I’m busy, can you tell your mum that?” Per said absent-mindedly. Gabriel had already expected that.
“Dad, can you please come down?” Per heard the emotion in his son’s voice and was taken by it.
“Yes. Ok.” he said and stood up.

Åsa sat at the kitchen table. The table was set for two.

“I made dinner. It’s macaroni, I hope it’s ok.” Gabriel said. Per sat down while Gabriel got a pan of macaroni and put it on the table.
“Now you need to talk. I don’t know what is going on but I’ve had enough of it.” Gabriel said and walked away.
“Gabbe, honey, are you not joining us?” Åsa said. The boy turned at the door.
“I lost my appetite.” He said wisely and then closed the door a bit too hard.

They stared at their plates. It takes a moment to realise that your twelve-year-old is putting you in your place. Per took the pan and put some macaroni on their plates. Then he stood up and opened the bottle of wine that was standing on the table. He poured them both a glass.

“He is wise, our son.” He said softly. He saw Åsa nod. They ate in silence for a moment, and both seemed to loosen up a bit.

“I have something to tell you.” Åsa said, leaning back in her chair and turning his way. Per listened. Her eyes stared passed him when she spoke.
“I… I cheated on you. It was just a fling, but it made me see that… that something is not right here.” She said. Per looked at her but kept silent.
“I tried to push the guilty feelings away, telling myself it was your own fault. You don’t give me enough attention. But then again…” she halted.
“You don’t want my attention.” He finished.
“Right.” She said and nodded.

Per shoved the food around over his plate. His son had done a good job, but he was not hungry.

“I cheated too.” he said, turning red. Åsa nodded.
“I know.”
“Jenny, right?” she asked.

Per’s mouth hung open.

“You talk in your sleep honey, I’m sorry.” Åsa said. It almost sounded comical.
“Yes. She was that girl in Rotterdam, right?” she asked. Per nodded.

“So what are we going to do now?” Per said after a silent moment. He saw Åsa biting her lip. She was fighting tears. He picked up her hand and held it.
“I think… we should split.” She said with a thick voice. He nodded.
“I hate the thought, but…”
“There is nothing left for us.” he finished her sentence again. She nodded. Per pulled her in his arms and they sat like that for a moment, hugging, Åsa sniffing.

She let go of him suddenly.

“Oh dear, I completely forgot…” she whispered.
“Gabbe, you can come in now.” She said loudly. Nothing happened. She stood up and opened the door. Gabriel was sitting on the floor in the hall with his back to them and he was crying.

The three of them sat in the living room and talked long into the night. Later, in bed, Per and Åsa made love. Quiet, careful, slowly. It was the last time.

In the meantime, Jenny was trying to get used to her new life and to get rid of her American accent. She still worked for the magazine and spent most of her free time with her family or out somewhere taking pictures. She tried not to think of him. She tried to be nice to Mike when he called her, but she didn’t invite him. She’d had enough of men for the time being. At least, that’s what she told herself.

Like Per, she’d written many e-mails but never sent any. She had dialled his number a couple of times but never actually called. If they only knew…

Per and Åsa sat side by side on a couch. They were visiting someone’s birthday party. The evening was almost at its end and most people were drunk and dancing and laughing too loud. They both had a few drinks but not enough to join the others.

“Are you going to be with her now?” Åsa asked him out of the blue. Per looked at her. They hadn’t told anybody about their split yet, but Per was sleeping in one of the spare rooms since last week. He shook his head.

“I don’t think so.”
“Do you love her?” she asked, an edge to her voice. Per shrugged and looked the other way.
“Is she in love with you?”
“No. I don’t want to talk about it.” he said shortly.

“Met Jenny.”
“Hi, it’s Per.”
“Oh hey! How are you?”
“I’m fine, just a bit bored. And you? What are you doing?”
“Ehm, I’m ok, I’m cooking.” She answered. He heard some paper rustling in the background.
“Should I call you back then?”
“No, no, it’s ok! I can manage, women can do more than one thing at the time you know.” She said and he could hear she was smiling.
“Hehe. Ok then. You’re early with dinner?” he said. It was half past three.
“Yeah, I’m just preparing some things for tonight, I’m having six people over for dinner so it’s quite some work!”
“Six! Wow! Are you having a party?”
“Yep. Two of them are getting married, I know the girl from college. Tonight they will tell us that they are also expecting a baby. But because they already have to take care of so many things with the wedding and their new house and all, I offered to have a little party at my place.”
“That’s nice of you to do that. What are you making?”
“Oh nothing special really, we’re going to eat wraps.” She said. Per had never heard of wraps, so she explained to him that it was a bread-like pancake which you can fill with anything you want. She had some nice meat and a whole table full of things to fill it with (cucumber, union, feta cheese, paprika, and so on), plus a salad on the side.
“This way we can stay at the dinner table all evening!” she said while putting a bowl of cucumber-pieces in the fridge.
“Now you’ve made me really hungry…” Per said with a chuckle.
“Oh yeah, well, you’re welcome to join us. If you can make it here around seven, you’ll be just on time.” She said with a glance at the clock. That was impossible.
“Mm, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He said softly.
“Why? You don’t have to be shy for my friends, hehe…”
“I won’t. But I want you for myself.”
“You want me to cook just for you?”
“I don’t need food really. I can just eat you.” he whispered it into the phone. Jenny giggled.
“You have to wait until next week then. I am having my period at the moment.”
“Really? Don’t you feel shit then? Can you handle the party tonight?” Per sounded worried. Jenny laughed.
“Well I am not sick or anything…”
“You need a quiet evening. A glass of wine. Early to bed. A backrub.” He summed up.
“Mmm a backrub doesn’t sound bad.”
“See? I’ll drive to the airport now, you call your friends to cancel.”
“Hehe. It sounds very nice, but I will not see you in this state. I look horrible and I feel horrible. Besides, it would be too frustrating.”
“I can’t imagine you looking horrible.”
“Yeah yeah. Flirt.”
“Hehe. And why would it be frustrating, mhm? I know some very good ways to release the pain…” he said, sounding naughty. She felt her belly tingle.
“I don’t ‘do it’ when I have my period. I want a lot of things which I can’t do, you know…”
“Yeah I know. Like I said, I know some good ways…”

More talk, she has her period. Etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!
The morning after the party
The phone was ringing somewhere very far away. Jenny’s mouth was dry and her head was spinning. She didn’t open her eyes when she picked up the phone from the nightstand. She blindly pushed a button and mumbled something. She knew it was him, who else could it be?

“Jen? Did I wake you up?”
“Oh shit honey, I’m sorry, go back to sleep.”
“No, no, ‘s ok. Whazze time?” she mumbled, still half asleep, still not able to open her eyes.
“It’s half past ten.”
“Fuck. Fuck. Ok. Wait.” she whispered. Per heard some rustling, then nothing. It took minutes before she was back.
“Where did you go?”
“Toilet. Thanks for calling. My mum is coming over later and my house is a mess.” He voice cracked to him. She sank back into the pillow and yawned.
“So uhm, I guess you had a late night eh?”
“Yeah definitely. I got home half past four. I think.” She said. Per laughed.
“You think you were home at half past four? Haha. Did you have a good dinner party then?”
“Yes we had a great time. Oooh (yawn) sorry. Mmmmm. (stretching). The dinner was great, but that’s impossible to fail of course when it’s so simple. And then… we talked until late, and ended up with three people in party-mode. So we went out, but then everything went so wrong… I don’t know how I could get so drunk because… most places we went to were… horrible…” she mumbled all this in a whispering tone with lots of yawning and sleepy sounds. Per felt and incredible urge to hug her.
“The first bar we came was too crowded. We didn’t even get a drink there, I just couldn’t find the bar.” She continued her story with giggles.
“The next one was ok, but there was a… an, ehm, aaaah… a bachelor party. And all twenty of them started to hit on me. They were so… oooooh (another yawn) so shit-drunk. And stupid. I almost couldn’t get rid of them.”
“Oh, come on, a tough girl like you…”
“Really, with ten guys around me, I am not so tough anymore actually, hehe.”
“So they weren’t very nice to you?”
“No. They were… stupid. Or actually not stupid but just too pissing drunk to say anything useful. Such a waste when pretty boys get so drunk…” she added with another yawn.
“Pretty boys?! Is that what women call good looking guys?!” Per laughed.
“Hahaha. No. These guys were boys, they were… twenty-five or something. And they were… mhmmm… boyish. Childish. But not ugly.”
“I see. But you didn’t take one home?”
“Uhm…” he heard some rustling again.
“I looked in the bed. But no, there’s no one here.” She said. Per was silent. Ok, that was probably not the best thing he could have said.
“Per, can I ask you something?” She mumbled.
“Of course.”
“Are you jealous?” her voice was so soft and raw that he wasn’t sure if he understood it correctly.
“Jealous? In what way?”
“Well, me and pretty boys.”
“Oh. Uhm, I think there’s no one to be jealous of, is there?”
“No. But… I sense something. Something in your voice when I tell you that I went out partying or something. And when I talk about men, you get… itchy. Or something.” She said. She wasn’t telling him he did something wrong, she wasn’t speaking in that sort of tone. But Per started to feel uncomfortable. He sighed and cleared his throat and changed his position on the couch.
“I… I don’t know. I guess… yeah, well, I guess I just don’t want to share you.” he spoke softly, almost as if he was saying it to himself. He was fumbling with the buttons on his shirt. She knew he was doing that, she could almost see him do it. He heard her moving in her bed. He recognised the sounds the sheets made; silk has a special kind of rustling.
“Mhm. Mmmm.” Jenny was thinking.
“What? You’re not going to say anything?” Per said when she was silent.
“I don’t know. It’s… it’s so double… I… I’m flattered. But also annoyed. I can’t be jealous.” She said. Her voice had gotten less thick and Per heard that she was sitting up now. He was not following her.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean Åsa. You fuck her and me. But I can’t be jealous of your wife, can I?” she said. She used the explicit words on purpose, to sound harsh. Actually this subject was cutting through her like a stabbing pain. Per didn’t know what to say.
“You’re right.” He only said softly.

