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Pay the Price

November in Stockholm is rainy, cold and dark. It was barely five in the afternoon, and angry clouds assembled over the city. In a nice part of town, a women got into a bathtub that was filled with steaming water and fragrant oil. This ordinary Wednesday was quite special, as it didn’t happen often that she had a whole day and evening to herself.

She almost nodded off when a phone started ringing. The screen on her phone next to the bath was dark, the device silent. With a sigh, she slipped lower into the tub and hid under the water. When the phone stopped ringing, she came up again, only to hear that it rung again right away. Huffing with frustration, she slowly got up and wrapped a big towel around her dripping body.

“Really?” She said when she picked up the phone.
“Sweetheart, I know it’s your day off! I’m sorry!” Her boss sounded appropriately apologetic.
“This better be good.”
“It is, I promise! Well, it can be, and I really need your help. I’m stuck. Everybody is booked tonight.”
“Ok, get on with it, Hannah.”
“Ok, ok! I got a high roller for you. Seriously, this guy is loaded. You are perfect for him.”
“Is that a yes?”

The woman stayed silent, and Hannah hurried to explain.

“Ok, well, right now, or ASAP. He’s at some club and wants you to meet him there.”
“A club? On a Wednesday evening at… Barely six?”
“Yeah well, I don’t know what millionaires do with their time, but obviously they can do whatever the hell they want. Will you do it?”

A sigh came through the phone.

“How much?”
“Twenty thousand, all night.”
“Twenty? You mean-”
“That’s your share, yes.”
“Ok. I’ll do it. Any requests?”
“Oh thank god. I love you. He requested a classy, black tie outfit and luxurious lingerie. Nothing slutty. A female with curves, brown eyes, long dark hair. You’ll go to the club and pick him up, flirt with him. He’ll take you to a hotel.”
“And that was all? He didn’t ask for anything… Weird?”
“Noting weird, I think what he wants is pretty basic. The most important thing is discretion. He’s famous. You can’t talk to anyone about this.”
“Of course. Ok, I’ll better go get ready. Send the car in… 30 minutes.”
“Thank you so much! You’re my favourite, you know that, right?!”

She hugged the fluffy towel around her a little bit more, but then reluctantly started to dry off. Slowly she walked into her walk-in closet. Black tie… That meant a long dress, elegant shoes and an up do. The mirror showed a torrent of dark brown curls falling over her shoulders. It was always a challenge to tame them, whatever the occasion.

She picked out a fancy, burgundy set of a thong and bra. They were nearly see through, with black lace lining. The fabric was smooth and wouldn’t show up under a tight dress. After some consideration, she went with a simple black gown. It was stretchy, showing all her curves without being too obvious, and went down to her calves. Long enough to be appropriate, while still showing off ankles and shoes.

She kept her make up simple. A natural foundation, black lined eyes, a generous amount of mascara and a matte lipstick that matched her underwear.

A car pulled up at the building just as she slipped on a pair of velvet pumps.

“Evening, gorgeous. You look especially fine today,” said the driver with a wink into the rear-view mirror.
“Thanks, Pablo. I heard this is a black tie affair, so here I am wearing a long dress on a Wednesday night!”
“I’m sure he will approve.”
“How long do I have?” She asked, meeting his eyes in the mirror while he drove out of her street.”
“About twenty minutes.”

With a nod, she got to work on her hair. She mussed it up with some foam, and then pinned it up with a large clip. Strands that fell over the clip were secured with a few bobby pins, and the ones in the front were modelled to her liking.

“We’re here,” Pablo said, halting the car in front of an old-style, gothic building.
“The gentlemen’s club, really? How old is this guy anyway?”
“He has to be over fifty if he comes here!”
“Ok, well. How do I get in, and how will I find him?”
“You’re on the list, and your name is Miss Jansson,” Pablo explained. She sighed – what an original name. “And finding him won’t be difficult, it’s Per Gessle.”

She stared at him, her perfectly painted lips forming a small o.

“You know, the singer.”

The singer. Pablo and she were both not Swedish, but they knew this guy. He was impossible to miss, all Swedes loved him. He was also her teenage idol, and she’d met him before. A slight panic constricted her throat and she stared at Pablo with wide eyes.

