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The Big L.

After a long, hard day of work at the university I drove home all alone. Cigarette in hand, music playing loud. Roxette’s latest CD relaxes me after a day like that. Of course all long days in school and work are hard. Especially because I still didn’t reach my goal after a year full of hard days.

I am a student at The Stockholm School for Classical Dance, the best way to become an international respected artist. The title of the school refers to classical dance, ballet that is. But since 1950, when the school was founded, lots of things changed. Nowadays you can study a variety of dance-forms there. Besides that, I am a teacher in a gym and teach 2 lessons of aerobics for 3 nights a week; one cannot live from just breathing the air right! Of course I also want some fun in my life so I recently got a job in an office as a secretary, or more as a slave to be exact. My boss is the most respected lawyer in all of Stockholm. He has many famous and rich clients. He is always persistent about clothes; skirt is the rule and absolutely not too short. Blouse + skirt are very boring but I like to play with that a bit. So I always wear extra sexy underwear when I dress boring for work… Continue reading


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