“I have another question.” She said after a silent moment. She didn’t wait for him to answer.
“Do you have a good sex life with your wife? I bet you do. I think you fuck her every other day. I think you get all you want.” She said. Her tone was friendly, sleepy, almost childish.
“Jen, come on…”
“No, tell me. Does she suck you? Has she ever swallowed?” she pushed a bit further.
“You are…” he had no words.
“Oh stop it please, don’t be so prudish.”
“What makes you think we have a good sex life?” he wondered.
“Uhmmmm… Åsa is… pretty. She looks good and she’s smart. She knows what she wants and how to get it…”
“Am I right?”
“So, yeah, we have a good sex life.”
“See. Better than with me?” she shot. Per sighed deeply and shook his head.
“That’s not fair. I can’t compare you two.” She knew the question was tricky. Per thought for a moment.
“It’s too different to compare. With Åsa it’s so… familiar. We kind of know by now, after twenty-five years.” He added rather ironically.
“You tell me something.” He said before she could respond.
“Hehe… ok. Fair enough. We had a fling. It lasted too long. He fell in love with me, I dumped him.”
“How long is too long?”
“On and off for about half a year. Remember when he picked up my phone? I left it in his bedroom. The next day I told him it was over.”
“Why did you break up with him?”
“Oh… well… mmm. We didn’t really have a relationship. What we had was sex and we were both free to do whatever we wanted. Actually we didn’t do anything else; it was enough for both of us. We had a strong chemistry.” She said and thought about that for a moment. Yes, the chemistry had been strong indeed. But then she lost interest, because… he came too close.
“Mike is… a surf boy. Blonde, amazing blue eyes, super trained body. Everything about him is perfect. His body makes girls drool. I had no idea why he fell for me, I am three years older. He was too slick. He was… he was too blonde, ‘too’ everything. Too big, also.” She said the last thing softly and with a giggle.
“What? Too big?”
“Yeah… well I think he weighs almost a hundred kilos. All these muscles are heavy. And then, yeah, he was big everywhere… and uhm, I… I’m not. Hehe.” She felt she was blushing.
“You mean, his dick was big. And you’re tight.” Per said very softly. He’d found his comfortable position on the couch again.
“Uhm, yeah. You know that I am not… that I haven’t got much room, there…”
“I know. I don’t mind.”
“I know that you don’t. But Mike, he is big. Really big. Bigger than you, much bigger.” She said to tease him.
“Oh, ok. Should I get a complex now?”
“No, hihi… no way. Big isn’t always good. We had to be careful, or else he would hurt me. Careful was hard for Mike, he was young and wild and rough. He could do it six times a day and then still work a double shift.” She explained. Per sighed.
“Ok, ok, enough, now I am getting a complex.”
“Please, really, you don’t have to be jealous of him… really not.” She said. Her voice got lower.
“Really? Can you compare us?” he said.
“Mmmm yeah. Sure. He did everything faster, rougher… uhm… he was like a young dog, wanting to do everything at the same time and not knowing where to start. It’s funny because he’s had a lot of girls.”
“Hehe. And now you want compliments?”
“Yes.” He said with a grin.
“Alright. You beat Mike in all departments, don’t worry.” She said. Per was glowing but did his best to hide it.
“Details please.”
“Eh… mhm. It’s a relief not to worry about the size… I mean, it’s not very nice when it’s so big. At least not for me. Size is really important. And I think…. Mhm I think you fit very well… in me.” she said with a warm sigh into the phone. Per’s body tingled.
“Go on.”
“You say horny things in bed. You make compliments. You turn me on… oh I am already getting wet when I think of these things, I just… can’t talk about it anymore…”
“Now you’ve really done it.”
“Yes? Are you hard?”
“It’s not fair. I am so wet, you can drown in it… and I want you. I want you so… when can I see you again?” she was panting now and unable to lie still in her bed. Per just breathed deeply.
“I want to feel you there, in me, soon! I can’t wait anymore, I want you…” she just continued. Her thighs clenched under the covers. Per bit his lip.
“I… I don’t know, I can’t just go to Amsterdam without a good reason.”
“You know that Dutch photographer, right? Anton? Can’t you visit him?”
“Hehe. He lives in London.”
“Oh. Shit.”

They were silent for a moment. She heard clicking. Per was going through his journal.

“Milan. In three weeks.”
“What are you doing there?”
“An opening of an exhibition from a friend of mine. Three artists have made one exhibition around the same theme. I’ll arrive Thursday morning, have a meeting with some friends in the afternoon and for dinner, then the opening in the evening. I will spend the night in Milan and fly back to Stockholm the next evening. Maybe I can fly to Amsterdam after the opening… if I hurry…” he was discussing with himself as he talked. Jenny bit her lip.
“That’s a lot of hassle Per… and besides, you will be out of reach for your family. Maybe I can better come to Milan.”
“Could you?”
“Sure. Can you get me an invitation for the opening?”
“Uhm, yeah, but we can’t go together, I know a lot of people there.”
“I know. But then I can make it a work-trip. And I need something to do, of course.”

They decided to meet each other after the opening. They would book rooms in the same hotel and share a taxi from the gallery to the hotel.

Jenny couldn’t stop giggling when she stood in her shower. Oh god… the things he did to her. He made her life so exciting…

The Key
A couple of days later, Per sat at his desk, going through his mail. There was a letter from Holland and he instantly recognised her handwriting. It was a bubbled envelope. There was only a card in it.

“You are welcome anytime…” she had written on the card, and signed with a ‘J’ and kisses. He held the envelope upside down and then… a key fell on his desk. A key on a silver keychain in the form of a ‘J’.

Thursday evening

Jenny cursed when she left the office. On one of the few days of the year that she actually went to the office to work, it was raining cats and dogs. She wasn’t dressed for this weather at all; her thin linen pants were soaked within minutes. She ran to the tram as fast as she could, but missed it. More silent cursing. This day was just fucked, really fucked. But! The editors were considering the Milan-article. She could actually make money while meeting Per, that was good.

The next tram came minutes later, when her hair was already plastered against her face, her white pants now probably see-through and she was shaking all over.

She was talking to herself when she opened the door. Grumbling. She threw her purse one way, shoes the other way, and peeled her blouse off. Even her top was soaked.

It suddenly hit her that there was a bag standing beside the coffee table. A black bag. A bag that was not hers. His scent hit her at the same time. Oh my god. She walked to her bed and moved the curtain. A tiny piece of hair stuck out from under the blankets. The blankets were moving and she heard smothered laughing. She pulled the sheets off him in one motion and jumped on the bed, on top of him. She screamed, and then kissed him.

“I can’t believe it! Aaaah! Hahaha!” she yelled and kissed him more.
“Mmmm… I don’t believe it either… oh… you’re cold!”

She pushed her whole cold, wet body against him. He was naked and warm.
“Nooo! Jenny! My god!”
“Mmmm you’re so warm… how long have you been here?” she said, kissing him throat. She had to wait for his answer because he was kissing her mouth first, and then he turned them around, crawling on top of her.
“Mmm. An hour or so.” He said and pulled her top over her head. Her bra followed quickly. Jenny shivered when his warm hands covered her cold breasts. Goose bumps ran over her body when he kissed and sucked her nipples. His hands worked on her pants and soon she was naked. Naked and shivering.

“Mhhmmmm…” he moaned and ended their kiss.
“Come.” He said and stood up from the bed, taking her hand. She got up and followed him to the bathroom… the tub was filled with warm water and lovely smelling oil. A few small candles lit the bathroom.
“Ooh…” she gasped. Per stepped in and pulled her with him.
“Ohhhh this is good… this is… thank you.” she said, sighing deeply, taking in the warmth from the water.