“Honey? Is there a problem?” He turned around in his seat and looked at her worriedly.
“No, I… I just… I never expected…”
“You wanna go?”
“No! No, I can do this. I’m just… God I just hope I can keep my cool and don’t end up in any tabloids.”

Per Gessle was the most eligible bachelor in the country, in spite of his age. He’d been around the block a few times, but as many pop stars, he hadn’t been able to settle. It was not really that much of a surprise that he would seek help in… Satisfying his needs, or whatever it was that he was after. He had the money and the power, and she couldn’t fault him for trying. After all, he didn’t just pick up a junkie hooker from the street – he’d called an exclusive escort service. Not that she got paid 20.000 kroner all the time, but still… They weren’t cheap.

With her heart hammering in her chest, she walked up to the doorman with a practised air of confidence. Her fake name was on the list, and she stepped inside. The club was pleasantly warm and surprisingly crowded. It was just a week day, but there were groups of people situated everywhere. It was a luxurious, stylish affair, and she felt slightly out of place.

She went straight for the bar and ordered a drink. It would be the only one she’d have tonight, but drinking water would look strange here. Everybody was sipping expensive champagne, old whisky and other things that she couldn’t stand the taste of. The red wine was bitter and strong.

Gazing around the room, she found him quickly. He occupied a cosy spot in a corner, with some leather couches and lounge chairs around a small coffee table. She recognized one of the men in his group as a politician, and two others were Gessle’s band members. The rest looked like businessmen.

She wasn’t sure what his plan really was. Why did he want her to pick him up in a club like this, with dozens of eyes on them? Did he have something to prove? It might just be that he was looking to make some sort of statement, as the tabloids had been teasing him relentlessly about his single status.

After staring intently at him for some time, he noticed her and their eyes met. She wanted to be confident and in control, but somehow felt shy.

Per had been waiting for some sort of sign that the woman he called for had arrived. The eye contact was sudden and unexpected, and then he couldn’t look away. A stunning young woman stood all alone at the bar and looked at him. She smiled shyly when he returned the gaze, but didn’t turn her eyes away. Could that be….?

He excused himself to go to the bathroom, but took a detour to a part of the bar where his friends couldn’t see him. She followed his move and casually sat down next to him.

“Hello, miss…” He held out his hand.
“Jansson, hi,” she said with a radiant smile.

Her hand was soft in his, her grip firm.

“You are stunning.” He hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but there it was. She looked away and chuckled.
“Thank you, Mr Gessle. Can we talk about your plan for tonight?” She sipped her wine and looked expectantly at him.
“Yes, well, I’m sitting over there with a group of guys. I want us to go over to that side of the bar in a moment, and we meet like we know each other. I will have to go back to the guys at some point, but we’ll flirt a bit, and then I will offer you a ride home.”

She nodded, still looking at him. Her eyes were making him nervous.

“And then?”
“Well, then I’ll get you a taxi so you can go home.”
“Home? But I thought-”
“I changed my mind.”
“So it’s just the flirting you want your friends to see?”

She was completely confused now. Why had he included a description of lingerie, and paid an enormous amount of money, just for… Flirting?

“Yes. I’m going to the bathroom now, and then I’ll see you on the other side of the bar, ok?”

She mingled with other guests when he left. Sitting down on a high stool at the bar, Per just came around the corner and their eyes met again. She waved at him and he managed to act surprised.

“Miss Jansson, how nice to see you here,” he said with a cheeky smile.
“It’s good to see you too, you look great. How have you been?”
“Quite good, you? Do you want another?” He pointed at her glass.
“Water, please.”

He raised an eyebrow at her but said nothing. He ordered a glass of water and two glasses of champagne.

“Humour me,” he said when he handed her the sparkly beverage. They toasted and drank, very well aware of the eyes on them from halfway across the room.

“Oh that’s really horrible,” she said under her breath. He chuckled.
“That bad? I’m sorry, it was just for show.”
“No problem, I’m just not a wine kind of person. All tastes the same to me.”

