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With shaking hands Marie lit another cigarette. Anger rushed trough her as a wild storm and she had never felt this alone in her life. “This is not happening. This is just not happening…” she tried to calm herself down by slowly repeating the sentence. “Another drink, miss?” the voice of the waitress snapped her back to the horrible reality. She ordered another whiskey, double, no ice. What the hell. Her life was a mess already anyway so why bother about another drink.

It had been just a few hours since the terrible tragedy for which she could only blame herself. Now she sat in a hotel bar, all alone in the middle of the night with no one but the waitress of the night shift. She was in an expensive hotel in Brussels. She was there to do promotion for Roxette’s new album that hit the shops only days before. This promotion tour was only a few days old and already a disaster. On the road where Per, Marie Dimberg, Pelle, Clarence, Christoffer and herself. They planned a few TV-shows in a row and were supposed to go back to Stockholm 7 days from now. More promotion in Belgium tomorrow, then Holland, then Germany and then home.
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