Per lay back against the end of the tub with Jenny half on top of him, her head resting on his chest. Her tub was just big enough for two people. She had her arms wrapped all around him and her hands caressed him softly under the water. After a silent minute, Jenny moved. Her head went under. Per sighed silently. He would have wanted that moment to last longer. All night. Just laying there in the tub with her…

Jenny put her legs each on a side of his hips and started to kiss him. She tasted faintly of tea and chewing gum. Her mouth was hot. She was almost eating him up. Her body writhed restlessly against him. Per felt he was getting more excited by the second.

“I could just kiss you for the rest of the night.” He breathed into her mouth.
“Mmmm but I want more than that.” she whispered back. Water splashed out of the tub a bit when she lowered her hips. She rotated her hips a bit, teased a little… She was having trouble with her knees because there was not much space. More water splashed to the floor. She slid onto him with her hips and back in an impossible position, her lips still on his.

“Ssssss…” she let out a hissing sound while she pushed further. Per held her face in his hands and looked at her expression. Her mouth was open, water dripped from her face.
“Jen…” he said softly. She opened her eyes and looked at him. They kept the eye-contact while she moved slowly up and down on him.

Suddenly she stopped.
“It… it hurts. We have to get out.” she said with a shy smile. Her back and hips were aching from the unusual position they were in.
“You need a bigger tub.” He replied. She stood up and he was with her right away, his hands on her wet body. He pushed her to the wall and kissed her fast. He lifted one of her legs, held it under her knee against his hip, and pushed into her again.

“Aah! Oh… yes yes…” Jenny leaned her head back against the wall. Per thrust deep and fast. He had lost control, she had made him loose control, he pounded into her, smashing he ass against the wall. His orgasm came as an unexpected wave and trembled through his body.

“Oh shit… Jen… s-sorry.” His voice trembled too. He couldn’t stay on his feet and pulled her to the wet floor. He lay with his head on her chest next to her. He heard her heart beating fast behind her ribs. She giggled.

“What…” he said lazily.
“Uhm… I hope the neighbours didn’t hear us. Hihi.”
“Haha… we weren’t that loud.”
“Excuse me? I think we were quite loud.”
“You too?” he looked up at her.
“Per! Come on!” she said. His face was still a question mark.
“Oh you really didn’t notice, did you?” she said, laughing. He shook his head.
“What? Were you screaming?! Did I miss that?”
“Hahaha… oh… you gave me the best orgasm ever and you didn’t notice… haha!” she was really laughing hard. Per chuckled. He hadn’t noticed anything.
“Do it again then.”
“What? Screaming?!” she said. He nodded.
“Make me.” she said and stuck her tongue out. Per bit his lip. His hands trailed down over her belly and slipped between her legs. She was sticky and slippery.
“I will. Later.” He whispered in her ear.

Later took a while. They both showered quickly and Jenny dried her hair. Per had opened a bottle of wine and they talked for a while, sitting on the couch. Jenny was wearing her robe, Per only had a towel around his waist. She was talking about how great everything had been that day, until the moment she stepped outside and it started to rain cats and dogs. Everything was soaked within minutes, including Jenny herself…

“Later has started.” Per said after they had been silent for a moment. She looked puzzled at first and then started to laugh.
“Sit.” He sat and patted his hand in the middle of the couch. She sat there and Per dropped to the floor in front of her. He opened her bathrobe and spread her legs. He did everything very precise, her looked like a doctor… Jenny giggled. He ignored that and started kissing her inner thighs. He smelled the oil he had put in the bath mixed with her sweetness. This smell drove his senses wild.

Jenny looked at him, biting her lip. He kissed his way up her thighs, from left to right and back. With his fingertips, he carefully opened her lips. His tongue was there suddenly, big and wet and hot. She held her breath, still looking at him. He was licking her up and down and inside and around… he used all the tricks he knew to tease her to the max. She leaned her head back on the couch. Her hands were swirling through his hair, her hips were slightly trembling and she pushed into his face.

“Yessss…” she hissed when he hit the right spot. He already knew that what he was doing would make her crazy…
“Ah… ah…” she moaned softly. Per stopped, Jenny gasped.
“Good?” he asked. She was panting.
“Oh… go on…” she sighed. He looked horny at her and then continued. He gave her exactly what she wanted and he made her scream…

Per left the next morning on a very early flight. Jenny drove him to the airport and nearly killed him with kisses in the car on the parking lot.
The taxi dropped Jenny off at the entrance of the gallery just in time. She was nervous and felt stupid. She was just going to see Per there, what was the big deal… her belly tingled. She had to stand in line a little bit before she could get in. It wasn’t cold outside but it had started to rain softly. She left her coat at the wardrobe. Her camera bag was already heavy on her shoulder and of course didn’t match her outfit at all… she had planned on wearing a simple trouser suit but the invitation had asked for ‘cocktail’. After a long day of shopping, she had found the perfect dress. She would probably wear it only once, and it was generously overpriced, but what the heck…

She was not prepared when their eyes suddenly met. Someone had just started a speech when Jenny glanced at the entrance and looked right into Per’s eyes. He smiled, she blushed. Per felt a jolt in his belly. Oh please, let the evening be over soon…

The exhibition was a special one and Jenny’s chief editor had been thrilled when she heard Jenny was going to the opening. It was set up by three friends, all three of them artists, all from another country. Carlos was a Spanish painter. Ricardo came from Italy and was a sculptor. Andreas was a Swedish photographer… and a good friend of Per.

Jenny wanted to take a lot of pictures and talk to all three of them. The exhibition was interesting for her magazine because of the theme… the guys were showing their interpretation of ‘female pleasures’…

After the usual talks and official opening by a well-known Italian artist, everybody walked around all the pieces. There were pictures, paintings and sculptures by themselves but also in combinations. Jenny talked to Ricardo for a while, who had come up with the theme. She was on her way to Carlos then but ran into Andreas.

“Excuse me, can I ask you a couple of questions?” she asked him in English. Somehow she felt stupid to speak Swedish to him, working for a Dutch magazine. He turned around and smiled widely at her. English also usually gets more attention.
“Of course…” he said and held out his hand. She introduced herself and explained why she was there. His eyes wandered daringly over her face and body. Aha. He was quite a charmer, and good-looking too. Blonde, curly hair fell to his shoulders. He hadn’t shaved and he started to get a bit grey here and there, which gave him a rough look. He was wearing a white shirt with no less than four buttons open, showing off his well tanned, well formed chest. Yes, she got a little bit nervous. But she just went through the questions she had in mind and tried to avoid his flirtations.

“How did you come up with the fruit?” she asked him. Andreas had made pictures of women of course, women who experienced pleasure, but also of fruit. Apples, pineapples, peaches, strawberries… and he managed to make them look like an erotic dream in black and white.

“Don’t you think the strawberries look sexy?” he said and pointed to a huge picture behind them. Jenny smiled politely.
“Yes, I do, but I’m wondering, how can a man get this idea?”
“Oh, I talked to so many women…” he started, but got distracted by something. The next thing that happened was that Andreas was hugging a man. It was Per. They spoke to each other for a moment, in Swedish, and Jenny looked the other way, pretending that she couldn’t understand what they were saying.

“Per! Man, I hadn’t seen you coming in, it’s a mad house here! So great that you could make it!”
“Hehe yes of course! And it is a mad house indeed, everybody wants to talk to you. A lot of press here, too!”
“Certainly, and I’m happy to talk to them, no problem, especially if they look like this…” Andreas lowered his voice a bit.
“Shushhh…” Per said with a chuckle.
“Oh she won’t understand anyway, she’s Dutch. Looks good, no?”
“Hehe… Yes, yes. She is looking this way.”
“Yes. Smile. Maybe she will recognise you.”
“I don’t know…”
“Mhmm I wonder where she’s staying.”
“You don’t have a date tonight?”
“Well, no…”

Jenny tried hard not to laugh. She stopped a waiter who walked by with a plate of drinks. She offered the guys something to get attention and it worked. Andreas switched to English.

“Thank you. Jenny, this is my friend Per Gessle. Per, this very nice lady came from Amsterdam to cover the exhibition for a women’s magazine.”

Per held out his hand and Jenny shook it. She smiled at him and gave him her sexiest look. Andreas saw it.

Jenny continued her talk with him and took a few pictures, also a few with Per. Then Andreas thanked her, they swapped business cards and he kind of turned away from her to Per. Jenny went to the last of the three artists. Per followed her with his eyes when she walked away.

Her dress was black. That had been the only thing she had in mind when she went shopping for a new outfit; it had to be black. She was usually very comfortable in black. The elastic, thin lycra followed every curve of her body. It stopped a few centimetres above her knees. The top was closing around her like a second skin. It had small straps over her shoulders and a deep V-neck, which made it impossible to wear a bra. A little bit of her breasts was visible, it had taken some time before she had gotten used to that. But now she was and had taken her jacket off.

In the toilet, she checked her make up. She had talked to all three of the artists and took pictures of just about everything. Andreas had been staring at her from the other side of the room when she was talking to Ricardo. She just felt it, and met his eyes when she turned around.

Her purse buzzed. Per had sent her an sms.

*I can’t stop looking at you. Where have you gone? That dress…*

She grinned to herself and looked in the mirror for the last time. Good. She looked good. She was quite satisfied with herself tonight, for once.