He looked at her incuriously. “This is Moët.” A giggle emerged from her throat.
“I know, I’m probably offending them, but I don’t have the palette for these things. I also don’t really drink when… On nights like this.”

They shared a look of understanding, and then he beckoned her closer. He pointed at the guys across the room.

“This is the part where I explain that I’m having a meeting with some old friends from school, who are sitting over there. Hi, friends!” He waved and the men did the same.

“Shouldn’t you go back?”
“Yes, I should. In a while we’ll say that your date didn’t make it, and then you can join us, ok?”

They said goodbye with a hug, and he held her for a moment longer.

“What’s your name? If you want to tell me.”

She looked at him for a moment. “Vera.”

He was momentarily stunned, then smiled. “Ok, Vera. See you in a bit.”

She always gave her real first name, because it was too complicated to keep track of different names or remember to respond to them. It hadn’t escaped her that it was a little awkward now, since he’d written a song about a Vera not long ago. Maybe he thought she made it up.

She watched him go back to his friends. For the next half hour or so, she checked her watch and phone from time to time and kept an eye on the door. When she returned from a trip to the bathroom, Per was at the bar ordering drinks for his group. He had already included a glass of water for her. They talked for a moment and he brought her over to his group.

“Guys, this is Vera. She got stood up,” he said while placing the drinks in the table. The men were looking between them a moment before they responded, saying how sorry they were.

“He’s no good for you anyway, honey,” Said a slightly intoxicated Micke Syd Andersson. She laughed.

“Well, it was not that kind of date, actually it was a business thing. But either way, it’s not very polite to not show up.” She sat in one of the empty leather chairs and slumped a little, showing her disappointment.

“Business here? What do you do?” Micke asked. She couldn’t determine if he was honestly interested or just fishing.

“I’m a legal assistant and law student. This place appeals to my demographic of potential employers.” She added a coy smile and the men laughed. Per beamed from his spot on the sofa and sent her an approving look.

Conversation flowed easily for a while, and even though half of the things she said were true, she made sure not to make any direct references to her life. She kept it light and social, directing most of her attention to Per. When someone left for the bathroom, she took their place on the couch next to him and started to touch him in some way, every once in a while. A hand on his knee when she leaned over to get her drink, on his shoulder when he made her laugh, their thighs touching where they sat on the couch, and her foot leaning against his.

It went well, and his approving looks confirmed this, but she still had no clue what the hell they were actually doing. They ordered some food, and she accepted Per’s offer to pay for it. After a while, she felt that it was time for some action. Even though she was enjoying herself, her ‘performance’ was hardly worth what he intended on paying her.

“Come with me,” she whispered just before excusing herself to the bathroom. In the hallway that lead to the restrooms, she took his hand and pulled him into another room that said ‘Private’.

“What?!” He whispered loudly. She didn’t answer, instead just reached up and kissed him, her hands on each of his cheeks. His breath stalled in surprise, and he was motionless for a moment. His lips responded slowly, and he sighed into her mouth. She kept the kiss chaste until she felt his tongue touching her lips. Slowly, and as silently as possible, she deepened the kiss and explored his mouth. He tasted of whisky and it wasn’t entirely unpleasant.

One of his hands slid onto her side. She ended the kiss slowly and looked at him, slightly breathless. He blinked, stared at her.

“Where are we? What are you doing?”
“It’s a meeting room. I kissed you.”
“Well, obviously, but this wasn’t part of the plan.”
“Your plan stinks. You’re paying a lot of-”

He held his fingers on her lips.


He wasn’t amused, and it showed in his features. She wanted to be sorry, but really, it just turned her on. This was a crazy situation. She would have slept with this man without getting paid, and here he was, refusing to open his present.

“Let’s go,” she said and turned to the door.
“Go where?”

She didn’t answer, but went into the ladies bathroom instead. She did her business and freshened up, and then slowly walked back to the men at the table.

“Guys, it has been fun, but I need my beauty sleep now,” she said with a sweet smile. The men all stood up and hugged her shortly. Per hesitated.

“You’re going home?”
“Yeah, want to share a taxi? It’s not far from your place.”

To her surprise, he agreed. On the sidewalk, their breaths created little clouds in the cold.

“Look, Vera, or whatever your name is…”
“It really is Vera.”
“Ok. Let me just say, that you did amazing. This was what I wanted.”
“Only this?” He nodded.

“Let me get you a taxi.” He was about to turn to the doorman, but her hand on his arm stopped him.
“I have a car service. It can take us anywhere you want.”

He walked away from the door a bit and up the sidewalk. His body language showed frustration.

“I can’t just go somewhere with you. I don’t want anyone to see us, and I don’t…” He halted, his eyes apologetic.

“You don’t fuck hookers?”

His mouth hung open. Just then, Pablo’s town car slowed at the curb. She had texted him from the bathroom.

“Come with me. I promise no one will see us. It’s better than standing here.” She held the door open, and he followed her somewhat reluctantly.

Pablo had raised the privacy screen, so they were alone in a private little bubble in the back seat. She turned to him and kissed the corner of his mouth. He closed his eyes.

“I just want to have a good time with you. Is that so bad?” She whispered. His eyes opened and stared at her, a hundred hidden messages behind them.

“I’ve never done this.”
“Stop thinking about what this is. Let go. Let me help you relax.” Her fingers stroked his cheek, and she kissed him again. He really was a good kisser and she soon moaned into his mouth.

After a while, the car slowed down and drove into an underground parking lot.

“Where are we?” Per looked around, he had been too distracted to see where they were going.

“Hannah owns an apartment in this building. It’s completely safe,” she assured him.

Pablo knocked on the window shortly to indicate that they had reached their destination. Per followed Vera to an elevator, which she activated with a key card. They rode up silently, and got out on an empty floor. There was only one door, and she had the key.

They stood inside a spacious, sparsely decorated loft. It looked like the home of someone who just moved in and didn’t yet have time to decorate. Per looked around while Vera turned on some lights, lighted candles and started music. The light was muted, the room warm. She took off her shoes and loosened her hair, loving how the tension on her head ebbed away. He was suddenly behind her, his fingers massaging her scalp. She hummed and moved closer to him.

“Better?” He asked. She turned towards him. She was now almost a head smaller, and had to look up to see his eyes.

“Much better.” Standing on her tiptoes, she kissed him again. It was not a task at all, she was still completely sure she would have fucked him for free if she’d had the chance. He responded faster this time, one hand on her waist and the other on her back. His fingers tickled the bare part of her back, creating goose bumps.

“I like kissing you,” she whispered against his lips. He sighed and leaned his forehead against hers.


Her hands wandered over his chest, playing with his tie, a finger slipping between the buttons of his shirt.

“Tell me,” she breathed.

“I want, I… I want… You.”

“Mmm. I want you, too.”

She reached behind her back and took one of his hands, placing it firmly on her ass. His fingers squeezed her flesh gently.

“Do you really?” He asked with his lips on her cheek.
“You wouldn’t be asking me that if you knew what’s going on in my panties right now.”

His warm breath wafted over her ear when he sighed, giving her goose bumps. His hands moved to her hips and he pulled her closer, pressing her body against his.

He didn’t speak, and he didn’t need to. His arousal was hard and heavy against her stomach, making her tingle with excitement.

She took a step back, her eyes intently in his, and reached back to undo the zipper of her dress. She pushed down the straps one by one and then slid the dress down her body and stepped out of it. His stare was loaded and hot. He was with her again in one step, his hands on her skin, his lips on hers.

Their kissed were heated, electric, their breaths choppy. She ran her hands up his arms and pushed at his jacket. He shrugged out of it without letting go of her mouth. Her fingers were already working on his tie and the buttons of his shirt, while she took a few steps back until she felt the edge of the bed against her legs.

She ended the kiss then, slightly biting his lip and looking at his mouth, then his eyes, before laying down on the bed. He bend down to untie his shoes and undressed down to his T-shirt and boxers. He crawled over the bed to her, leaving her breathless when he covered her with his warm body. She spread her legs and ran a foot up from his calf to his ass. He pushed his hips down, his swollen dick pressing against her.