They were talking to other people all the time but kept looking around, kept searching eye-contact from time to time.

Jenny was looking at a huge painting that Carlos had made from a woman in a bathtub. She was lost in thoughts, looking at the details of the painting when she suddenly felt a presence. She could hear him breath. She turned her head a bit and almost bumped into Per.
“Oh! Ehm, hi… uhm, don’t come so close…” she whispered to him, trying to look casual. Her eyes darted through the room and met Andreas’.
“Andreas is looking at us all the time.” She whispered to him.
“I just… you smell lovely.” He said. His voice was low. He was staring at her breasts. She crossed her arms, which made it worse. Her breasts were now even more visible.
“Let’s go soon.” He whispered huskily. Jenny felt her nipples getting hard.
“Yes, please.”

A little later

It was already after eleven. Jenny was standing alone, watching Per on the other side of the room. He was still saying goodbye to Andreas. Hurry. Please hurry, she thought. She wanted him so much now, it was almost hurting. Finally, he met her gaze. He raised an eyebrow. She pointed her head in the direction of the exit. He bit his lip and grinned. Jenny could feel the hunger in her belly.

She walked to the wardrobe. Not too fast, she wanted to meet him there. She got her coat and camera and hesitated a little. There, he came rushing to the wardrobe, quickly got his coat and walked to the door. Their eyes met shortly. Outside, the doorman asked him if he needed a taxi. Yes, Per wanted a taxi. It was raining again. From a line of taxi’s, one stopped right in front of the door. Jenny walked to him when he held the back door of the taxi open for her. He said down next to her, told the driver where to go and patted her leg with his hand.

“You look good tonight. But I think I already said that.” he said with a warm smile. Jenny’s eyes were dark.
“What took you so long?” she said with a low voice.
“Oh, I can never get rid of that guy… he always has so much to talk about, so many things to tell… why, are we in a hurry?” he looked innocently at her. She laid a hand on his leg and squeezed hard. She nodded.
“Oh… why is that then?” he said, grinning. Jenny needed to swallow. She was incredibly horny. Per seemed almost sober. She beckoned him with her finger. He leaned closer, closer until she could speak in his ear.
“Because I want… no I need you really badly. It almost hurts. It hurts down there and you have to fix it.” she said and licked over his earlobe. Per looked at her shortly and then out the window for a moment. His hand went a little higher on her leg and rubbed her a bit. Jenny crossed her legs with his hand in between. She pulled him to her again, to whisper more in his ear.

“I want you in my mouth. More than anything, I want to suck you. Suck you until you…” he held his hand in front of her mouth. Her hand went higher over his thigh and she felt that he was growing hard.

Per paid for the taxi. They went into the hotel quickly, as the rain was still pouring down. It wasn’t cold though, even warm and a little damp.

The elevator doors closed and Per pulled Jenny to him by her wrist, against the wall, his hands on her hips, his hot lips touching hers… Jenny felt as if the blood was rushing through her veins on top speed.

“Ohh…” she couldn’t help but moan when she felt his tongue in her mouth. She shivered. She was dizzy.
” Jen… are you drunk?” he mumbled to her. She tried to pull him closer but the elevator said ‘PING’ and they had reached their floor. They instantly let go of each other and Per touched his lips to check for lipstick. They stood in the hall alone, there was no one there.

“So… which room?” she whispered.
“Mine…?” he said. She nodded.
“I’ll take a quick shower, come in ten minutes.” He said and touched her cheek. Jenny nodded.
“You…” he whispered when she already turned around to walk away to her room. She looked back at him.
“Don’t take that off.” He said softly, pointing at the dress. She touched her dress and looked at him in question, he nodded.

Jenny freshened up quickly, brushed her teeth, put a bit more perfume on… She went to Per’s room when the ten minutes were almost over. She knocked shortly and he opened instantly. He only had a towel around his waist. His chest was still a bit wet and steam went up in tiny clouds. She didn’t say anything but stood close to him and kissed his wet mouth. Her hands already pulled the towel away and she pushed him in the direction of the bed. He let her and touched her ass lightly. His hands ran up and down the sides of her body, over the slick fabric of her dress. She pushed him onto the bed and he shuffled to a good place in the middle of it. She followed and crawled over him, still kissing. Her hands went over his chest with the water drops still there. He had trouble keeping up with her mouth.

Jenny was panting, pressing herself against him.
“Oh… now I will finally, finally suck you.” she slurred against his mouth. Per moaned in reply and chuckled.
“Why are you so… so determined?” he wondered. Jenny was licking his bellybutton. He bit his lip.
“I just… I just want to…” she didn’t finished but her lips slipped around his member. She wetted the top with her tongue, tickled him a little. Per’s belly cramped and he leaned on an elbow to look at her. She sat on her knees between his legs and held his hardness with one hand, slowly stroking up and down, her mouth following her movements. Per bit his lip and closed his eyes, but then opened them again because he wanted to look at her. He moaned and panted and pushed his hips a little bit up.

“Ohh… oh this… yesss…” Per hissed when she put her lips tighter around the top and made short, quick movements up and down.
“Oh, oh, Jen! Jen, stop… stop,” he panted and touched her shoulder. She slowed down and stopped. Per fell back onto the pillow, catching his breath. Jenny crawled on him again, moaning, kissing his throat, then his ears and his mouth.

“That was too good. Jesus.” He mumbled.

They cuddled for a moment, lying next to each other. His hands touched the part of her breasts that was visible in the dress.
“This dress is fantastic. I love it.” he said with a naughty grin. Jenny giggled. Per pressed his thumb on her nipple and rubbed it through the dress. He watched how it stood up under the fabric. He bent forward and put his lips on it, wetting the fabric with his tongue, then sucking the nipple into his mouth. Jenny turned to her back and Per half on top of her. He heard her breath quicken and moved his attention to the other nipple. He pulled a little bit of the dress away and looked at her breast, caressed it carefully with his fingers, following the curves and lines. She looked at how he licked the nipple, how he tickled it with his teeth… she moaned his name.

“Oh you gorgeous woman…” he moaned and kissed her.
“Mmmm… I want to take it off.” She whispered and started to pull the dress up. Per helped her pull it all the way up and over her head. She was naked now.

“Have you been naked under there all evening?” he asked with his lips on her ear. She laughed and nodded. He ran his hands over her body, caressing her soft skin. She stretched her arms above her head and her body twisted under his hands. He kissed her breasts, in between then, the side, then her belly, her waist… then his mouth was on her throat again. And all the time his fingertips tickled her skin lightly.

He rolled on top of her and between her legs. He looked into her eyes when he entered her, with a little help from his hand. Jenny looked back at him, her mouth a bit open, and smiled when she felt him slip inside. She closed her eyes and sank deeper into the bed, enjoying the adrenaline that shot through her body. Per wrapped himself around her completely, kissing her neck slowly, moving in and out equally slowly… his hand was stroking through her hair and the other held her pressed against him.

They lost time and place completely, the only thing that mattered was their rhythm… the rhythm they knew so well, the best thing they ever knew. He was looking at her face most of the time, looked into her eyes when she opened them. He saw blushes appear on her face when he thrust a bit harder, and he slowed down again. Jenny opened her mouth and panted. Then he slipped out of her.

“Turn to your side.” He whispered hoarsely in her ear. They lay side by side like spoons and he pushed into her again easily. His hand pressed her hip against him. She felt his chest, warm and sweaty against her back. She turned her head a bit to kiss him. He licked her lips and bit her lower lip, softly chewed it between his teeth, grunting and panting. Jenny shivered.
“Oh… go on…” she whispered when he held still. Per’s fingers slipped between her legs and he pressed her most sensitive spot. He circled around.
“Yes, there… ohh!” she panted faster and held onto his arm, pushing herself closer against him. She moved her hips backwards and he slowly started thrusting again. He was nibbling on her ear. He seemed very calm, he didn’t speak, just kissed her and looked at her face.

He felt her whole body tense and she got hot and her insides cramped around him. He pushed a bit harder into her and moved his fingers even faster. She panted fast and high-pitched moans left her mouth when she came… then she sank down against him, taking long deep breaths. They lay still for a moment, Per with his lips on her neck.

“Mmmmm…” she ruffled her hand through his hair.
“Mmmmm…” he answered her moan.
“Yes, it was mmmm…” she whispered. Per chuckled.
“I noticed. You were beautiful.”
“You are just mmm!” she said. Then she rolled away from him and sat up, pushing him to his back.

“Oh man… Jen, I’m not 18 anymore you know…” he said when she sat on top of him. Something made a slurping sound when she slid onto him. He giggled and Jenny had to laugh too. She bent forward to kiss him.

“Thank god you’re not 18. I would not survive an 18-year-old Gessle.” She said and kissed him. She moved her hips gently and studied his face.
“And I bet you look much better now than you did when you were 18.” She said with a sly smile. Per laughed.
“Haha, you might be right!”