“Vera…” He sighed into her ear. “Do you know how ironic your name is?” She chuckled and wove her hands through his hair.
“Because of that song?” His face came up from where he was kissing her neck.
“You know it?”
“I might,” she said with a little shrug.

Before he could ask more questions and get distracted, she pushed her hips up in a rhythmic motion. Her hands slid over his shoulders, down his back, to his ass, where she grabbed him and pushed him against her. Her eyes closed and she threw her head back, parting her lips. He grinded against her and went back to kissing her throat, following a path down to her breasts. The bra fit her perfectly and it was almost a shame to take it off.

His erection was rubbing her pussy deliciously, and Vera had difficulty concentrating. His fingers carefully pulled down one of the cups to reveal a pink, erect nipple. She moaned when he sucked on it, his tongue teasing and warm. She pushed his boxers down over his ass, pushing them over his legs with her feet. He panted against her throat and kissed her mouth roughly, urgency in his movements.

“Vera, I…”
“Turn around.”

He did as she said, and flipped them over, taking her with him. She sat up on her knees, straddling him, and spent a few minutes just kissing him without touching his body anywhere else. His hands were restless on her arms, waist and legs. She moved her attention then to one of his ears, breathing into it hotly before sucking on his earlobe. Then she descended over his body with a trail of quick, soft kissed, until she reached his hard dick. She kissed the tip, which was still partly hidden by the foreskin, and then kissed along the length down to his balls. Her eyes followed the expressions on his face, how he couldn’t hold her stare and had to look away, sucking on his bottom lip before moaning softly in anticipation.

Although he had been reluctant in the beginning, he had now given her all control. She was fine with being in control, it was often easier when men were insecure or nervous. With any other client, she wouldn’t do what she planned to right now – not without protection. This time though, she couldn’t resist. She wanted to taste him, and not the nasty rubber of a condom.

She took his dick in her right hand and pulled, revealing the head. She rolled the foreskin up and down a few times, watching it move and listening to his panting breaths. Then she closed her lips around the head and wetted it with her tongue. She slid it all the way into her mouth, then started moving up and down slowly, pressing with her tongue.

He wasn’t overly large or thick, and fit perfectly in her mouth. She noticed he was extra responsive when she let the head touch the back of her throat, so she repeated that a few times, still keeping a slow pace.

“Jesus…” He whispered. His hips started slowly pushing up in her rhythm, and when she put a hand flat on his abdomen, she felt him tremble. She took him in deep, and quickened the pace a little bit. He moaned loudly, and put a hand gently on the back of her head. She looked at him.

“Slowly, please,” he whispered. His eyes were hooded and dark.

However slow she moved, he got more and more worked up really fast. He sighed deeply when she let him slip out of her mouth. She went back to kissing his stomach and chest until she’d made her way to his mouth. He was panting hard.

She kissed him softly, gently, until he calmed down a bit.

“Don’t move,” she said with a stern look and index finger in his lips. He nodded meekly, but mirth shown in his eyes.

She got up from the bed and took off her bra and panties. She padded naked across the room to where she’d left her purse and brought it to the bed, putting it on the nightstand. She ruffled around in it and took out a condom. She held it in her hand when she got back on the bad and lay against him. He turned to her, one hand on her breasts and his face in her neck. She wrapped a leg around his hips and pulled him closer.

“You’re so sexy.” His hoarse whisper sent a shiver through her spine, and her hips pushed into him. He answered the movement, and she felt his dick slip between her legs, brushing along her wet folds.

“Ah, Per… I want you inside me.” He huffed and pushed again, his movements a little uncontrolled, his mouth searching for hers. The head of his penis pushed firmly against her. She fumbled with the condom to open it her, her hands in the air while he pushed his tongue into her mouth. She couldn’t keep up, and her body was responding to him like crazy. Her hips rotated and bucked to feel more of him, and then she felt the tip of him slip inside.

He let out a low, deep sound, sort of a growl, and pushed her down to her back, moving his hips again. She gasped when he pushed inside her roughly and suddenly.