“Oh, poor Andreas…” she sighed and sat upright, her hands wandering over his chest.
“What?” Per looked puzzled.
“He was giving me this stare all the time, and I looked at him because he was standing with you, haha.” She said. She started to move her hips up and down a little faster. Per’s hands were on her breasts.
“He said he was planning to call you tomorrow, to see if you were in Milan for a day longer.” Per said.
“What? Really?” she looked at him with her mouth open and had stopped moving her hips, not at all to Per’s liking.
“Yeah… I think you really turned him on…” he said and was laughing to himself.
“What! What did he say about me!” she said, patting his chest.
“Hhehe… he said you were too good to not be fucked by him. And he complimented your dress, of course, and he said you looked so nice and not as thin as all the stupid women he met… and not as brainless as some models he worked with…” Per told her, while stroking her breasts. Jenny was laughing loud. Per thrust his hips upwards hard.

“Haha… oh… sorry, it’s just, oh… so funny… mmm…” she bent down and lay over him, kissing his mouth, pushing her tongue along his teeth. His fingers squeezed her as.
“What is it that you are trying to say, Mr. Gessle, when you move your hips like that.” she whispered between kisses.
“Go on Jen… come on…”
“Come on, what?” she said and pushed down hard.
“Oh! Yes… that…”
“Tell me.”
“Do it!” he said. She had locked him between her thighs and held still again.
“Say it then.” She said with her low voice.
“Say what?”
“Naughty words. I want to hear it…”
” Oh you… oh… fuck me, Jenny.”
” Yes?”
“Yes, please! Mmm!” he pushed his hips up in frustration. Being inside her and not moving was a pain!

Her face stayed right above his and she moved her hips up and down with hard, fast thrusts. He saw how she closed her eyes and bit her lip, her brows frowned in concentration. He held his hands on her hips.

“Yes, yes…” he mumbled. His hips met her thrusts and he felt he was going to explode. Then Jenny sat upright on him, going faster and allowing him deeper inside. That was all he could take. He held her hips in a firm grip and pressed his lips together, afraid to scream if he would open his mouth. She felt him come, shivering, trembling beneath her.

*April/May 2004?*

*November 2004*
It was around eleven in the evening when she called him. Per was walking around in his part of the apartment. It was a bit strange to be alone so many hours of the day, but it made him very creative.

Per and Åsa used to have a huge apartment, which actually existed of two apartments together. They were now divided into two again. Per’s floor was half studio, half apartment. The living room was still big and there were two separate bedrooms and a huge bathroom. The kitchen maybe was a bit poor, but he was not much of a cook anyway…

This particular night, Per was tidying up a bit. Gabriel had been with him all day long. They had been to the park, the zoo and the movies… After Per put him to bed downstairs in Åsa’s part of the house, he had taken a long hot shower. Now he was dressed in a simple white t-shirt and some jogging pants. He was barefoot. The temperature in the house was nice. His hair was a mess but he didn’t give a shit.

And then the phone rang. There was no caller-ID and Per frowned, as it was already eleven.

“Hey you.” Jenny’s warm voice said softly. Per’s heart skipped a beat. He hadn’t heard her voice in a long time.
“Jen, hi…” he stumbled.
“I’m in town.” She played her next card.
“You’re… in Stockholm?”
“Yes. Business. But that’s done. So, ehm, I thought, eh… hehe…” she got shy. She had planned to say ‘business is done and now it’s time for pleasure’. But she hadn’t planned to get so taken by his voice and his presence on the other side of the line…
“Where are you then?”
“I’m sitting at the hotel-bar, lonely. It’s just a block away from your place. I passed your house today.”

Silence for a moment.

“Do you want to come over?” Per asked, trying to sound as self-confident as possible.
“Yes. Are you alone?” She almost whispered it.
“Ehm, Yes. Ok. Hehe. Ring the bell that says ‘F’, that’s me. Then take the elevator to the top floor.”
“Ok. I will see you in five minutes then.”
“Five minutes? Are you that close?”
“Yes! Is that ok? Should I come later?”
“No, it’s ok, I just… uhm, never mind. I wanted to change and stuff, but…”
“You don’t have to change. It’s just me.” ‘And I am going to take it all off, anyways.’ She thought.

So a couple of minutes later, Per opened the door for her. He was still in the simple jogging pants and barefoot. Jenny walked out of the elevator and Per needed to swallow hard. She was wearing tight, dark blue jeans and a fluffy white pullover. But what drew his attention most was her hair; she had dyed it black and it was down. It seemed to be a lot longer than last time, and the wind and a bit of rain outside had made it slightly curly around her face. To go short: she was gorgeous. Per’s heart was beating annoyingly loud when she approached him. She greeted him with a smile and stepped inside. She kissed his cheek softly and then walked to the living room. She was wearing heels so high that she was almost taller than Per. He nearly grunted at the thought of her boots under the jeans… Get a grip Gessle!

“Wow… you have a great house…” she said, looking around. She sat down on the big couch.
“Thanks! What can I get you? Something alcoholic?” he asked, standing beside the couch. She looked at him for a moment, then shook her head.
“No thanks. Come.” She patted her hand on the couch next to her. He sat down in a comfortable position with one leg folded under himself. He looked incredibly cute, too cute, she couldn’t stop looking at him. Her brain had stopped working when she saw his messy hair, bare feet and unshaven cheeks.

“You dyed your hair.” He stated, looking at it. She nodded and blushed – his heart leaped.
“Yes. It’s winter now, time for a change.” She said with a smile.

They sat there for a moment, smiling stupidly at each other. Per picked up her hand from her lap. It was cold and he held it in his own, warm hand.
“Why… uhm, where… is Åsa?” Jenny said softly. It was strange to say her name but she didn’t want to say ‘your wife’ either. Per looked at her, his eyes got wider at her question. He looked away for a moment, stroking his lips with his finger. His grip on her hand tightened.
“She lives downstairs. We’ve… separated.” His voice was raw. Jenny’s mouth was open in surprise. She gasped. He didn’t look at her. He moved on the couch a bit, holding her hand with two hands now.
“How… how did that happen?” She didn’t dare to ask the other question. The thing that she had been scared of all along. If she knew, if his wife knew that they were making love… Per took a deep breath and released it slowly. He looked away, out the window behind them.
“Something wasn’t right, we knew that. We were both ignoring it. Our son… Gabriel made us talk, he noticed… kids know more than we think.” He looked at her again, a sad smile on his face.
“Anyway, we talked, we decided to separate, and now we have filed for divorce.” He said with a flat voice as if he was reading it from a piece of paper. They were both silent for a long time. Per was playing with her fingers between his. She stroked the palm of his hand. They were quiet for what seemed ages. Then suddenly Per spoke again.
“She knows about you and she told me she slept with another man.” He looked into her eyes as if he wanted to look through her. A million messages were hidden in that look but she couldn’t read them. Jenny had no words either. She pulled him to her with her hand that he had been holding and hugged him. They sat like that for a while. She listened to his breath which was a bit unsteady. She stroked his back, his neck, went up to ruffle through his hair.

“How did she know?” she whispered after a while. He let go of her slowly. They leaned against the couch and each other.
“She said I talk in my sleep.” He said with a sheepish smile, his eyes twinkling. Jenny covered her mouth with her hand to hide her laughing.

They stared at each other in silence. Jenny opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. She just looked at him.

“I want you.” she whispered after a while. Her voice was raw, her throat dry. Per’s mouth was a bit open. He stared at her and she could just see the desire in his eyes. She crawled over the big couch to him and kissed him, sitting on hands and knees on the couch. Per closed his eyes and let her kiss him. Her soft lips brushed his cheek a bit, then found his mouth. Soft kisses followed, little kisses, and her tongue came out to lick his lips and slowly slip inside. Per couldn’t hide a grin when he let her lick the inside of his lips without moving. Her tongue found his and they made a slow and sensual dance around. She came closer to him, and closer, and he felt how she sat on his lap. His hands hung in the air helplessly when she devoured him, her kisses getting faster and more passionate by the minute.

Per opened his eyes to look at her. His hands cupped her face, thumbs caressing her cheeks softly. He got completely lost in her kisses. The world stopped turning. He didn’t see anything else but her. Her hair felt soft and a bit damp on his hands. He pushed his fingers through it and massaged the back of her head. Jenny shuffled forward a bit more, closer to him, as close as possible. Per leaned his head back on the side of the couch and Jenny was hanging over him, her hair covering the sides of her face. His hands crept under her pullover. There was nothing under it. Goose bumps rose on her back when his fingers touched her.

She was biting and sucking his lower lip softly. Per was just shaking with desire, he could hardly find his voice.

“L-let’s go upstairs…” he mumbled. She let go of him immediately and stood up. He stood up as well, after rearranging something in his pants. He took her hand and pulled her with him, leading her up the stairs and to the bedroom.

He switched the small lamp beside the bed on and turned to her again. They stood beside the bed together, little more than a meter between them. Jenny giggled and looked at the floor.
“What…” he said with a smile. She shrugged and looked up at him. Oh, that look, he thought.

Jenny started. She took her boots off one by one and threw them in a corner of the room. Then her jeans, but not too fast. His eyes on her felt good and she wanted to keep that feeling a little longer. Her pullover went over her head teasingly slowly and then she stood there only in a little red thong. Per looked at her with a grin. She laughed nervously and covered her chest with her arms.
“Go on, this isn’t fair. I feel naked.” She said softly and gestured with her arm in the direction of his pants. Per chuckled. Then he quickly pulled the t-shirt over his head. He pulled his pants down a bit until they easily slid down his legs, and he stepped out of them.

She was close to him suddenly when he looked up and she put her hands on his chest. She looked where she touched and seemed to inspect him. He took her chin with his fingers to kiss her. Her hands lingered around his waist and she squeezed him softly, then harder, and more, until she tickled him.
“Uff!” Per said before he collapsed.
“Stop that! Jen… you know I… aaah! Hehehe…” He tried to get her wrists but she didn’t let him, and was biting his neck at the same time. He had no other choice than to throw her on the bed and cover her with his body, holding her hands above her head.

“There. Now be a nice girl ok?” he said in a childish voice. Her hands were above her head now so all she could do was nod. She spread her legs and he sank in between. He pushed his hips forward, grinding his hard member against her. She wiggled her hips. He released one hand to touch her breast. He held it in his hand to kiss and caress and massage it, looking how her soft flesh moved under his hand.

He leaned to one side a little so he could watch how he entered her. He took it slow, easing himself in and out of her in a steady rhythm. Jenny looked at his concentrated face. He was caressing her body, felt the tightness in her belly and teased her nipples a bit more. Then his hand came up to her face and he stroked her cheek and her lips. She opened her lips and his finger went into her mouth. They didn’t speak. They only had that rhythm. Now he looked at her too and their eyes stayed in contact for the longest time. Neither looked away. His eyes were blurred, dazed, horny… he smiled at her, biting his lip. His finger was still in her mouth. She sucked it, swirled her tongue around.

He moved on top of her and removed his finger from her mouth. He kissed her slowly, in tune with their rhythm. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled her legs up. He slipped deeper into her and she gasped against his lips. His eyes still stared into hers. The hypnotizing, soft brown had become a bit darker and more alert. She just couldn’t look away, had to hold to his gaze.

“Mmmmhh…” she moaned when he went faster. He pulled her legs up and around his hips. Jenny lifted her hips to him and with a somewhat upwards thrust, he managed to hit exactly the right spot…
“Aaah! Ohoh…” Jenny screamed when she felt him there, then laughed over her own reaction. But he already thrust again, and again, and he pushed over the edge so quickly, she had to hold on to his shoulders. He followed her within a second.

He buried his face in her neck, panting heavily. He leaned on his knees so he wouldn’t put his whole weight on her.
“Ohhh… oh my. Honey, your nails.” He whispered. Jenny only now noticed that she had dug her nails into his right shoulder. She removed her hand and looked at the red scratches…
“Oh… oops! I’m so sorry, does it hurt?” she said, worried, kissing his cheek. Per grumbled something. Then his head came up. He tried to see the damage.
“No, not really… ow, that looks really bad! What are you, catwoman?!” he said and took her hand to inspect her nails. She had nicely manicured nails, not too long but also certainly not short either. She giggled.
“See it as a trophy. It means you did something right.” She said, laughing. Per rolled his eyes.


Sex, talk, sleeping. He asks her to stay the next morning. She cooks for him! Food and love go very well together. The thing of them in the kitchen and Per wanting attention and kissing her lower back, that could go here.

“Per! Do you have a… ehm, an ehm,…” Jenny called him from the kitchen. When he came in, she was sitting on her knees on the floor with her head in the cupboard.
“A what?” he asked, trying not to laugh. The kitchen was a big chaos. Two big bags of groceries seemed to have exploded all over the place.
“Never mind.” she said and started to arrange the groceries around her. She felt Per’s eyes on her. It was silent around them except for the occasional soft buzz from the fridge.

“So, uhm, what are you making?” Per said. He was leaning on the other side of the so-called ‘cooking-island’, which was in the middle of the kitchen.
“You’ll see.” she said softly with a grin. She put a pan of water on to boil and started with cutting vegetables. Per looked at the fast movements of her hands, how she handled the big knife he couldn’t remember ever using.
“Be careful, that thing is sharp.”
“I know. It’s a good knife.” she answered. All equipment in his kitchen was good, and most of it never used.

A smell came into Per’s nose.
“Is it fish?” he guessed.
“Shushhh! It’s a surprise. You never ate it before.” she said without looking up. Still cutting vegetables.
“How do you know that!”
“I just do.” she said and stuck her tongue out at him. The water was boiling now and she added rice, enough for two.
“Fish with rice?” Per said, standing next to her and looking how she poured the rice in the pan. Jenny rolled her eyes.
“Oooooh! Don’t you have some songs to write or something?!” She said and pushed him against the fridge. He grabbed her and kissed her quickly before she could walk away.
“Mmmm… no.” he said, kissing her more, making smacking sounds. His hands had lowered to her ass and he was moulding it firmly through her jeans.
“Hey, do you want dinner or what?”
“Mhhhm I think I changed my mind…” he said, licking her lips. Jenny grabbed his sides and squeezed hard.
“OW! Oh no, hahahaha, no no stop! Aaah!” he said and let go of her face, grabbing her wrists. Jenny went back to her vegetables.
“Here, you can cut the leek.” She said and pushed two big leeks, a board for cutting and a knife his way. Per looked at her for a moment, still panting and rubbing his sides, and then stared at the leek.
“Ehm, ok…”
“Remove the green part and cut the white part into small rings, like that.” she pointed at a bowl with some leek she had already cut. Per nodded. Ok then. No problem.

Talk, bla bla.

After Dinner
Jenny cuddled up to Per. His arm was around her and his fingers tickled through the hair behind her ear. The news was boring. Jenny’s eyes kept closing. She wrapped her leg over Per’s and pushed her body closer against him. His fingers in her hair worked hypnotising. She almost fell asleep. She moved her head a little bit. Her nose touched the skin above the line of his v-neck t-shirt. Mhm. That smelled nice. She kissed him there, then higher, and higher… his mouth was there suddenly, leaning down to meet hers. Softly, slowly, they kissed. Jenny found the remote control when she climbed on his lap. She turned the TV off without letting go of him and Per chuckled with his lips on hers.

The phone rang… Per’s home phone was laying on the table and it made a high, annoying sound. He grunted and cursed. He leaned forward with Jenny on his lap and picked up the phone.

“Hello? Heeey Lasse! How’s it hanging man! Yeah! Yes indeed!” he said, rolling his eyes at Jenny. She reached for her glass on the table and took a few sips of wine. She stayed on his lap. Her hands disappeared under his t-shirt, rubbing, caressing, tickling here and there, while she kissed his throat.

“Yeah yeah, I know. Yes. Uhuh. Oh really?! She seriously told you that? When?” Per talked on, a bit absentmindedly looking another way.
“Hehehe… yeah… mhm.” He kept on talking. Jenny kept on kissing him. He gasped softly when she licked his ear. She felt tension in his legs when she started to suck his earlobe.
“No, no I definitely didn’t expect it. I… yeah exactly. You expect that something like that goes on and on and… yep. Uhuh.” Per kept talking. Jenny guessed they were talking about Per’s divorce.

Per turned his mouth away from the phone and bit his lip when Jenny squeezed his hard part. He was getting very excited. She could hear his voice was getting lower while he tried to keep the conversation going. He was also looking for a way out of the conversation, but his friend obviously had a lot to talk about. Jenny couldn’t wait anymore, she was hot and she wanted him! Now! She slid down his lap and lowered herself to floor, sitting between legs. Quickly and without a sound, she opened up his jeans. Per looked at her with his mouth open, horror on his face.

“Yes. Mm. Yes. Lasse, I… yes. Uhuh. Yes but… ok. Yeah.”

Jenny licked the tip of his penis, closely watching his reaction. Per looked at her but then turned his head the other way. She took him in her mouth and sucked him in. Per held his breath. Lasse was still talking. Jenny moved her head up and down on Per’s lap while pressuring his penis with her tongue. Per let out a little puff.

“Lasse, I really have to… g-gho. Yes, I am… uhuh. Hehe. Ohhj. No nothing, but I have to go. Yeah I will. Yes. Yep, Lasse, have fun tomorrow, we’ll speak soon… bye!”
Per dropped the phone on the floor next to the couch. He leaned his head back and moaned loudly.
“Oooooh… oooh… Geeeez…” he panted and writhed on the couch, his hand in Jenny’s hair. Jenny stopped, stood up and pulled her jeans and panties down and her shirt over her head. She sat on his lap completely naked. He pulled her face to him for a breathless kiss.

“Bitch.” He whispered. Jenny giggled. Per’s hands squeezed the flesh on her hips and pushed her down on his length.


She goes back home and they are totally mushy on each other… lot of e-mails, lot of sms, lots of phone calls.