“Shit, baby…” He whispered gruffly in her ear.
“Per, please…” She wasn’t sure what she was asking for, but he gave it. He started thrusting slow and deep, grunting at each move, his body touching hers from head to toe. His hands grabbed her as, then slid over her thighs and lifted her knees. He held one of her thighs up and against is body, his other hand holding her face to cover her mouth with sloppy, wet kisses.

She moved her hips into his rhythm, rotating them to get the friction where she wanted. The way he was thrusting, hitting her deep, rolling his hips, was soon too much. She held him close, as if it was possible to have his body any closer to hers, and writhed under him.

“Yes, please, ah…” Her orgasm came quickly, her need for release stronger than her need to please him. She trembled, writhed and moaned beneath him, while he gave her a series of fast thrusts.

When her movements slowed and the orgasm subsided, she realised he had stopped moving. His face was buried in her neck and he was taking deep breaths.

“Per…” She touched his hair.
“Shhh… Don’t move,” he said under his breath. She caressed his back and felt his heart thunder in his chest. He was stalling his orgasm.

After a moment, he had calmed down, and his face came up. He kissed her, sensually, his lips warm, and he slowly moved again, pushing inside her. He made a hissing sound.

“You feel… So good,” he whispered against her lips. “So wet, and warm.” His fingers played with one of her nipples, gently twisting and rubbing.

Vera was stunned into silence. This wasn’t supposed to be about her at all, it should have been his night. It was her job to service him, and now he had given her and earth shattering orgasm, and the way this was going, he was working on another one.

“Per, I…” Her voice was hoarse and unsteady. His eyes stared into hers.
“What is it?” He stopped moving. “Are you ok?”

The way he looked at her touched something deep inside, and it had nothing to do with how they were connected right at that moment. It was crazy and scary, and she wanted to forget it instantly.

“Flip over,” she said with a little nudge of her leg. With some reluctance, he untangled his body from hers and slipped out of her.

The opened condom wrapper had fallen between the pillows. She picked it up, and without saying anything, slipped it over his dick quickly. She straddled him, positioning her pussy against his dick. His hands went to her hips, moulding her flesh. Holding his dick with her hand, she rubbed it along her folds a few times before letting him slip inside and sinking down.

He moaned softly, low in the back of his throat. She spread her body out over him and kissed his chest, throat and chin. She moved slowly over him, gyrating her hips against him. His hands were all over her, his fingers feeling where they were connected.

Her movements quickened, and soon he was panting fast. Her hips moved up and down fast, taking him as deep as possible each time. His hips came up to meet hers, a soft slapping sounded each time when they met.

“Shit, I can’t… God, baby…” Per was losing his senses fast, and she slowed her pace. Languid, deep thrusts, mirrored by her tongue in his mouth. His hand slipped between them and searched for her pussy. He pressed his thumb to her clit, and rubbed it gently. She had to stop kissing him, gasping for air as her skin erupted in goose bumps.

She sat up and made slow movements forward, his thumb still teasing her. His other hand grabbed a breast, kneading it and working a wet finger over her nipple. He started thrusting up into her, hard and deep, and it took no time at all before she was on the edge again. Her hair was a mess around her face, her eyes shut tight and her mouth open.

Her second orgasm was like an electric current through her body. She bucked on him, and Per couldn’t contain any longer. While she came down, he was thrusting deep into her a few time before he too came with a loud growl.

Her body lay limp on top of his for a while, his hands caressing her back lazily. Her need for the bathroom won out from the exhaustion in her body, and eventually she had to get up.

In the harsh bathroom light, Vera looked at her face. She looked… A mess. A properly fucked mess. Her make-up was smeared, her hair a rat’s next, and her cheeks were rosy. She felt distraught at what had happened. This hadn’t been sex with a client, like she had several times a week. Only a day ago had she been with a young business man. The sex had been good and fun, he was a regular and they talked and joked afterwards. What she did with Per… They had made love.

She took some time to use the bathroom and freshen up. When she came back, the apartment was empty. She walked around and called his name, but he wasn’t there. His clothes and shoes were gone.

On the nightstand sat an envelope with her name on it. Inside, she found 50.000 kroner and a note scribbled in a napkin from the gentlemen’s club.

‘Thank you.’



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