Jenny stretched her arms above her head and yawned a little. She looked around and smiled to herself. It was strange to be back in Halmstad after so many years, and with such different intentions than before… She took her suitcase and walked over the track and around to the front of the station. She sat down on a bench and crossed her legs. She was wearing a short jeans skirt and a simple white top. A jacket was draped over her small suitcase. She kicked off the high heeled open shoes she was wearing; he would probably be too late anyway…

At the moment she thought that, a dark blue Mercedes turned up in front of the station. He rolled forward until he stopped right at her feet. It was a brand new Mercedes sports car with tinted windows. Jenny stood up and took her sunglasses off. The car-door opened and Per got out. He walked towards her and pulled her to him for a hug.

A short, friendly hug. That was what she had prepared for. So that no one would suspect anything. Low profile. But instead, he put his whole body into the hug and held her close to him for seconds. He even moaned softly in her neck. One of his hands was caressing her lower back. She carefully pushed him away after a moment.

He kissed her cheek shortly, then picked up her suitcase and threw it in the car. Jenny walked around the car and got in. Per drove away even before she had fastened her seat belt. The inside of the car smelled of new leather. A CD was playing softly.

“So, did you have a good trip?” he asked and glanced at her. His smile was shining all over his face. Jenny blushed a bit, she didn’t know why.
“Yeah, it was fine. The flight was short, the train trip boring. I almost finished a whole book!” She said and looked out the window. The air conditioning in the car caused goose bumps on her legs.

His kiss came as a complete surprise, but suddenly his lips were on hers. He had to wait for a traffic light and kissed her just like that. Then he grinned at her and drove on. He was driving fast, a bit too fast. Maybe he wanted to impress her, or maybe he was just in a hurry. He was for sure taking the curves too fast and there were quite many. Jenny made a soft, hissing sound every time. It was her breath that was stalling. She probably didn’t even notice that she was doing it, but Per did. He recognised the sound. She also made this sound in bed, when he entered her sudden and fast or just hard, or when he shoved a finger unexpectedly deep inside her… these thoughts almost made his vision blurry. Shit, he was horny. He had wanted to see her for so long. He had waited many weeks, discussing with himself what the best move was, how they could spend time and where.

“Sssss…” there, she made the sound again. But this was the last curve, Per was driving through his own street now and slowed down. They hadn’t talked much.

“Well, here we are.” He said softly when the gate opened. He parked the car in one move, then he turned to her.
“Come here…” he said and laid a hand in her neck. She turned to him and they kissed each other hungrily. Her hands wandered over his bare arms. One of his hands went to her legs.
“Oh…” he gasped when they ended the kiss.
“What the hell are you wearing, Jen, what are you doing to me?!” he said softly, caressing up and down her legs.
“Well, it’s hot…” she tried to defend herself.
“Ohh… oh yes it is…” he moaned into her mouth.

After a moment, he stopped kissing her and took her face in his hands, looking at her face.
“Gabriel is here.” He said out of the blue. Her mouth fell open.
“Everything is out now, everybody knows the divorce is almost through. Even the press. Gabriel understands what’s going on and he knows you are coming over.” he quickly filled her in.
“Eh… oh… so I am meeting your son today?” she asked. Per nodded.
“Yes. He knows about you, he heard Åsa and me talking. Åsa is not well at the moment and she asked me if Gabriel could stay here, so… I hope you don’t mind.” He said, looking questioningly at her. Jenny smiled.
“No, no of course not. It’s just a bit… a bit sudden, that’s all. Is he home now?” she asked.
“Yes, my plan was to take you both out for dinner at the hotel, in a few hours.”
“Ah. Ok.”
“Really ok?” he asked when she was silent. Jenny nodded.
“It’s just… a pity that some things have to wait then…” she said very softly, her hand on his upper leg. He grabbed her wrist before she could touch him somewhere else.

Per carried her suitcase to the bedroom.
“Are you sure it’s ok that I sleep here, with Gabriel under the same roof?” Jenny asked softly while he placed her suitcase beside the bed. Per laughed and grabbed her waist, pulling her to him. He squeezed her ass. The skirt was so short that his fingers almost went under it.
“Do you want to sleep in the other room?” he asked hoarsely. Jenny bit her lip and shook her head with a grin.

“Can I wear this to the hotel?” she asked Per, pointing at her skirt. He caressed the inside of her thigh.
“Oh please do.” He hissed in her ear.
“You have to stop Per!” she told him with a finger in the air.
“Stop? I have barely started…” he mumbled with his mouth in her neck.
“No, seriously, we can’t behave like this when your son is there. Or anyone else, for that matter.” She looked into his eyes. He knew she was right.
“I know. No touching when Gabbe is around.”
“Yes. We can wait, right?” she said the last thing with a teasing grin.

Gabriel was in his room. Per knocked first and then his head came around the door.
“Hey you.” he said.
“Hey.” Gabriel replied without looking up from his laptop.
“Do you want to come down for a moment and meet Jenny?” Per asked, trying to sound normal. Gabriel looked at him for a moment, then nodded and looked back at the screen.
“We’re going to sit in the garden.” Per added. No response.

It was a bit weird to sit in Per’s huge garden. The table and chairs and cushions and accessories were carefully put together. Jenny saw a woman’s touch in that; it must have been Åsa who chose the furniture. She startled when Per came out. She gasped and put a hand on her chest.

“It’s just me!” he said and sat down in a chair on the other side of the table.
“Yeah, sorry, I’m just a little tense. It’s… it’s a bit strange to be here.” She said, looking at her hands. Per touched his lips with his fingers. He wondered again if he had made the right decision with bringing her here. He wanted to say something but didn’t really know what, but then Gabriel came out.

“Hi, I’m Gabriel.” He said to Jenny and held out his hand. She shook it firmly and smiled at him.
“Hi Gabriel, I’m Jenny. Nice to meet you.” she said. He sat down on the chair between Per and Jenny. Per poured him some lemonade. After some silence, Per asked him what he had been up to that afternoon. Gabriel told him he had almost reached the final level of some computer game and Per was really impressed.
“You’re from Holland, right?” Gabriel said with his head slightly turned her way. Jenny nodded.
“I heard they already have Tekken 6 in Holland. It’s not available here yet.”
“Yes, we do. Except I am still stuck in 5.” Jenny said. Gabriel didn’t reply, he was impressed. He looked at her again from the corner of his eye. She saw the same charming shyness as Per had, exactly the same look. At the same time there was a sort of calmness, serenity almost, over the boy which he probably got from his mother. His dad was less relaxed, neurotic sometimes.

They went to the hotel in another car. A Porsche this time, a huge family car with room for eight people. Per and Jenny were already sitting in the car, waiting for Gabriel. Per’s fingers trailed over her knee. She pushed his hand away and smiled at him. He got all warm inside when he saw that smile.

This part below is going to be deleted. I will write out these things in situations, between the meeting in sthlm and the one here in hstd. I was thinking, perhaps they can meet somewhere by accident. Per is going to Milano for some shopping or whatever, or maybe he is going to a new gallery that is being opened, or a fashion show. And Jenny turns out to be in the same hotel for a conference which she has to attend for work…

{Per had thought about her a lot lately. After her unexpected visit in Stockholm last winter, a lot of things had changed. First of all, he had talked with Åsa and they had started the divorce procedure already before December. Second, he thought about Jenny all the time. They spoke on the phone a lot, sent many e-mails and sms-es and behaved like two young people in love. They didn’t mention it though, neither of them dared to discuss their relationship. Per’s fiftieth birthday kind of flew over. Åsa and Gabriel had already moved to another apartment and Per just had a small party at home for his family and closest friends. After that, the press had started to wonder about his marriage. Per and Åsa managed to keep it silent until everything was final, somewhere in March. Jenny was away during that time. She had made some big trips this year. From March to May, she had been in Asia. She was impossible to reach most of the time and the few chances he got to talk to her had been very intense.

Now it was July. Finally there was some peace around Per again. The press had followed every step he took from the moment they found out about the divorce. Until they finally realised there was nothing more to write really, and now they were out of sight since the beginning of this month. Per had the feeling he was able to breathe again. And to see Jenny.}

They arrived at the hotel quickly. Per had listened to Jenny and Gabriel who discussed their Tekken 5-techniques on the way there. He grinned. It went quite well. He parked his car in the special spot and they entered the hotel through the lobby. Per walked in front of Gabriel and Jenny. He greeted some people and then they went up some stairs, through a hall, and ended up in the restaurant. There were only a few other people there eating. They got a table in a quiet corner of the room. Jenny put her hand on Per’s arm to make him look at her. She smiled when their eyes met. There was an enormous tension between them; the air was so thick it could be cut into pieces. They managed to stay relaxed surprisingly well, she thought.

“Where’s the bathroom? I really have to go.” She said softly. Per told her. She stood up and walked away through the door. He stared at her legs and ass until she was around the corner.

“Not bad, Gessle, not bad at all!” Per heard in English behind him and he recognised the voice immediately. Unmistakable London-accent. Per stood up from the table and turned around.
“Phil, it’s been a long time, how are you!” he said.

Phil was a businessman from London who often had business to do in Halmstad. They had met on a party once and Per hadn’t been able to get rid of him ever since. Phil figured they could be friends, as they were both rich and in business. He never understood that Per wasn’t really ‘in business’, he probably just liked the fact that he knew the partial owner of the hotel he was staying in. The ‘not bad’-remark had been about Jenny.

“That was a nice set of legs, Gessle, is that your new score? Eh? I heard you lost the misses?” Phil said, his arm around Per’s shoulders.
“Eh, hehe, well, score, I wouldn’t call her that Phil. She’s a friend.” Per tried to smile as relaxed as he could. Other people in the restaurant glanced somewhat annoyed at the two loud men, and then looked again when they recognised Per.
“Just a friend? Are you sure?” Phil lowered his voice, thank god, to a trusting tone.
“Hey, come on, I am a decent man!” Per said with a wink.
“And his English is far too good for his age.” He added whispering, pointing at Gabriel. Phil got the hint.
“Ok ok, hehehe, well Per, my friend, I wish you a pleasant evening with your son and your ‘friend’, ok, have fun.” He said and left. He had just gone back to his seat when Jenny returned.

“Sorry that it took so long, the whole bathroom was invaded!” Jenny said and sat down with a sigh.
“Oh too bad you just missed Phil.” Per said, gazing at Phil’s table. They were looking. Per waved, Jenny smiled at them.
“Who’s Phil?” she said to him with the same polite smile still on her face. Per chuckled.
“Uhm, Phil, yeah, I have no idea actually. But he thinks we’re friends. And he ehm,” Per hesitated. Gabriel helped him out.
“Phil and my dad were both looking at your legs and Phil said you were a nice score.” He summed up dryly. Per’s jaw dropped, Jenny started laughing and couldn’t stop. She held her hand over her mouth, trying not to make too much noise but she was really hysterical. Gabriel looked at her and then started giggling too. Per looked stupidly at them.

The waiter approached them and Jenny and Gabriel pulled themselves together.

“You are something. That was very funny. I guess it was true, too?” Jenny said to Gabriel when the waiter had left. Gabriel nodded. His eyes also had the same naughty twinkle as his dad’s, especially now when he knew that he was very funny.

“What?” Jenny said. Per had been staring at her for at least a minute. They were sitting in the garden with a glass of wine and a little candle burning on the table. It was already after midnight and Gabriel had gone to bed a while ago. Jenny was half lying in her chair, her legs resting on Per’s lap. His soft, warm hands were stroking her legs. He smiled at her and shook his head, then looked at her legs again. She kicked him softly.
“What were you thinking?” she requested again. He looked at her again.
“I was thinking about the last time we met. Stockholm. Do you know how long ago that is?”
“Eight months.” She said promptly.
“Correct. Did you guess?”
“No. I thought about that on the train this morning.”
“I was figuring out how long ago it was that I had sex.” She added a bit softer. Per raised one eyebrow. Jenny’s feet moved in his lap. She pushed one of them against his crotch.

It was actually something Per had spent a lot of time thinking about; if Jenny was sleeping with anyone else beside him.

“And what?” she didn’t understand.
“How long ago was it?” he asked, looking at her feet.
“Well, eight months.” She said as if that was logical. Per looked at her again with this searching look in his eyes. He was starting to grow hard under her foot. His eyes made her uncomfortable. She got up from her chair and climbed on his lap.

“You shouldn’t think so much.” She said softly, his face in her hands.
“Look who’s talking…” he gave back. She shook her head and then kissed him, her fingers in his hair. He put his hands on her legs carefully.
“Two days… is not enough… for all the things I want to do with you…” she sighed in between kisses. Per chuckled and pulled her closer to him. The chair made a squeaking sound and both sat completely still for a moment.
“Let’s go, I don’t think the chair will hold much longer.” Per stated. He took the wine, the glasses and the candle inside and to the kitchen.

“I’m going to take a quick shower, ok?” Jenny said while Per was tidying the kitchen. He nodded at her. He was stalling. He had been stalling all day. He was filled with mixed feelings. He wanted her more than anything but at the same time he was insecure. Were his feelings for her real or not? Either way, he had to make a move. This unsure situation made him crazy. He needed some kind of steadiness in his life. Åsa had been that factor before and now that she was gone, Per felt like his life was one big free fall.

Per was not in the room yet when Jenny came out of the shower. She had taken the big robe that hung in the bathroom. It was Per’s, it smelled like him. She brushed her teeth and combed her hair, sitting on the bed.

Per came in with a white towel around his waist.
“I used the shower in the hall. Nice robe.” He said. His chest was as tanned as his arms and his body was in good shape. Jenny’s eyes wandered over the grey hairs on his chest, to his belly. He crawled on the bed and sat on hands and knees in front of her.
“So, eight months eh… that’s a long time.” He whispered. Jenny nodded and smiled at him.
“I’m not sure if I still know how to do it.”
“Oj… don’t worry, I will teach you.” he said, and then his lips landed on hers. As they kissed, she lay down and he crawled on top of her. Her hands went over his shoulders and arms and to his back. She stopped him when he was about to undo the robe.
“I… uhm…”
“What is it, babe?” he asked.
“I-it’s very stupid, but, uhm, I gained some weight.” She said shyly. Per kissed her neck and giggled.
“Oh… so?”
“So, I don’t know, I just… I have more fat than eight months ago. And it looks as if you only gained muscles.” She added the last thing softly. He looked at her again.
“I have been working out more, yes, can you really tell the difference?” he was truly surprised. Jenny nodded, stroking his well-formed arm again.
“Let me see those extra pounds then…” Per whispered and pulled the bathrobe away. He caressed and kissed and rubbed and sniffed her everywhere he could. The stubble on his cheeks tickled her belly and she laughed.
“I don’t know what fat you mean exactly but I love all of it… I can just eat you up…” he said with his mouth now on her breast.

Suddenly he stopped, lifted his head and listened carefully. He heard something. He got up from the bed and tiptoed to the door. Very carefully, without making a sound, he turned the key in the lock.
“What was that?” Jenny whispered.
“I think that was Gabriel walking through the hall.” Per said, also whispering.
“Oj. Do you think he heard us?” Jenny asked, sitting up. Gabriel’s bedroom was a bit further down the hall.
“I don’t know, but I don’t think he heard what we were saying.” Per came back onto the bed and pulled her to him.
“We just have to be very silent…” he whispered to her mouth and kissed her.

So very silently, she took off the bathrobe and he got rid of his towel. His body was still a bit damp when he lay on top of her. She smelled a hint of shower gel, but most of all his body scent. His legs touched hers and felt tight, hard almost. His knee pushed her knees apart. She bit her lip and smiled when she felt something hard press against her leg. She moved her hips around a bit… and a bit more… and pushed her wetness against the tip of his penis. Per stopped kissing her throat and looked into her eyes. His mouth was a bit open, his tongue resting on his lower lip. He was breathing slowly but heavily. She dared him with her eyes and wiggled her hips a bit more. He pushed forward and she opened her mouth but didn’t make a sound. As slowly as he could, he pushed deeper.

“Ssss…” there was her sound again, a sound that shot right through Per’s belly. Now he couldn’t be so slow anymore… he pulled out and then back in, faster and deeper than before. Jenny’s mouth opened and she threw her head back, her hands squeezing his shoulders.
“Ohh…” she sighed.
“Shh…” Per panted. He thrust again. Another fast, deep thrust and then he rested.
“Go on… go…ohhh…” she whispered very softly. Per didn’t move. He was trying very hard to push back his orgasm. For one silent moment, all he heard was the pounding of his heart. Her hands stroked over his chest, her fingers went through the soft grey hairs. He kissed her forehead. Her hands went down along his sides over to his ass. She pulled her legs up and wrapped them around him. He kissed her cheek, close to her ear.

“You feel so good…” she whispered barely audible in his ear, he hands squeezing his ass. His belly tightened a bit when he thrust into her again. He didn’t want it to end, not yet, not before he had seen her pleasure first. He turned them around, so that she was on top. Her hands were everywhere; his chest, his arms, his belly… She rocked her hips back and forth softly and sat straight up. Her hair was hanging in her face. Per’s hands followed the lines of her body, her soft hips and her round breasts with the hard, pink nipples. She stared at him from behind her hair when his hand went down over her belly. His thumb searched and found the right sport. Her hips moved faster and faster, back and forth, in and out. She panted and soft, high sounds left her mouth.
“Shush…” Per whispered to her.
“Aaah… aaah…” she sighed. Per stopped and sat up so that she now sat on his lap.
“Silent honey, silent.” He hissed to her. Her movements on him became wilder. With him sitting up like that, she could push her hips down harder and faster. Per gasped and held her tight against him, both his arms around her back. She laid her head on his shoulder, her lips against his neck. Her movements became somewhat uncontrolled and he felt a shiver go through her body. He bit his lip when his body tightened, holding his breath to prevent himself from screaming out when he came.

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